Cuckolded By His Son

Charles; a 58 year old slightly overweight husband to Sara; was five foot eight tall and had been married for twenty five years, but their sex life has reached the point where it was almost non-existent. In fact only nine times in the last year had they actually made love and that had been with the aid of erotic fantasy scenario’s to help his five inch **** get hard; the usual fantasy which got him the hardest was about him being tied up and forced to watch his wife have sex with a stranger. He always admitted afterwards that it was his inability to help save his wife’s virtue that turned him on and the fact that she invariably used phrases like; “Oh do what you want to me just don’t hurt us; please my husband will pay whatever you ask only don’t hurt us!”

Sara meanwhile stood four foot ten tall; still managing to keep her figure in shape with daily jogs and four visits per week to the gym. She measured 38 – 24 – 36 and her bra size was a double D; with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes; she turned many a head down at the gym. Although she put up with her deteriorating sex life she still craved it but always held the opinion that marriage should not be cheated on.

Charles and Sara have a son; Robert; aged 26 years of age six foot two tall; he had a slim athletic build and he was extremely proud of his eight inch long and above average thickness of his ****; unlike his mother he had sandy coloured hair and deep blue eyes but boasted he could pull anything in a skirt. Just recently he moved back into his parents neighbourhood; in fact just two blocks away; primarily this was because of work but also served him really well for he had soon arranged to take his washing home for his mum to do every week and often joined his parents for two or three meals per week plus he often raided his dad’s fridge for booze.

Sara did not mind her baby coming back home so often; it made her feel needed and besides there were thousands of little jobs that needed to be done around the house all of which seemed beyond Charles who chose to devote his free time to his scale model soldiers. He cast them in lead and then painted them up in fine detail with regimental colours and displayed them in his own special room he called his campaign headquarters. Rob often joked with his mother that as he was standing for his dad with the jobs around the house maybe he should simply stand in for everything; Sara knew he was referring to the sex side although she did not know how he knew she was not getting enough of that. She always answered him the same way by telling to burn of his excess energy on the lawns in the front and back gardens which needed cutting.

One day her temptation to cheat was sorely tested and from the most unusual of sources; for she arrived home from her usual jog; hot and sweaty she raced upstairs and dived into the main bathroom. Shock horror for naked in the family shower was her very own twenty six year old baby; the clear glass shower door hiding nothing of his impressive semi hard manhood. Rob never even tried to cover up and continued to shower as if nothing had happened; Sara meanwhile blushed and scooted out of the bathroom heading for the master bedroom.

As she sat on the edge of the bed her mind ran through the images it had just collected and began to turn her on; had she really just seen her baby’s semi hard **** and wow what a **** it was almost twice the size of her husband’s and more than twice as thick. Without meaning to she allowed herself the thought of how wonderful that would feel sliding into a ready and juicy ****; her mind exploded as visions of some lucky woman in the throes of ecstasy being pounded by that mighty weapon. Absent-mindedly she slipped her hand inside her jogging bottoms and began to rub her ****; she instantly froze when the images showed her own face on the woman so desperate to accept the load of ***** from her son’s ****.

She froze again when she was brought back to the present by her son’s voice; “Mum; I am so sorry, there was no way I could let you know that my boiler at home has broken and I needed a shower!”

The words sailed over Sara’s head the only thing she thought at that specific moment was how long had he been stood there and had he seen her ************; blushing bright red she told him it was alright but her eyes just would not budge from his groin; he had seen her she was sure for his **** formed a large bulge against the bath towel; even larger than the image now searing her mind from the bathroom.

Rob excused himself and went to the spare room to get dressed or so Sara thought and she headed for the shower in the bathroom; this was not the best move for her for as she ******** off and climbed in the shower cubicle her mind once more raced back to the images she had seen on far more intense now she was stood where he had stood when she saw him.

In her haste to get through the shower she had not bothered to lock the bathroom door and already had three fingers plunging into her **** as the warm water cascaded on to her sensitive nipples; suddenly the bathroom door opened again and in stepped a naked Rob who quickly made his way to the toilet bowl and standing at an angle where he could see his mother showering and likewise she could see him holding his **** to pee; he released the golden flow of urine. His mother’s eyes firmly fixed on the stream of **** and her stood with her hand clearly pressed to her ****; seemed to make time stand still in one of those seemingly endless magic moments.

Rob now fully admired his mother’s firm ****; slender waist and shapely thighs; he was sad though her hand was obscuring him from seeing her sexy ****; but he smiled and all too soon his stream of **** began to slow to a trickle and now he had no more reason to stand ogling his mom’s naked body. He smiled and slowly left the bathroom after offering to help her wash her back; Sara responded with a very shaky voice telling him to get the **** out.

Sara shocked herself for it was the first time since her honeymoon she had swore and the first time ever at her own son; but the rest of her shower was a mixture of ******* and soap. She wrapped herself in a large bath towel and made her way across the landing to her bedroom; Rob sneaked back to the bathroom and found his mum’s still warm soiled panties and without hesitation he raised them to his nose and drank in the definite female odour of aroused ****; then he sent his senses into overdrive as he suddenly licked the **** stain in the gusset of the panties. The flavour whilst very weak was still unmistakeable and he resolved that one day he would be doing this to her **** direct.

Sara slowly dried herself and resolved to talk to Rob about this incident and how it would never be repeated and must be put down to pure accident. However she never got the chance because when she heard Rob going downstairs and she set off after him they were both met at the bottom of the stairs by Charles; just home from work. Rob explained he had needed to use the shower because his boiler had broken and a repairman was going to be coming in the next few days. Charles just grunted ok and headed for his campaign headquarters before turning and asking when dinner would be ready. Sara told him she would make for Rob as well and it would be ready within the hour; Charles turned and said in that case Rob mow the back lawn while you are waiting; son.

In a way Sara was glad that rob was going to be outside; for although she wanted to talk things over she really did not know how to approach the subject. Rob was equally glad to be outside too for he was already having difficulty in hiding his erection around his mother having seen her naked and having already tasted her **** juices even if it was second hand. He secretly hoped that his mother enjoyed her voyeur treat today and would be happy to have more leading to dare he hope; full sex with his own mother; Even just thinking this sent a delightful shiver down his spine.

Rob decided to hatch a plan to see more of his mother now he had an idea of the times she got home from her jogs; he hoped that her not locking the bathroom door was not just a one off oversight and a regular practise. He mowed the lawn in double quick time not really concentrating on the grass and soon was mowing the front grass as well. As he mowed the grass Samantha Greene a neighbour from two doors up and a lady with a reputation for being an easy lay stopped to talk to Rob. She was openly ogling his biceps and triceps as she spoke; asking him how long had he been home to stay at his parent’s house; he explained he had not but now lived in the vicinity and the chores needed doing; so in exchange for some good home cooking he was helping out.

Just then Sara came to the front door to call Rob in for his diner and she could not explain why but seeing him talking to this attractive woman with the reputation of being a man eater; she immediately felt jealous and was even more determined to cut their conversation short; “Oh Robert; come on son; your food is ready and you have worked hard enough for today!” she called.

“Coming, Mum!” he replied and politely ending his conversation with Samantha; he turned to head off to the back garden gate. As he did so he watched as Samantha swayed her hips as she walked further down the road; hoping or rather suspecting that this handsome guy was watching her.

“Wash your hands, son!” his mother called out as he entered by the back door. “Who was that you were talking too out front, dear?” his mother continued.

“Oh mum really; you know very well who it was; it was Samantha Greene; she was asking if and why I was back home but I put her straight!” Rob answered.

Before she even thought about her next comment it was out in the open, “Hope you did not tell her you are living in this area!” then she realised how bad that sounded and blushed.

Even Rob’s dad; Charles took notice and added, “Aaaagghh; your mum is worried son that the wolf in female clothing maybe about to devour you!”

Sara tried to laugh it off by adding that well she does have a terrible reputation and a string of ex boyfriends. Sara refused to be drawn further by the teasing questions of her son, and all she would say was, “You know very well what sort of reputation I am referring too; young man!”

Rob teasingly said, “Ok mum I will save myself just for you then!”

Sara blushed even brighter but Charles just laughed and said, “shame she won’t save herself for you too son!”

After the meal; Rob made his excuses and left but not before grabbing his mother and kissing her on the cheek as he said, “No woman could ever match up to you mummy, you will always have my heart and soul!”

That night Both Sara and Rob dreamed very similar dreams; in which the exploits in the bathroom went further. As Sara laid still beside her snoring husband; she gently rubbed her **** as she imagined that when Rob re entered the bathroom instead of simply ******* into the toilet he had climbed in the shower cubicle with her and she had held his great **** while he pissed and then she would have knelt and sucked it clean for him. She was shocked because drinking **** even the last few dribbles was normally very horrific to her and yet it felt more exciting to dream of doing just that for her son. She had to pull the pillow tight into her face as she murmured her way through her ******.

Meanwhile a few blocks away; Rob was laid on the top of his bed; openly stroking his rock hard **** staring at a picture of his mother. The picture was several years old and showed her in a conservative bikini but now Rob could see passed the bikini to her erect nipples and he imagined shaven extremely wet ****. He actually called her name as he shot his load all over his hand.
The next afternoon Rob waited around the corner till he saw his mom jogging across the junction and along the street to her house; then he hung around for another ten minutes before heading to his parents house and letting himself in through the back door. He quietly passed through the kitchen and began to climb the stairs.
Just as he got to five steps from the top he stopped dead in his tracks; his mother was not in the shower as he expected; for he could hear her moaning in the bedroom. He listened intently and smiled when he heard, “Aaagh; yes, yes **** me harder Rob give your mother the ******* she misses so badly!”
He continued to listen and as he did so his **** began to twitch and harden; so his mother felt the same way as him and wanted to be ****** by his ****; this was going to be easier than he first thought. Suddenly the silence was pierced by an almost ear piercing scream as his mother was obviously at the peak of her ****** and as she calmed down she moaned his name several times.
He was just about to continue upstairs having made his mind up to go directly into the bedroom and rape his mother if necessary; not that it would be rape; not if she wanted it as much as she was making out with her moans; when the bedroom door opened and a naked mother strolled across the landing to the bathroom. Sara was totally unaware of Rob standing there. He listened intently for the lock on the bathroom door and smiled when he did not hear its distinctive click.
Now he prepared as he had originally planned and quickly shed his clothes before walking quietly up to the bathroom door and placing his ear against the door he heard a mixture of the shower running and his mother talking to someone. He froze; who could be in the bathroom with his mum. He was just about to give up his plan today when he heard, “Robert you are a very naughty young man making your mother so wet and horny; and to think you want to stick that lovely **** of yours inside the very **** which bore you!”
Relieved Rob now opened the door silently and stepped inside; moving as quietly as he could to the shower he suddenly opened the cubicle door and stepped inside. His mother screamed until she saw it was Robert and then she chastised him. “Robert what are you doing in here! If you want a shower kindly wait till your mother has finished and you can have one as long as you like!”
“Oh mother, what and have to listen to you strumming your **** again just to get satisfaction when we both know you really want me to **** you hard!” he stated.
Sara knew he had heard her both in the bedroom and just now in the shower; she was still embarrassed but too horny to stop him as he slipped his hand between her bum cheeks and let his finger trail along her **** lips. Meanwhile she twisted to look him in the eyes and saw the same rising passion as she felt exploding in her own head. Instead of leaning forward to kiss her Rob lowered his head slightly and captured her wet *** in his mouth, his teeth closing in tightly on her erect nipple. A groan escaped Sara’s lips as she warned Rob to be careful. Thinking she was meaning not to bite too hard; he released some of the pressure on her nipple.

Sara slipped her hand between them and finally closed her fist around his **** or at least tried to for her fingers would not quite meet. She laughed as his mouth eased the grip on her tongue and added, “No baby; I did not mean you are biting too hard; but to be careful your dad will be home soon and it just would not do to be discovered inhere together like this!”
Rob then turned his mother to face the wall and gasped, “Well we better hurry up till tomorrow dinner time when if you don’t go jogging I will promise you far more exercise than running a marathon would give you and all in the comfort of your bed.”
He then eased his **** between her arse cheeks and nudged the entrance of her ****; Sara then arched her back and the head of the **** slipped into her wanton ****. A sharp thrust from Rob had her speared on his **** and Sara was grunting her desires to be well and truly ******. Their passion was such that both had no chance of lasting long and almost at the same time as Sara screamed her way through her first ****** on her sons ****; rob announced he was about to *** and at the last minute he pulled out spraying his seed all over his mother’s arse. Sara looked disappointed and confessed she wanted so much to feel him spurting inside her ****.
Then they quickly finished showering together and Rob only just made it out the back door as Charles entered the front door. As usual Charles almost ignored his wife taking his new supply of lead and soldier moulds into his campaign headquarters before coming out. As he came back into the hallway he looked at his wife and said, “Have you changed the way you do your hair; love?”
“No dearest, neither have I bought this dress new or changed anything else about me; why?” she replied.
“OH ok it must be me, only you look different in some way today!” he confessed.
“Dinner won’t be long!” she announced as she turned and headed to the kitchen smirking to herself; yes there was something different about her she had the bloom of a woman in lust! She thought.
No sooner did she reach the kitchen than the front door bell rang and Charles being nearer when to answer it; there was Robert who asked if he could scrounge an evening meal as he could not be bothered to cook at home. Charles called out to Sara and asked if her baby could be fed again tonight. She instantly blushed as the thought of when she used to breast feed Robert sprang to mind and with what he had been doing to her **** in the shower it seemed ironic that Charles should ask in such a manner.
That meal was strange to say the least; now the food was up to the usual standard but the conversation was extremely guarded by two of the dinner guests. Sara also felt uncomfortable as Rob decided to play footsie under the table stroking her ankles with his sock covered feet. Sara nearly jumped and groaned when the first touch happened and was grateful when the door bell rang again and she was able to exit the kitchen to answer it.

There stood Samantha Green; clearly dolled up to the nines and asking for Robert. Reluctantly Sara allowed Samantha into the kitchen and had to listen to her almost begging her son her new lover of a son to come do a few chores around her house at the weekend as it was ages since her lawn had been mowed and there were a few fences that needed mending; the way she said mending left Sara in no misunderstanding that she really meant that the fence was in her bed and between her legs.
Sara breathed a sigh of relief when Rob answered that she should give him her number and he would call her if things changed bit at the moment he was busy at the week end helping a friend move house. Reluctantly Samantha handed over the phone number and had to leave; to make matters worse she was leaving alone when her plan had been to persuade Rob to come over to give her a quote for the supposed work she wanted done.
Charles finished his dinner and began to get up when Rob said; “Do you know mum, you always seem to be looking after us so well, me and dad will wash and dry the pots while you go have a rest!”
Charles interrupted, “Your mum is well capable of washing the pots; I bring home the wage packet and your mother spends it on the home so it’s simple job demarcation!”
Rob swore under his breath at his father’s chauvinistic approach; so he simply said, “Ok then mum, you wash and I will dry! It is the least I can do for such a great meal!” Sara knew she could not refuse and besides she wanted a word with Rob about that damn woman.
Charles disappeared off to his campaign headquarters as Sara began to fill the sink, she turned to say something to Rob and was instantly silenced as he mouth crushed hers and his tongue fought to get into her mouth. She pushed him off as best she could and whispered, “no, son; we must not get caught if you are serious about wanting it to continue!”
“Besides, I want to talk to you about that village bike that wants you to go do some jobs for her!” Sara continued.
“Why mum I do believe you’re jealous; though of what I do not know for your **** are firmer than hers and sweeter I will bet and your **** is prettier and much more responsive to my **** I will like to bet!” he teased. “You need never worry about her mother; because as long as you are opening your legs for your son; no other woman will get my **** or *****!” he added.
“Sssh! His mother said or your father will hear you!” Sara said.
“Mum I have a plan to make it all work out; but you will have to do exactly as I say when I say it!” he said; “you know I want you as my personal sex slave anyway!” he added.
“What have you in mid son?” Sara enquired.
“Well that all depends on how you and dad get on about sex!” Rob hinted.
“To be honest son, your dad has no interest in sex lately and for the last year it has been sexy fantasises which have got him hard for a rare ****!” Sara answered honestly.
“Good all the better!” continued Rob, “listen carefully and begin to put our plan into operation as soon as you feel is best!” he hinted.
After he had explained his plan, Sara laughed and playfully called Rob a devious sod.
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Cuckolded by his son 03.
Next day at dinner time Rob enters his parent's house and calls out to his mother; who tells him she is upstairs in her bedroom and he should come straight up. As he enters the bedroom his amazed to see his own mother laid on her bed; naked from the waist down but wearing a satin red Basque; gone are the wispy red hairs of her **** and her lips are part showing just how wet her **** really is.
In four strides from the door to the bed Rob manages to cast off his clothes leaving a trail behind him and he immediately climbs on the bed and buries his head between his mother’s open legs; what follows for the next hour sends his mother into outer space around the moon and back home again as he drives her **** to multiple ******* just using his tongue and not always on her ****.
Rob discovered his mother loved him ******* her arse and probing her anal ring with his stiff tongue; eventually covered in sweat and decidedly out of breath his mother calls a temporary halt; no sooner does he lie back to rest then she dives in and begins sucking his ****; or maybe it would be better to say slavering over his member. She was literally drooling before his **** head touched her mouth and was uttering unintelligible gibberish as he ****** her mouth.
Rob pulled out of her mouth and kissed her passionately before lowering his head to her right nipple and he began nibbling at her erect teat; now all those gibberish sounds started to make sense as his mother declared undying love for her son and not in the usual motherly way either. She swore she would be his ***** his **** **** for as long as he found her sexually attractive. He suddenly pinned her to the bed telling her that not only was she his **** toy but he was going to make his dad his toy too and could not wait to see him watching his son **** his wife and his son’s mother.
Sara began to object fearing that rather than suffer that Charles would rebel and try to divorce her; which would destroy the family and relatives. Robert was confident and snapped, “Do as we planned and he would not dare divorce you ever in case the full facts came out.
By five pm their lust was sated and Robert gathered his clothes; dressed and went home just before his dad arrived; Sara spent that time tidying the bedroom and spraying air freshener to hide the smell of sex; though she doubted that Charles would even notice. After a quiet dinner together, as usual Charles disappeared into his special room; the one he calls campaign headquarters and Sara tried to read but could not settle. Robert’s plan required Charles to show he wanted sex with Sara and so far it had been six weeks and he did not even want to kiss her.
For the next four weeks; Charles showed no interest in anything sexy; but now Sara was not complaining because she was getting more than enough from Rob whilst Charles was not around. Then around the eleventh week since they last ****** Charles turned to his wife as they lay in bed and asked her to tell him his favourite story.
Seizing on the opportunity she told him that better than that they were actually going to act it out as far as they could. She then told him to fetch the chair from the dining table and place it exactly three feet from the edge of the bed. Then he was to remove all his clothes and sit on the chair facing the bed. Meanwhile Sara got the specially prepared ropes from her bedside cabinet and firstly tied Charles hands behind the chair and then to the back legs of the chair so he could not stand up without dragging the chair with him; next she then tied each of his legs to the front legs of the chair and shoved the panties she had been jogging in that day into his mouth before fastening a tie around his mouth to hold the panties in place. She had not even touched him sexually yet and she noticed his **** was already rock hard but instead of now being impressed she looked at it with contempt for she was now used to Robert’s larger thicker ****. Then she slowly dressed herself up in stockings suspenders and a corset which had platform bra cups; she looked like a high class prostitute by the time she sat open legged on the bed in front of him.
“Charles, I have a confession to make!” she began. “Since our fantasy sessions I have found it harder to remain faithful to you knowing you want to watch another **** **** my ****!” she said pointing at her ****. “well for the last four weeks I have been getting it ****** for you; dearest and whilst you think about this I am now going to go phone my lover who knows all about your desire to watch me be ****** and has agreed to allow you on certain conditions!” she emphasised. “I will not spoil it for my lover but I will let him tell you the conditions my dear wimp husband!” she stressed the wimp.
Then with shaky legs Sara stood up and left the room; as she left she saw anger and betrayal in her husband’s eyes but more than that she saw pure lust. So she figured maybe Rob was right and everything would work out right in the end. She quickly phone Rob and told him everything was set.
Returning to Charles she dabbed her fingers on her **** lips and held them under his nose and said, “Smell how wet my **** is as I wait for my lover to come and take me to heaven!” before adding “My lover is young thirty years younger than yourself actually! He is athletic and has such a wonderful eight inch long and oh so thick ****!” “And before you ask as to why I am not downstairs waiting to let him in; He already has a key to this house and the only keys to my heart and sexuality!” she added.
Charles knew he was stuck; not only would her lover see him naked and helpless but he was bound to ridicule him for his poor **** if as she says he has such a large one. The strange thing was though that now he was tied up unable to move he found the whole episode so erotic and such a turn on he could already feel his balls tingling and hoped that he could hold out or face even more scorn for ******* untouched before the fun had already started.
They both sat there for what seemed like ages but in fact was only fifteen minutes when Charles heard footsteps coming up the stairs; he was now filled with a mixture of dread and sexual excitement as he stared at the closed bedroom door and saw it slowly start to open. From where he was he could not see who was behind the door till they stepped fully into the room and once there they would not be able to miss him tied to this chair; his **** already trembling.
Sara did not help matters by telling him at the first sound of someone climbing the stairs that here comes her superb lover who makes her a wanton **** and eager to accept his **** just by showing her his tool. Suddenly in stepped Robert and Charles almost died. Not for any other reason than the sheer embarrassment of a father being found tied naked to a chair by his own son. He wondered why Sara was not trying to cover up for surely Robert was not her lover. Sara stood and moved slowly to Rob as she reached him she said “Robert your father got hard as soon as I tied him to the chair; just like you said he would; in fact I was sure he was going to shoot even before you arrived here but he has managed to hold off on that.”
Robert looked at his dad and said “Hello my wimp of a father by the end of tonight daddy dearest you will be my personal cuckold; for not only will you watch me **** mummy here but you will suck my **** to prepare it for my **** and if you are really; really good then you will be allowed to eat my ***** from her ****.”
Charles fiercely shook his head; so Robert stepped up to him and took firm hold on his hard **** and gave it a sharp twist saying, “what a poor excuse for a ****; god I am surprised I made it into the world with this as a baby maker!”
Charles looked at his son with tears streaming down his face from the pain of that attack on his manhood; and Robert asked slowly, “Now are you still telling me no!”
Charles never moved fearing further assaults on his ****; “See mother, wimp **** here has given me permission to make you my personal **** and he just wants to help in any way! Don’t you, Dad?” Robert taunted.
Slowly Charles nodded his head knowing to refuse would lead to more suffering. Robert then told his mother to undress him but to do so that Dad here could see everything. When Sara exposed her sons **** for the first time to his dad; Charles eyes flew wide in admiration and the thought shot through his mind of Christ where did that come from. Sara having exposed Rob’s **** did not need to be asked and she simply knelt and began to actually cover Rob’s **** in kisses.
Rob pulled his mom to her feet and making sure dad saw his hand he began to slide a finger into his mother’s already soaking ****. Then stepping forward he leaned close to his dad’s head and said “Now if I remove the gag, you are not going to start shouting are you because I would hate to have to grab your balls and bust them for you!”
Charles once more shook his head, quickly Rob undid his gag and pulling her panties from his mouth he commented; “Oh mother, I hope these had been washed since I ****** you and made you put these back on!” and then turning to Charles he asked, “Could you taste ***** on these daddy?”
Sara answered before any reaction from Charles by saying of course they have been washed son but only after I myself had liked their deposit clean.
Robert told his dad his first task was to show his wife and son what a nice **** sucker he was by sucking his son’s **** so it was ready to **** Rob’s mum. Charles baulked at the idea but knew he would suffer if he did not do it, he vowed to make Robert suffer for this later but surprisingly he found once he began sucking the **** he loved it and was sorry to see Robert withdraw it from his mouth.
Then Charles watched his wife Sara climb on the bed doggy stile while her son climbed on behind her and Sara gave a running commentary as Robert began to get ready to **** her. Robert had a surprise for his mom too for; Robert fingered her **** till his fingers were soaked in her **** juice; while Sara told her husband in an excited voice her son was fingering her horny ****. Then Robert brought the fingers back and rubbed the juices into her anal ring which a shocked Sara related to her husband and when Robert actually pressed his **** head to her anal ring and she described it pressing against her virgin anal opening it proved too much for Charles who’s **** went off like a firecracker spraying white sticky stuff all over the place.
Sara laughed and pointed out to Robert that that was Charles lot for at least the next three months; until Robert pointed out that his **** had not gone soft and was still pointing at the ceiling.
Another hard push from Robert had his **** head inside his mother’s arse and as she screamed with the initial pain she also told Charles how full her arse felt and he only had the head of his **** inside there was at least another nine inches to go. Robert waited till his mother adjusted to the intrusion and then slowly slid his length up her anal canal and Sara for her part delighted in telling her husband she could feel every vein and every centimetre of her sons **** as it pushed deeper into her arse.
“Oh Charles, if I would have known the exquisite pleasure of anal sex years ago we would have been doing every night!” Sara announced as she calmed down from her umpteenth ******. Charles was still hard despite him having sprayed his load all over his thighs and a great deal on the polished wooden floor. Robert looked Charles in the face and told him, “You will be cleaning that up later!” and then added with a stern voice “with your tongue!”
As Robert continued to shaft his mother’s arse he felt his own climax begin and delighted in telling his mother, “***** get ready for an arse blasting; for I am going to fill your arse with my *****!” No sooner did the first spurt from Robert’s **** erupt up his mother’s arse then the fireworks exploded in her head and she once more screamed out her ******. In an afterglow she told Charles, “wow I felt every spurt of my sons hot ***** coating the walls of my arse and it was out of this world!”
Rob gently pulled his **** from her clutching anal ring and then approached his still bound father; “Now Dad time for you to accept me as your superior by sucking my **** clean of my ***** and mum’s anal juices!” he announced.
Charles was swallowed up in the passion of the moment and without thinking merely opened his mouth and allowed his son to put his **** in it. Had anyone told him he would be sucking a **** let alone a soiled **** covered in ***** and **** juices he would have shot them let alone that that **** would belong to his own flesh and blood; his son.
Meanwhile an exhausted Sara laid on her side on the bed watching her own husband now cleaning her son’s **** which had just so expertly ****** her arse and she felt a strange family pride; she realised that the power shift had happened and this family would never be the same ever again but more importantly for her she was going to get all the sex she had missed out on over the last ten years. As she lay there she began to leisurely stroke her exposed *** sending electric shock waves directly into her ****; she mused she had never felt so sexually alive as she did right now.
Robert now pulled his **** from his father’s mouth and kisses his balding head as he turned to his mother and told her he was now going to feed his dad his fresh ***** but via her over heated ****. Eagerly Sara lay on her back opening her legs as wide as she could and welcomed her horny son. She delighted in telling Charles how his sons **** stretched her **** to its limits and how she always felt so good as he ****** her.
She began panting and began begging her son to **** his wanton ***** of a mother’s **** and give her a baby a brother for him; Robert encouraged her by telling her she may have a daughter for him to **** too. Suddenly Robert lunged forward and held himself there as his mother screamed “Oh full my horny **** with that ***** son; make me with baby! Give it all to mommy, baby!”
When they had calmed down Robert pulled out of his mother and then went and untied his dad and led him over to the bed; Sara simply held open her stretched **** and showed Charles the white slime of her son’s ***** and begged him to lick it all out. Charles needed no second invitation as he scrambled onto the bed burying his face into his wife’s well ****** **** and began lapping like a dog. Robert then shocked his mother by walking to a drawer opening it and pulling out her small slim vibrator; she did not know anyone knew of her little playmate; then returning to the bed Robert forced the vibrator up his father’s arse and turned it on full power. Within seconds his father’s hips were bucking and he sprayed his second load of ***** all over the sheets.
Sara was amazed for she had never ever known in her 26 year marriage for Charles to *** twice in one session. She lay there in a dreamy state as her husband continued to clean out her well ****** **** and she thought; life is not so bad really.
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