I'm Developing A Desire To Be "sissified"

I've been recently (and quite suddenly, I might add) immersed into the wonderful world of sissies, cross-dressing, and all things transgendered. A lot of the stories i've read have a sentence in the beginning of the story that reads something along the lines of "since high school, i secretly liked wearing women's clothes or "i've always been a girl trapped in a man's body..." and i think it's a blessing that such indiivduals have found the benefits of EP's forums as they grow and foster such inclinations.
For me, however, i can't say as i ever really had "the girlie feeling'"since elementary school, and , well, come to think of it i used to wear leg warmers in the '80s.

Anyways, my point is that before three or four weeks ago, i never thought twice about dressing up like a girl or being frilly or any of these things.

And now? Well i have to admit it's been getting me pretty worked up as of late. If there are any sissies out there who would like to chat with someone new to all of this, please look me up. It would be great to talk to somebody about what it is and what it isn't about.
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I realized my deepest need later in life, too. Oh, what am I to do?

Hi Sweetie, I have always been this way but have known people that didn't develop these feeling until later on in life. All of us are valid no matter when it happens. I've started to tell my story of how I came to be the woman I am today. If you like you can see it in " I love being Sissified Hmmmmm"<br />
My story is unique and I'm a lucky girl so I think it's important for me to share and be availible to help any one that needs to talk about it. So let me know if I can help and I will.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Diana Lynn

Carolaus is telling the truth. you will walk though stores and see outfits you want to try on because u know that they will make u a sexy sissy. i know i do

Sissiness leads to wanting to be more and more feminised becaus once the transformation starts it gets to be all pervading in everything you see and do. You become so aware of all things femme that the urge to emulate never stops. And you want to improve your look style and sexiness

Once you have been sissified you will want it more and more until it takes over your phshce<br />
yopu will want to wear female cloyhes shoes and all the femme thingd that make it exciting <br />
I wish you well DO IT you will be fulfilled.

mm I'll bet you are very sexy! Live your dreams and enjoy, life is too short .

Hit me up and lets talk.