Serving Dominant Wife And Her Cousin Sister

As I was very old in age in compare to my dominant wife. I was 48 years old and she was 24 years old at the time of our marriage. My wife has cuckolded me now for the last 3-4 years. Over that time period, she has taken 4-5 different lovers, one of which has become her steady boyfriend for the last 2+ years. I have been sexually submissive all my life, so being a cuckold was a natural thing for me. In fact, I have often thought that the lines between being a cuckold and a submissive slave can become very blurred at times. I have always deferred to the sexual power of a beautiful woman and have been willing to do whatever a mistress/dominate female demanded of me - which brings me to this current story...

My wife has a cousin sister and she is 23 years old and she plays tennis with on regular basis. Wife’s cousin sister’s name is Susan. I have always thought that Susan was beautiful - shoulder length blond hair, big brown eyes and long lovely legs! Susan however, is the furthest thing from a dominant female; or so I thought! On the contrary, she is somewhat shy and doesn't really open up to a person until she gets to know them fairly well. Because she is a close friend of my wife and because she lives on the same block that we do, I get to see a lot of Susan. She often is over at our house and is therefore very comfortable with me.

Susan and my wife will often go out to eat lunch at a local restaurant after a tennis match. Their lunch habit grew into the two of them also going out for dinner and drinks on occasion, often coming home very giddy after several glasses of wine each. It was on once such occasion recently that my life took a delicious turn for the better....

I knew Susan and my wife were close friends, but apparently I didn't realize just how close they truly were. During their last dinner together, my wife had confided in Susan that she had a steady lover. "Does your husband know??" Susan asked, shocked by this revelation. "Not only does he know, but he encourages it!" replied my wife. "Excuse me?" Susan asked with a quizzical look on her face. "Susan, my husband is a 'class A' wimp. A cuckold. I have no use for him sexually. He is happiest when he is being dominated in some form or fashion by a strong, beautiful woman. The act of me taking a lover with his knowledge and consent is the ultimate form of submission for him - he gets off on it" my wife explained.

As Susan digested this information and her next glass of wine, a devilishly wicked plan began to form in her cute little head. Susan was on her second marriage and had suffered terribly at the hands of her first husband. He had abused her physically, mentally and emotionally for years before she finally mustered the courage to divorce him. While her second marriage was working out fine, she still harbored a deep-seated hatred for most men and wanted revenge for the abuse she had suffered at the hands of her first husband.

"You know," Susan said to my wife, "I might be able to put your worthless husband to some good use, if you don't mind." "Good luck Girl. His little **** isn't worth the ride - if you know what I mean" my wife said with a laugh. "Oh, it's not his **** that I was planning on using," Susan said with a sly grin, "tell me all about his likes, fetishes, weaknesses and anything else I can use to manipulate him" she continued. Soon my wife was revealing my innermost secrets to her close friend - every fetish and sexual perversion I harbored!

They each finished their third glass of wine, paid the bill and headed for our house. With my wife's help, Susan had hatched a plan to quickly put me under her control so she could do with me as she pleased. I was watching television when they came in, giggling like schoolgirls. I didn't expect Susan to come home with my wife, but as I mentioned earlier, it was not at all unusual. I heard their high heels click across the tile floor in the kitchen and approach the family room where I was sitting. "Hey there," my wife said "feel like pouring two sexy ladies some wine?" I jumped up, eager to oblige and to get a look at Susan in her high heels, nylons and short skirt. They sat at opposite ends of our kitchen table while I brought them their wine. Susan was wearing a white blouse, short khaki skirt, sheer brown nylons and three-inch dark brown high-heeled pumps.

I casually leaned against the kitchen counter and made small talk with them as they sipped their wine, enjoying the view of Susan's great legs. Susan crossed her legs and immediately began dangling her pump from the end of her gorgeous toes. I couldn't help but stare. (If you haven't guessed by now, my main weakness when it comes to women is their legs and feet. I love nylons and high heels. My wife had obviously shared this with Susan.) I caught my wife and Susan sharing some knowing glances and suspected they were up to something, but I didn't care, the view was too good to pass up. I could feel my little **** stirring in my jeans.

"God my feet are tired" Susan said, "I've been in these pumps all day long and they're killing me!" "My husband gives a mean foot massage," my wife said while looking directly at me, "I'm sure he'd love to rub your feet for you Susan." My little **** jumped at the thought and grew another inch. Susan feigned shyness and said, "Oh, I couldn't possibly ask him to do that." While she was saying this, her pump dropped from her foot to the tile floor with a loud thud. My mind was reeling, "I may never get this chance again," I thought to myself. I stared at her beautiful, nylon clad foot just hanging there in mid-air and couldn't resist. "I don't mind," I stammered, "I'd be happy to."

In a flash I was on my knees (just where she wanted me!) in front of Susan rubbing that pretty little foot with both hands. I looked up and caught my wife winking and smiling at Susan. Whatever they were up to, I didn't care! After I rubbed her foot for a good five minutes, Susan said, "That feels so much better, thank you". As she was speaking she lifted her foot from my hand and put her toes to my lips. I submissively lowered my gaze to the ground and kissed her foot. This whole thing was rapidly spinning out of control. "Good boy," Susan cooed, "now let's do the other one." She held out her other foot and I gently removed her other pump and set it lovingly aside. After I massaged her second foot, I was again rewarded with her toes to my lips.

My hard on was in full bloom now, or as much as it can be! Susan noticed the bulge in my jeans and began rubbing both of her feet against my crotch, as I remained kneeling in front of her. "Your wife tells me she has no use for you sexually, is that true?" she asked me. I felt my face flush with embarrassment, but before I could answer Susan continued, "She also tells me she has a steady boyfriend who ***** her so much better than you ever did. Is that true too?" This time she waited for a response. I meekly shook my head "yes". I heard my wife snicker when I nodded my head. "Do you like my feet?" she asked me next. I knew now we had reached the point of no return. I looked up at her and said softly "Yes, very much." "Would do anything for me in order to be able to touch and kiss them?" she asked. "Oh God yes!" I blurted out. "Are you sure you'll do whatever I ask?" she inquired again. "Yes" I said with even more conviction than before. "I don't like most men," she continued, "I have a burning desire to physically abuse a man, are you okay with that?" "Yes, I am" I said softly. "I also have a desire to humiliate and embarrass a man and make him do all sorts of nasty things for me," she continued, "Are you okay with that?" Again, I nodded my acceptance.

From the other end of the table my wife chimed in and said "Susan, I do believe you've got yourself a slave!" "Let's find out" Susan replied. She removed her feet from my crotch and stood up directly in front of me while I remained on my knees. "Reach up under my skirt and pull my panties off" Susan said to me. I did as she directed, realizing then that she was wearing thigh high stockings and not pantyhose. I pulled her panties down her pretty legs and helped her step out of them, setting them aside near her pumps.

"I've been drinking a lot wine tonight and really need to ****" Susan purred, "from this point on you are my toilet - do you understand that?" I nodded - although not quite sure what she had in mind at this point. "Whenever I snap my fingers and point to the floor, that is your signal to lay on your back and open your mouth. Do you understand?" she asked sternly. Again, I nodded, things were becoming much clearer now. With that she snapped and pointed to the floor. I immediately laid on my back and open my mouth wide. Susan straddled my head, putting a beautiful nylon covered foot on each side of my face. She then sat down on my face and began grinding her **** into my mouth and nose. "Keep you mouth open!" she shouted. Just then, a hot blast of her wonderful **** filled my mouth. She pissed for what seemed like an eternity and I struggled to swallow and keep up with her flow. I was gagging but she didn't seem to care. The flow finally subsided and she lifted herself up off my face just a little so I could catch my breath. Then she plopped back down and began grinding her hips, rubbing her **** all over my face. She was yelling "You bastard!" as she worked herself to an ****** on my face. I could feel her wet juices cover my messy face as she climaxed again and again.

When she finally finished getting herself off on my face, she looked at my wife and said "God, that felt good! Nothing like having a worthless man to serve as your toilet!" Susan stood and noticed that some of her **** had splashed onto her stockings. She slowly peeled the stocking off each leg and then dropped them on my face. "Hand wash my stockings and panties, gift wrap them, then have them on my front doorstep no later than seven tomorrow morning" she snapped at me. Susan continued, "Also, if I were you, I'd put a Thank You note in that gift wrapped package thanking me for ******* in your mouth and allowing you to kiss my feet." "Yes Ma'am" I replied.

Susan stepped back into her pumps and my wife walked her to the door. I remained on the floor, reflecting on what I had just agreed to, the taste of her wonderful **** still fresh in my mouth. It dawned on me that this was one of those win/win/win scenarios. My wife will have more time to spend with her boyfriend now that Susan will be "using" me more often. Susan gets a male slave that she can abuse and debase to her heart's content. As for me, I get to be near Susan (whom I've always adored from afar) and service her as she desires. I am not into a lot of physical pain, but thought I could handle a fair amount just to earn the privilege of kissing Susan's feet and drinking her ****. This was going to be a very interesting relationship going forward and I was excited to be her new slave!

That night I hand washed Susan's stockings and panties as she directed and also wrote her my Thank You note. I wrapped them all up in a nice little package, added a bow and had them on her front step by seven the next morning. Two days went by and I had not heard from my new Mistress, I began to wonder if I had somehow offended her or she had lost interest after the effects of the wine from the other night wore off.

The next day (Friday) when I got home from work my wife handed me a small package. "This is from Susan, your owner," my wife said with emphasis. "We've been invited to Susan's house for dinner tonight along with three other couples and another friend," my wife continued. "Susan said for you to wear whatever is in this package when we go over tonight," my wife added. "We're leaving in an hour, so you'd better get in the shower," she concluded. I took the small package and headed for the bedroom to change and shower.

Before showering I opened the box and pulled out a male chastity device. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. I had never worn a chastity device before, but the thought of it always intrigued me. In fact, I felt my little **** stirring at the mere thought of it. The device was made of a hard, clear plastic that covered my **** and also had a small brass lock to hold the device in place. I noticed that the lock was undone and the key was missing. Once I snapped the lock shut with the device on my ****, I would be at Susan's mercy to let me out of it again.

After showering, I put the chastity device on and locked it in place without any hesitation. Just then, my wife came in to get ready for the dinner. She looked at my **** trapped in the device and smirked, "My, my, aren't we the obedient one?" she mused. "I have a feeling that Susan is going to have some fun with you tonight," she continued. My **** stirred again, for the first time I felt the constraint of the chastity device as it restricted my hard on from developing, the feeling was uncomfortable to say the least!

As I went about getting ready for the dinner, I noticed that my wife was putting on some unusually sexy clothes just to go over to the neighbor's house for a casual dinner. She wore a fairly sheer red sleeveless top, which did little to hide her equally sheer black bra underneath. She wore a black spandex mini skirt with sheer black thigh high stockings and red, three-inch backless high heel slides. She applied more make up than usual and also wore her large "hooker hoop" earrings. She looked really hot and once again, my little **** strained against it's restraining device.

We knocked on the front door and Susan opened the door and let us in. She talked to my wife and gave her a big hug, ignoring me like I was not even there. I glanced down and her feet (as is my habit to do) and noticed she was wearing the key to the chastity device on a chain as an ankle bracelet. She caught me looking at it and said "Rather symbolic, don't you think? You're manhood is captured by the power of the female foot, all symbolized by the chastity key around my pretty little ankle." Susan and my wife had a good chuckle over that as they turned and headed for the kitchen. "Get us some wine from the wet bar," Susan curtly said over her shoulder as they walked away.

We were the last couple to arrive and everyone else was already at least one drink ahead of us. I went to the wet bar and fetched the wine for my wife and Susan while chatting with the other couples. Everything seemed normal on the surface and I began to relax. Dinner was pleasant, just eight good friends sitting around chatting and enjoying some good food and a fair amount of booze. I had been drinking beer from a ceramic beer stein all night and was pretty relaxed, like everyone else. We adjourned from the table and everyone moved to the family room to continue the party. The music and laughter were loud. As I moved to the wet bar to pour another beer into my beer mug, Susan moved aside of me and whispered in my ear, "Go put your beer mug in the guest bathroom." I looked at her, somewhat confused, but she had already moved on to the kitchen and ignored my wondering look. I followed her direction and went and put my beer mug on a shelf in the guest bathroom.

A few minutes later I noticed Susan exiting the bathroom. She breezed by me and whispered, "Your beer is ready, go get it Worthless!" I went into the guest bathroom and found my beer mug sitting on the shelf where I had left it. It was now filled with Susan's hot ****! As I left the bathroom and re-entered the family room, Susan held her wine glass up toward me, indicating a toast, and said "Cheers!" This caught everyone's attention and they all turned to look at me briefly. I raised the beer mug in Susan's direction and replied "Cheers." I then took a long gulp of her still warm ****, looking over the rim of the mug at Susan as I did.

The party continued into the late hours with only one couple leaving early. Susan brushed passed me at one point in the hallway and quickly felt my crotch. Satisfied that I had followed her directions and was wearing the chastity device, she moved on without saying a word. I was feeling a little buzzed by this point and was surprised when I looked up at saw my wife's boyfriend at the party. I guess he was the "other friend" she mentioned who had been invited. I was not sure when he had arrived, but he wasted no time putting his arm around my wife right in front of everyone. Everyone else took it as just a friendly gesture, but I knew it was much more than that. My wife blatantly flirted with him in front of everyone just to humiliate me as much as possible.

About 30 minutes later Susan sat down next to me on the couch. She leaned over and said quietly "Your wife and boyfriend are in my bedroom *******, let's go watch." We each took a roundabout route to her bedroom door and met there before silently stepping into the dimly lit room. My wife was kneeling on the bed on all fours getting vigorously ****** doggie style by her boyfriend. Susan took my hand and we sat down on the love seat across the room. She was quite drunk by now and I felt a little nervous as to what she was up to. She whispered into my ear in a very sultry voice "Don't you wish that was you up there ******* your wife?" She began rubbing my crotch, deliberately trying to encourage my hard on. "Take your little thingy out," she purred. I unbuckled my pants and exposed my ****, trapped like a prisoner in the chastity device. Susan began rubbing it with her soft hands and long fingernails. "God this is so sexy, watching them **** like wild animals! Doesn't it just make you want to ***?" she teasingly asked. My **** was trying in vain to expand, straining against the hard plastic shield. What a pleasure/pain experience! I truly enjoyed watching my wife get laid by her boyfriend, but my **** was killing me!

My wife was now kneeling in front of her lover and sucking his **** with wild abandon. She had not even looked over in our direction; she was so consumed in her lovemaking. Susan laid back and propped her feet up in my lap. She had kicked off her high heels and was now rubbing my crotch with her nylon covered feet. She held her foot with the ankle bracelet up in front of my face and said "Relief is so close, yet so far!" She knew I wouldn't dare reach for the key around her ankle without her permission; she had trained me so completely and so quickly that even I was amazed.

My **** was literally turning blue and hurt very badly. This seemed to amuse Susan immensely. "I bet you'd like to ***, wouldn't you?" she teased again. I rapidly nodded my head. "You'll have to earn it. Will you work for Miss Susan to earn your ***?" she whispered. Again, a rapid head nod from me. Now she stuck her ankle in front of my face again and said "Remove the ankle bracelet and take the key off the chain, re-attach the chain around my ankle after you get the key off."

I did as I was told. As I was removing the key to my sexual freedom from around her pretty ankle, I looked over at my wife. She was currently on her back being slammed by her long-lasting boyfriend with the big ****. I got the key off Susan's ankle bracelet and re-connected the chain back around her ankle. "God my **** is killing me!" I thought to myself. I heard my wife scream in orgasmic pleasure and heard her boyfriend grunt and groan at the same time. Both Susan and I watched as he dumped his load in my wife's ****. I kept wondering if the other people at the party could hear her scream, but no one else seemed concerned about that.

Susan took the key from me and walked over to the bed. My wife and her lover had finished their coupling and were now lying side by side, cuddling in the afterglow. Susan gave each of them a deep tongue kiss. As she was kissing my wife she whispered something to her. I saw my wife smile and nod her head. Susan then reached for my wife's **** and inserted the key to my chastity belt deep into her *** soaked *****. Susan looked over at me and smugly said " Well Worthless, here's the plan. You get the key out of your wife's **** and bring it to me, then I might let you ***. Oh, by the way, you have to retrieve the key using only your tongue and mouth." She then walked back over to me and stuck her *** soaked fingers into my mouth and simply said, "Suck." I sucked my wife's lover's *** off of my mistresses fingers. Susan then pulled herself together and went back out to check on her guests.

I stood and approached the bed. My **** was throbbing inside the chastity device and I needed relief in a bad way. My wife just looked at me in disgust as she snuggled with her boyfriend. She slowly spread her legs and I dove in and began my task. Her lover's *** came flooding out all over my tongue and into my mouth. I could feel the key with my tongue, but couldn't remove it from her slippery ****. After about 15 minutes of working at it, I finally got the key close enough to the entrance of her **** where I could grab it with my teeth. I extracted the key and hurried to straighten my clothes so I could bring it to Susan. My face was smeared with my wife's boyfriend's load and I felt it beginning to dry. I did a cursory wipe with my arm across my mouth and went back out the party to find my mistress.

Everyone that was left at the party had moved downstairs to watch a movie on the big screen TV. Susan was cleaning up the kitchen when I brought her the key like a proud child. She took the key from me and said, "My God, you stink like ***." I was expecting her to unlock my chastity device now and give me the relief that I sorely needed. Instead she dropped the key into a clean, clear beer glass. She handed the beer glass to me and said "On your knees." I knelt down in front of her and she raised her skirt and lowered her panties. "Hold the glass up to my **** and catch my ****." I held the glass there as she filled it two-thirds of the way with her ****. The key was on the bottom of the glass. I looked over my shoulder and saw my wife and her lover standing there laughing, arm in arm.

"I think you know what you need to do," Susan chuckled, "and no hands, only your worthless mouth!" I put the glass to my lips and drank it down. All three of them were laughing hysterically at me, but I didn't care, I just wanted that key! It took me three big gulps to drain the glass and catch the key in my teeth. I proudly handed the key to my mistress. "Good boy," she said as she patted my head like a dog. "Stand up," Susan said to me. She pulled my jeans down and finally unlocked the chastity device and removed it from my sore ****. My **** instantly felt better and sprang to life. I was hoping Susan would jerk me off or somehow give me relief. Instead, she looked at her watch and said "Oh my, look at the time! We need to get up early tomorrow, this party is over!" My wife followed her lead and said "C'mon Worthless, you can drive us home." I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and my pants around my knees. Susan walked away toward her bedroom, leaving me standing there hard and unfulfilled. Before she entered her bedroom she turned and said to me "You didn't really think I was going to touch that scrawny thing did you?" She closed the door and all I could hear was her laughter.

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