Really love being able to have my boobs out so I can play with them with nothing in the way. Just love being naked in general, easy access is nice
ruthrylee ruthrylee
22-25, F
8 Responses Mar 26, 2016

Would love to watch you....

That's sweet. You ever go out in a super micro mini skirt or dress without panties and without a bra?

That's the way Ruth - let those lovelies have their freedom!!

Show me those boobies please. Maybe youll let me suck and gently bite on them someday

Nothing wrong with that. I'm generally shirtless too :) not for the same reasons but it is definitely comfortable

I have my penis out, right now ...

definitely, easy access is always important, you'd love being naked in public if you could wouldn't you?

I totally agree with you, I am nude at home most of the time.