Why I Asked My Wife To Spank Me

First I have enjoyed fun spankings since I was like 11. But I had never told my wife that I really like being spanked. After we had been married for a few years and there were kids well I realized I was not treating her as well as I should. Now I had not cheated even thought I may have thought about it but I still felt bad about how I had been acting and I knew she was not happy with me.
So while searching spanking sites on the Internet I came across the Disciplining Wives Club and after reading a lot there and other sites I realized that what I needed was to tell my wife she should spank me.
I wrote her a letter explaining how sorry I was for the way I had been treating her and told her that since I had been acting like a spoiled brat I should be treated like one and given a good hard spanking. We had a long talk, I told her that since I had made her cry with my behavior that she should make me cry as well. I had bought her a paddle and a hairbrush and gave them to her with some reading material from the Disciplining Wives Club so that she would see that I was serious about her punishing me. She did her own research about about domestic discipline and told me she was ready to spank me. She gave me a few pairs of very sissy girl panties and told me that from now on when I screwed up I would have to wear them and get a spanking. Then she pick a pair and told me to go take off my clothes and put on the panties and report to her in the tool shed behind the house.
I felt really embarrassed walking outside to the shed dressed only in pink panties hoping none of the neighbors would see me When I got there she was sitting on a chair waiting. She told me that everything she had read suggested that I must have wanted this for a long time and that she should give it to me good and that she was very mad at me and I was going to get it good. So that was how I got my first real spanking from my wife she spanked me damn hard and I had to use all my will to stay in place over her knee while she burned my butt real good. It hurt for three days after but I didn't cry that first time. After the spanking and after ever spanking I had to stay in the panties for 3 days. I could be dressed but I had to wear the panties to remind me to be a good boy. She decided I needed to be spanked regularly so for the first 6 months I was spanked at least once a week. There have been a few times that she has made me cry.
I don't get spanked as often now because she says I have changed for the good and treat her well now as I should have in the first place.
She also gives me fun spankings now and sometimes I spank her as well but only I get punishment spankings.
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are any of sexual or do they arouse you at all?

Love that moment when the command comes, get the crop, take your knickers off and bend over. The wait is always the worst, will it be a short sharp stroke or a full blooded swoosh and that lovely sensation of pain, then the pleasure feeling takes over, then the pain and so on. All too soon it is over but the warm feeling doesn't go and the anticipation of the next time keeps the memory alive.

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You're lucky! I often pleaded with my wife to spank me, but she never would. I know I deserved exactly what your wife gave you. I hope you thank her each time she spanks you. Why not ask her if she'll put you in a pretty apron and have you do all the housework for a few weeks?

It's possible you will be in for a very long spanking session once her arm is better..here's hoping..;)

I have asked her about that my sister in law could do a fine job of spanking me bottom. She is very strong and strong willed but my wife isn't sure she wants any other family members to know about me getting spanked.<br />
Her are will get better I just have to be a good boy. I am sure she is making a list.

She would be spanking me more but she hurt her arm and the last spanking she gave me hurt her more than me. She just can't spank with her other hand. To bad spanking machines are mostly a dream.<br />
Now there's a business idea.

perhaps you should be sent to another woman to give you what it is you obviously need.