Dominated By Wife And Daughter-in-law

Yes. My wife is 6'2" 190 lbs. I am 5'6" 165 lbs. and my daughter-in-law is 6'3" 225 lbs. and on my 50th b'day my wife took me over her knee for a b'day spanking and then her mom took a turn but said that she did it all wrong and that all b'day spankings should be delivered in his birthday suit. I started protesting but she just laughed at me as she ******** me then put me over her knee. After about 10 spanks I started squirming by 30 I was kicking my legs by 40 I was begging her to stop and let me up she just laughed at me and told my wife that somebody seems to be enjoying his birthday spanking and by 50 I was crying. And 1 to grow on sent me 2" off her lap. She then turned me over on her lap and said to my wife see the last one did make him grow. Get me some hand cream Amanda and with that she started giving me a hand job. I was so embarrassed Her I am a 50 year old man getting a bare bottomed spanking by my 23 year old daughter-in-law and she was able to spank me to tears and I couldn't stop her. Then she humiliated me even further by giving me a hand job in front of my wife. She then pulled a *** out and told her little boy to suck on it and I said no. She then grabbed my nuts and squeezed until I opened my mouth and she stuck her *** in and creamed me till I came. She now spanks me whenever she wants.
Once I was in a supermarket with one of my lady colleagues and was spotted by my wife. She suspected me for infidelity. The moment I came home she took the belt. I went to her to listen what has happened when I found my daughter-in-law sitting there looking angrily at me. "How dare you cheat mother? Hah? “I was trying to tell that I am not into infidelity but she won't listen. You think we are all dumb ***? We are fools? Hah? We are blind? Didn't you hang around with her? I tried to say something but she said, “Say Yes or no." I had to say yes. Good so now you need a lesson. I tried to resist but she won't agree. My daughter in law is good at spanking as I have received many times from her.. She placed me over her lap and asked my wife to spank me.
And my wife spanked with all the force on my bottoms with the belt. "Harder spank her more. Spank her more than what I did on you." I know very well how hard my daughter-in-law used to spank me. But my wife also spanked too hard. But daughter-in-law was not satisfied. She told, “Baby, you are not too good at spanking." She then pulled me over the bed and asked me to roll down and said “Take off your shirt." I hesitated. “Take them off right now else you will get additional." So I was lying in the bed naked with my butts facing daughter-in-law. My wife was watching my poor state. Daughter-in-law now took the belt and was going to spank me. She raises the belt and lashed on my butt. The first stroke brought tears to my eyes. Oh god amazing power. She rose again and lashed. I fluttered my legs. “I warn you. Behave else I will smack you harder." Again the lash. I couldn't control and peed on bed. "Oh dirty fellow peeing like this at your age. " Again she rose this time on back. Again and again. I was howling in pain. Again one and again one. Oh Oh how hard and tough is she. I turned my body but she overpowered and forced me in the previous state. Again lash again lash. I tried to cover my back with the hands but my hands got hurt. My wife firmly held my hands. She pulled my hair. Daughter-in-law again lashed me. My back was full of lashes. Then she turned attention to my thighs. The moment I felt the lashing on my thighs I jerked from bed. My wife pushed me back and again the lashes. I couldn't cuddle my legs and it was so painful. My genital got erect. I was in extremely in a bad shape. My wife pushing me down to bed, holding my armsand daughter-in-law holding my legs and lashing my thighs. She kept on lashing and it was a terrible pain for me.
I was begging earnestly for mercy. But instead of mercy I felt the belt stronger and stronger. I had to believe that my daughter in law is far better spanker than my mom. It was at this point that the belt hurt my thighs badly and blood trickled down. It was good. My daughter-in-law stopped after that. “Next time I see you with another girl I AM GOING TO BELT YOU TILL EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY BLEEDS."
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Jul 6, 2011