Father In Law Disciplined By Daughter In Law

Father in Law Disciplined While HIs Daughter in Law Tells Him About Her Dominant Spanking Lovers

Bill rose early Saturday morning, and headed downstairs to start the coffee. Sometimes when Linda was in one of these moods, he could gain a little ground by waking her up with some good coffee, and fresh fruit, served to her in bed. He was careful not to wake his lovely Daughter in Law as he quietly slipped on his jeans and shirt and left their bedroom. As he carefully prepared breakfast for his 29 year old Daughter in Law, Bill reviewed the clues he’d picked up during the week, and especially the previous evening, as to what he might be in for that weekend. The forecast didn’t look too good. She was clearly irritated about something, and when she was in that mode he almost always ended up paying dearly, with a very sore bottom. The last time had been only a few weeks before and, though he was alone in his own kitchen, he blushed as he remembered how his pretty Daughter in Law had dealt with him. It had been bad enough to have such a desirable and sexy woman sit on the bed, off limits, smiling, while he’d followed her order to *****. Especially since she was dressed in a tight, short, skirt and a crisp button up blouse, with the top buttons enticingly undone. The skirt had already ridden high, revealing her luscious thighs. She had no bra on, and she teased him by giving him a good look at what the scratching of the blouse was doing to her nipples. And, as a further humiliation of course, he always had to undress standing where he could see what she’d laid out on the nightstand. She didn’t use everything displayed on the table every time, but the threat was implied, and he knew that once he was across her lap, his hardness trapped between her creamy thighs, that she’d use whatever she deemed appropriate for his discipline. For the next 30 minutes that evening Bill had been at his Daughter in Law’s mercy, as she punished and scolded him for being a grown man undergoing a spanking from a woman. She’d started with a hard hand spanking, but switched to the sturdy 18 inch wooden ruler before very long. She didn’t use the paddle that night, but she knew just how much snap to put in her wrist to leave stinging, red stripes across his backside with that wicked ruler. Linda taunted him while administering the whipping, too, telling him that her old boyfriends would have had her across their lap and blistered her little fanny red if she’d tried something like this with them. She knew the mental images she was creating were driving him crazy, and he was impossibly hard and throbbing between her soft thighs.

“Those men would have taken my panties down too, honey, and spanked my bare bottom so hard, until I cried and promised to be a good girl!”, Linda added, for effect. And, she almost immediately felt the effect, as she gave him several more quick ruler swats and she could feel the full length of his hardness stroking between her legs and his *** rose and fell with the swats. When she’d paused, and Bill felt her reach for the nightstand, he knew his ordeal was not over. When he heard the soft pop as she removed the lid from the Vaseline jar, he also knew that his humiliation was far from complete, but there were still a couple of ways his Daughter in Law could subject him to penetration. He knew that something was going up his stinging rear, but it was his Daughter in Law’s choice, not his.

That night, as it turned out, it was only her finger, and not something bigger, but she always made it as embarrassing as possible, as her finger sawed in and out of him, by teasing and taunting, and demanding respectful answers, on penalty of more ruler swats.“Don’t you feel ashamed, young man, to be bare across my lap, with a woman doing this to you?”, Linda teased, while she finger-****** his red ***.

“Yes, Ma’am”, quickly, to avoid further spanks.
“Wouldn’t you be ashamed for other people to see you reamed this way, by your loving Daughter in Law?”.

“Yes, Ma’am!”.

And it went on for several minutes, before Linda dropped the final bombshell before removing that maddening finger from his rear. “Honey, if I have to punish you again like this, I’m going to invite our neighbor Susan to watch. I know she’s a little younger than us, and that you can’t keep your eyes off of her cute little butt, and I know that it would be terribly embarrassing for you, but that’s what’s going to happen, honey, if I have to take you in hand like this again”, Linda ordained. Almost instantly she heard, and felt, the low moan from her Father in Law, a pure mixture of lust and dread and desire and humiliation and the pulsing of his manhood as the image of having Susan watch flooded over him.

Linda gave her Father in Law a moment to get his bearings before pulling her finger out of his violated rectum, and picked up the wicked ruler again, to deliver the final volley of swats that would signal the end of the session. This was the usual routine, and if Bill had managed not to *** up to that point, he normally only got a few concluding shots before obeying her next, much more pleasurable, command. That night he got the final six or eight hard ruler spanks, but before being invited to ‘thank’ his Daughter in Law, with his mouth, for taking the time to discipline him, Linda added one further stipulation for that next time, should it happen.

Spacing out her final, very hard applications of the ruler, Bill’s Daughter in Law almost whispered to her Father in Law, “and I may let Susan spank you too, honey”, and almost instantly felt the thick, sticky, warm cream he deposited between her thighs.

It hadn’t always been this way with them. When they’d met in college, and started dating, spanking games sometimes played a part in their lovemaking. Even more so after they married, just after graduation. But, Bill mused as he remembered what fun that had been, he’d always been the spanker, and it was always Linda who ended up with the red behind. Not that she’d really minded, though, because what came next was always worth the payment. Bill would get positively inspired after spanking her cute, tight ***, and she’d get what every young married woman wants and needs, and she’d get it even harder and deeper than usual after Bill had spanked her. What Linda hadn’t told her Father in Law, until they were a few years into their marriage, was that she’d already been pretty well trained at being a spanked girl, by several men, before she’d met Bill.

There’d been her handsome math teacher when she was in 11 th grade, who’d kept her after school one day for acting up in class, and had introduced the pretty teen to the sting of hard, flat wood. When she’d confessed that one to her Father in Law, about 2 years into their marriage, he’d certainly reacted! He took her twice that night in bed, vigorously, as they say, and her legs were even a little tender the next morning from being held up so far, so forcefully, for so long, while her Father in Law pounded her until his passion was exhausted. And, the very next night he’d come home with a new, thin paddle he’d picked up one the way home, obviously still excited by the story. They’d barely finished supper that evening when Bill had marched her into the bedroom, watched while she dressed in a tight skirt and blouse, and made her bend over with her hands flat on the bed while he did his best to recreate her high school paddling by stinging the seat of her skirt with the new paddle six times, before pushing her onto their bed, still bent for him, for an entirely different reason. Linda was coaxed to tell him the story several times after that, and always with the same result. Bill took her so forcefully each time that it was almost a year later before she found the nerve to tell him about a little detail she’d left out the first time. The part about the handsome teacher pulling her tight skirt up and warming the seat of her panties with the last three swats. The screwing Bill gave her that night had amazed both of them!

As their marriage matured, and their trust grew, Linda got a little braver and began to fill her Father in Law in, little by little, on some other experiences from her past as the spanked girl, or disciplined young woman. Since these were from her early college days, there were a lot of sexual elements included, so she had to be careful how she shared these with her loving Father in Law. She knew that if she did it right, she’d get her usual rewards, along with some new twists, since some of the incidents were fairly naughty and would surely give her Father in Law new ideas for dealing with her. But, she was concerned that if she wasn’t careful in revealing her secrets, it might backfire, and she could end up getting just a punishment spanking, without the sex. Punishment spankings from her Father in Law were rare, but once or twice she’d really slipped up, unfortunately after Bill had acquired the paddle, and the price she’d paid had been high, too high. Linda had learned what a light, flat, hard piece of wood could do to a girl’s bare behind while she was trapped across her man’s lap and the large man was angry. It was nothing like her usual spankings, and she never wanted to go there again.

So, Linda shared more of her secrets, carefully, as their happy marriage continued.
Bill loved the next one, from when she was starting college, fresh from rural Kansas. She was living in a big old house, just off campus, with 5 other girls. One sophomore girl, Katherine was dating an absolute hunk senior, Tom, and whenever he came to visit, or to pick Katherine up for a date, there was a little quiet sweating going on in that house, while Tom was there and especially after he left. When Katherine and Tom suddenly broke up, Linda had been amazed when Tom suddenly started paying attention to her! Things took their normal course, and they’d begun dating, and on the 2 nd date she found herself in Tom’s rented house, making out on the couch. At that time Linda was only 18, still a virgin, never easy for boys, but Tom changed that pretty quickly. She was simply swept away, by his powerful demeanor, and his easy, confident way. It also turned out that Tom loved to spank, and he had very big hands! Held down across his lap, in his dimly-lit bedroom, a girl had no chance, and she was spanked red almost every time after that, before getting a fierce screwing after he broke her in that first time.

The first time Linda shared the Tom stories with her Father in Law, she’d fudged a little on the specifics, to gauge his reactions. Of course he’d known that she wasn’t a virgin when they met a couple of years later, but she wasn’t sure he wanted, or needed, to know that she’d been nailed that first time on only a second date. Or, how big Tom was. Since Tom had been the first man inside her, she had no comparison, but as she moved on and dated other guys, she discovered just how exceptional Tom had been in that particular department. So, when she first told her Father in Law about Tom, Linda said she’d gone to bed with him after they’d dated for ‘a while’, and Bill accepted this as normal. She told Bill that Tom had spanked her, ‘sometimes’, when the fact was that she got walloped, bare, across his knees, just about every time Tom ****** her, which was very often. And, for a long time she completely left out the parts about the way Tom spanked, which in fact was a mix of hard spanks, finger-*******, more hard spanks, and more fingering, until she was flailing around on his lap, dying for release, and begging him, pleading with him to mount her and nail her. Linda hadn’t known a girl good could use some of the language she used in Tom’s bedroom until he worked her over a few times, and she found that a girl would do just about anything to get what she needed when she got that desperate for hard **** from a man she was head over heels about.

Linda turned out to be a pretty good storyteller, as things turned out, and the ‘Tom stories’ always excited Bill way beyond the tale about the time with the high school math teacher. Linda had been spanked, and ****** by Tom so many times that she had a wealth of stories, and she’d reveal a new one, or some new details, whenever she needed some hot, hard attention from her loving Father in Law. She was rarely disappointed, and their sex life got hotter and steamier as she shared little slices of new information.

But, relationships change, and marriages often need to grow and adapt, to stay healthy. As Linda and Bill reached their mid-20’s, they were exposed to more lifestyle options, including a couple of friends into swapping, or S&M, and the Internet provided a wealth of access to any sexual practices they cared to look for. They must have read hundreds of spanking stories together, and they were looking for more one night when they hit a site that featured household discipline, with women in control. One thing led to another, and after some nervousness and awkward skirting around the issue for a while, one night in bed Linda hesitantly told her Father in Law that she wanted to try spanking him. Bill’s rear was barely read when his Daughter in Law finished, but Linda got screwed pretty well that night. It wasn’t the 4 th of July, but it was good, so they tried it again, a few nights later, after Linda had mentally rehearsed a few lines that she thought Bill might find exciting, based on the favorite scoldings he gave her when he was warming her bottom. Neither of them drank very much, but on that 2 nd night they’d shared a couple of glasses of wine, and were mellow and relaxed with each other.

As Linda sat on the bed, with Bill standing in front of her as she undid and pulled down his pants, she was pleasantly surprised to find that he already had a good start toward a full hard-on. She found herself getting into her role as family disciplinarian, and she cupped and fondled his balls while she scolded him, calling him ‘young man’, and ‘bad little boy’, promising that she was going to scald his behind with her hair brush so that he’d have to sleep on his stomach that night.Bill got into it, too, and quickly found that falling into the role of the errant Father in Law who was going to be spanked by his foxy Daughter in Law was a pretty exciting prospect, especially with what her hands were doing to him down there while she chided him. His erection grew quickly, and he started to make a move on his Daughter in Law designed to get her on her back right away when he was stopped, cold, by a tightening hand around his nuts. The grip didn’t hurt, at least yet, but he felt humiliated, yet strangely and powerfully excited, as his Daughter in Law held him firmly in check while she reached around with her other hand to give him two, firm, hand spanks on his male backside.
“Stand at attention, young man”, his lady commanded as she similarly urged his compliance with pressure from the hand controlling him below, “and remain standing at attention for me, eyes straight ahead, and not a word from you unless I ask a question”, she added, as he obediently assumed the embarrassing stance she’d ordered.

Bill quickly took stock of his situation - - a grown man, pants down, a woman’s hands firmly holding his tender sac, standing at attention, just swatted by the woman, and ordered to hold his position, and his tongue, until he received permission to move. Not the most macho posture he could imagine, but there was no denying that his erection had a life of its own, and was growing stiffer, and straighter, in spite of his predicament. He was being dominated, and controlled, by his lovely, sexy, Daughter in Law, who he’d previously been free to spank and mount as he wished, and now that same pretty Daughter in Law had him ‘by the balls’, and she’d suddenly taken the upper hand, transforming him into an obedient male, under her control, who was probably going to be spanked.

And, his erection was straining now, pointing straight at her face, a fact not missed by his Daughter in Law. “If you move one inch, or even look down, young man, you’ll be very sorry”, Linda promised him in a low, husky tone as she wrapped her soft lips around his member, and began sliding him in and out of her deliciously warm and wet mouth, squeezing his ball sac just ever so lightly to remind him of her power over her little man. She continued the delicious torture for a few more moments, tasting his pre-excitement already, before pulling back and knocking his ego down another couple of pegs with her next pronouncement.

“You’re going to be spanked tonight, young man. Spanked very hard. By a woman. Across her knees. Like a bad boy. Obedient to me, and spanked. Hard”, Linda toyed, carefully eyeing and enjoying the effect her words were having on her Father in Law’s already engorged, saliva-wet penis. “And I’m going to make you pay for what all those other men, ALL those other men, darling, did to me when they had my bare bottom over their knees, and spanked me”, she continued to tease.

“Oh, those mean men spanked me SO hard, honey!”, she went on. “They pulled my panties down, sweetie, and they held me down! I was helpless, and sometimes they made me do things…”, she trailed off, eager to move to the next phase before she got a facial from the excited weapon right in front of her face which was an angry red and which she wasn’t all that sure wasn’t just about to explode.

“So, over my lap now!”, Linda commanded, with her best authoritative voice, finally releasing the hold on her Father in Law’s jewels so that he could comply. And, with an almost practiced motion, as if they’d done this a hundred times, Bill obediently stretched across her lap, his rear instinctively available for her right hand, meeting her eyes with just the briefest, searching, plaintive look as he obeyed her directive and went down. A look that melted her heart.
The spanking that followed would not have been remarkable to aficionados of such things, but for Bill and Linda it was a landmark, a watershed event, in their relationship and in the flow of domestic discipline in their home. Linda resumed her narrative to enhance the experience, heady with lust and fueled by the growing wetness between her legs, just inches from where her Father in Law’s hard penis was trapped between her soft, warm thighs.
“Those other men spanked me so HARD, honey, and sometimes they pulled my panties down!”, she mewled, almost in a little girl’s voice as she brought her hand down again and again on her Father in Law’s virgin ***. “I told you about my mean math teacher, darling, but I never told you about the principal, did I, my love?”, she continued the tease, swatting Bill every 10 seconds or so the whole time. “He made me report to his office after school every Thursday for 6 weeks!”, she lied, “and he took me into his private office, honey, me and Brenda, and he put us over his desk, and he got out this huge paddle”, she gushed, almost believing her own fantasy and getting wetter by the second at the imagining. “He pulled up our skirts, and paddled our tight little panties until we were crying!”, she added, with what she hoped was a good enough delivery to impress her Father in Law’s imagination, though none of this had ever happened.

And as Linda continued the hard, measured, spanks to her Father in Law’s behind, she poured out more confessions of being spanked, and compromised, by men. She felt alive, glowing, with inspiration, and she was so powerfully turned on, driven by lust and sex, that she poured her heart out, and delivered hard, spaced, swats to the man under her control while she fed his imagination with fantasies that were certain to make his **** swell, and his jealous lust boil over.
She told him about the time the neighbor man had caught her snooping in his garage and had taken her over his knee, pulled up her little sundress, and spanked her until she cried, before sending her scurrying home with a burning bottom under her cute little panties. She asked him if he wondered what happened to her single, working mother later that evening when the man came over and confronted her about her daughter’s wayward behavior?
She told him about the time her boss at the college book store caught her stealing money and forced her to submit to a humiliating spanking, and giving him a blow job, before his terminally cute brother came in and spanked her again. She swatted her captive man a couple of times, and gave his balls a loving squeeze, before asking him to imagine what the hunk did to her next?
She told him about the time her date at a college party got a little too drunk, and took her off to a bedroom after they argued, and spanked her in the bedroom, with her summer shorts pulled down, while the door was open and 2 or 3 guys in the doorway watched, with eager leers on their faces. She asked him if he wondered what happened next?
She confessed to the time she’d been pulled over by that horny cop who’d had a thing for her since high school, and falsely nailed her for speeding in a school zone when the points on her license already running at the limit. As Linda paused in swatting her prostrate Father in Law’s sore, captive behind, and gently fondled his balls again, she sweetly asked him if he wondered just what she’d had to do to get out of that ticket?
None of these episodes were true, though when Linda felt her ***** tingling as she shared them with her Father in Law, the capricious little girl part of her almost wished they had been. She sensed the power these fantasies gave her as she spanked her subservient little man as he wriggled across her lap, listening to stories of his Daughter in Law being taken like that, by other men, while he was helpless, and being spanked by her.
When she stopped swatting, and fondled his balls again and told him that “Sometimes, honey, they made me swallow!” he came, hard, and painted her creamy thighs with the same warm syrup he imagined his Daughter in Law was made to take in her mouth and into her belly, after one of her men had spanked her, before.
“It’s OK, honey”, his pretty Daughter in Law cooed as she stroked his hair while as came down from his devastating climax, “a LOT of those bad men who spanked me made me swallow, but it wasn’t love, darling. They said they’d spank me again, or let their friends spank me if I didn’t obey, so I swallowed darling”, she consoled, “just so they wouldn’t make me do bad things for their friends”, she whispered, to plant another demon seed in her Father in Law’s imagination.

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