Slave To Wife And Sister-in-law

My wife is 34 and I am 37 years old have had been married for 7 years when our sex life was starting to diminish to almost nothing, maybe once or twice a month if I was lucky. I was starting to sneak and ********** without her knowing. I had always fantasized about being dominated by a woman sexually, and I would visualize being spanked or done by a woman with a strap on. Sometimes I would go as far as to stick a object up my *** while ************. One day my sister-in-law, who is a good looking younger woman of the age of 26 years was visiting. She is a divorced woman that is very mouthy, sometimes I can tolerate her.

My wife and her sister where watching a chick-flick movie, so I went to the master bedroom to watch what I wanted to on TV.I forget what I was watching but I got horny. So I walked into the bathroom, got some hand lotion and started to ********** over the sink, I even grabbed one of my wife's hair brush and stuck the handle in my *** after spanking myself with it. After I came and cleaned up myself, I turned around and saw my wife and sister-in-law standing there quietly watching. I turned red with embarrassment. My sister-in-law made some wise crack like usual, and I felt my face grow even redder. Then my wife said a phrase I will never forget. She said "Look in the mirror, see how red your face is, well your *** is going to make that look white by the time I'm done with it."

Both of them then left the room laughing together as I heard them leave in the car. After about 2 hours they returned. I was still in the master bedroom watching TV when my wife walked in with a large bag and set it on the floor and said to get naked and lean over the end of the bed. Still embarrassed from earlier, I said nothing and did as she said. I felt her spread my legs and tie my ankles to each leg of the bed. She then tied a rope to my wrist and routed the rope under the bed and pulled it tight and tied it to my other wrist. In a matter of minutes I found myself in a bent over position, legs spread, and hugging the mattress, and unable to get up. At this point, I started to protest, but no sooner than I opened my mouth she put a ball gag in it. I looked to the side and saw my wife pull a large paddle from the bag. I started to get a hard on, thinking my fantasy was coming true. It quickly went back down with the first smack of the paddle. About this time my sister-in-law came to the door and said, "Can I watch?" My wife said "Sure" and continued with about 10 more smacks on my ***. I was starting to tear up, when my wife made the comment to me that she was just getting started. My sister-in-law in the doorway laughed and said "She wished she could have done this to her husband when she was married." My wife then handed her the paddle and said "Go for it Sister." I saw her sister’s face light up. My wife then reached into the bag and pulled out a vibrating butt plug, and stuck it in my ***. Then said, "Step up to bat" to her sister. Her sister lit into my *** worse than my wife did. She paddled my *** till I was blubbering like a baby and trying to mumble though the ball gag in my mouth for her to stop.

When my sister-in-law stopped paddling me she turned and told my wife that her ex-husband was never one to please her in bed, I always had to go down on him but he never would go down on me. My wife then took my ball gag out of my mouth and said to her sister for her to climb up on the bed and have me eat her *****. They both got naked and her sister got up on the bed, spread her legs were my face was and told me to start pleasing her. I hesitated for a moment and then I felt the sharp smacks of the paddle on my *** from my wife as she said to me that she wasn't going to stop till I started to orally satisfy her sister. So I dove in and started licking and sucking at her sister's *****.
About this time I felt my wife remove the butt plug from my *** and I stopped and turned to look at my wife. She was wearing a big strap on *****. She quickly picked up the paddle and smacked my *** saying; "Did I tell you to stop!" I continued to eat her sister as my wife stepped behind me and started to **** my ***. I could tell she really got into it because she was just thrusting away back there. Her thrust where so much that my face was going in and out of her sister’s ***** as I ate her.
After about 15 or 20 minutes I felt her sister shudder in ****** and press my face into her ***** with her hands on top of my head. My wife continued ******* my *** for about 5 more minutes before stopping and saying to her sister that this is good exercise, and if I did this every day I would have a nice and tight stomach. Her sister who was just recovering from her ****** and still holding my face in her ***** sat up and said "Really, mind if I have a try."

My wife said go right ahead and got out of the harness. My sister-in-law then got off the bed and put it on. My wife then got on the bed and put my face in her ***** and said "My turn." My sister-in-law then stepped behind me and started to **** my ***, thrusting me hard just as my wife did. My face and tongue were being thrust in and out of my wife's ***** from my sister-in-law ******* me made my wife ****** fast. As she shuddered in ****** she held my face tight in her ***** just like her sister did. Her sister continued ******* me for about 10 more minutes before stopping and said to her daughter "Damn, that's a workout." When my wife recovered from her ****** she got up and they both got dressed. When they were dressed, my wife picked up the paddle and paddled my *** till I was crying and caring on like a baby for her to stop. All along while her sister was laughing at me and saying "Look at that grown man cry, that will teach you to play with yourself." My wife then said that I was going to be her slave hubby from now on and never to disobey her or her sister. They then untied me and my wife told me to jack off in front of her and her sister. I did as she said and they just laughed and walked out of the room. I being caught in the bathroom jacking off with a hairbrush in my *** have changed my life. Now I do everything in the household, laundry, dishes, yard work, you name it.

My wife lets me **** her about once a week, and about 4 times a week she ***** me, in the same way of course, tied to the bed, bent over and after a nice paddling to redden my *** and she doesn't stop till I'm crying like a baby. After which she ***** my *** with a strap on, she says it keeps her stomach tight. She and her sister are always laughing together and saying, "To hell with all the exercise equipment, I have his ***." Then she makes me eat her out to an ******. After which, she unties me and makes me jack off in front of her, sometimes with the vibrating butt plug installed in my ***.
Needless to say I don't ********** anymore. Oh, and my sister-in-law visits more than she ever did before, about once every 2 weeks, so she can paddle, **** my *** and ****** with my face in her *****. My sister-in-law says that she will never remarry because she likes her freedom, and besides whenever she wants to beat some *** or needs to ******, she just has to visit her sister's house.
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I know this is a pile of crap. No man with balls would allow themselves to be treated like this. But if it is true, then you need to grow a pair and tell both of them that this stops or you are gone. But since this is a fantasy story for people, you won't.

wow if this story is true that would be so sweet licking a ***** while getting spanked and then ******. wow sign me up (my sisteri in law doesnt do anything for me sexually) as My wife is so much hotter than she is. but I would if asked or told to do by my wife

This does sound like fiction. I have posted here about real spankings I had no choice in receiving. When I was 20 I was spanked by my mother in law. This was the real deal discipline spanking and I was humiliated. I was spanked on a bare bottom and had great trouble sitting for days. The fact that my in laws knew I had been spanked like a child was so embarrassing. Now 20 years later my ex mother in law has re entered my life threatening to tell my friends and kids about my spanking if I don't submit to more of the same now. I have given in once and got a severe tanning in front of my ex who greatly enjoyed it. My new partner watched a bit taken a back. That event has initiated a new dynamic in my new relationship. A few weeks later my new partner told me she will now spank me whenever she sees fit, she added that if she had any resistance from me she would call my ex mother in law! If that wasn't bad enough this past weekend we were entertaining my partner's sister. When I questioned her on something trivial she asked if I wanted her to take my pants down and put me over knee in front of her sister.