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Slave Auction

When I was in my final year at school we held a slave auction to raise money for charity. This meant that somebody bought me for a fee and I had to be their slave for a day. Usually this meant that you had to carry their bag to school, do their homework, get their lunch etc.

I was at an all boys school and my best pal, Paul, was the highest bidder for my services.He told me to be at his house at 8am the next day. I thought this was rather early because all I would have to do was carry his bag or some such mundane task.

When I arrived at his house the next morning he opened the door and invited me in. 'Bad news pal' he said. 'I bought you as a birthday present for my sister Jill. She's waiting for you upstairs.'

'No way' I said. 'you can't do that'. Jill was a lovely girl who I had fancied from afar but the deal was for me to be his slave, not hers.

'Just do me a favour and go upstairs, she won't eat you! It's her birthday.' What could I do? If I hadn't fancied Jill I would have run away!

'OK, but she better not mess me about'. Silly boy!

'Thanks pal, see you tomorrow.'

Before I could say that I would see him at school today, he was gone.

I went upstairs and called out for Jill, saying Happy Birthday as I went.

She came out of her bedroom to greet me and said that she was so happy that I was being such a good sport.

She was dressed in her school uniform of white blouse and tie, grey pleated skirt, black tights and black shoes. I didn't notice at first but a similar outfit was laid out on the bed.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that she was so grateful that I had agreed to be her slave for the day. 'It was the least I could do' I said, 'after all it is your birthday.'

'I'm so excited' Jill said.'I'll leave the room and let you get changed. Give me a shout if you need a hand.' 'Changed?' I said. 'Didn't Paul say? You are my slave for the day and so you will need to dress in my school uniform because it's a girls school. He told me that he had told you this and that you had agreed! Was he kidding me on????' I could see that she was starting to get upset but I had to say that this was not something I was prepared to do. 'I hate him' she said and tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Now I don't know about you but I am a sucker for crying girls. I put my arms around her (thinking that this might work out well) but she continued to sob. 'What's up? It's not a disaster. You've just been duped by your brother, as have I'. 'But I told all my friends at school that I had a big surprise for them today and that they would love it. Now I'm just going to look stupid!' she wailed.

'I could never pass as a schoolgirl' I said. 'There is no way this could have worked. You must have realised that.'

'I was so looking forward to having pulled off a coup for my birthday. No one could trump having a male slave for the day! I'd be the talk of the school.'

That is how I ended up dressing in matching white bra, panties and slip, black tights, grey pleated skirt, black shoes, wig and make up.

So I did carry someone elses school bag that day but not in the way I expected.

More to follow of my day as a schoolgirl.

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Woah that is so awesome! I can't believe it's true. Nice :)

OMG you must have been in heaven LOL. Yes I'd love to hear more :)