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The First Spanking That My Wife Gave Me

Many years ago when we first married , i was always having very petty arguments with my wife one evening she said to me , i know what you need i did not think anyting about it untill a few weeks after when she said the same to me again to me , i asked her what the **** she was talking about she answered by saying its a pity your mom did not give you a good spanking when you behaved like a brat like you are doing now it might have taught you a lesson , if had been your mom and you behaved like you are doing now i'd have you over my knee with your pants down , the same as my mom spanked my brothers, she then asked me did you ever get spanked when you were a naughty boy , to which i replied quite often , my wife then said your mom should have spanked you a lot harder and a lot more often and then you might behave as a grown up instead of acting like a spoilt boy, i then answered her back well maybee she should have but i'm married to you now and what do you think you can do about it . she then stood up all 5' 4" inches of her walked over to me with her eyes glaring at me ,and said right iv'e had enough of your behavior from now on i'm going to do what you should have got from your mother more often and i hope it teaches you a lesson you won't forget . she then took hold of my arm pulled me up and dragged me over to a dining room chair pulled the chair out sat down and told me to drop my pants, for sum reason i did and was stood there butt naked in front of her next thing before i knew it she had pulled me over her knee and was spanking my *** as if there was no tommorow, this went on for ages or so it seemed i still thought it a bit of a joke allthough it did hurt quite a lot, but she then reached down and took her leather soled sandal off her foot and began spanking me with this as hard as she could it hurt like hell , but i thought i would brave it out and have the last laufgh how wrong was i, her sandal just kept beating down again and again on my bare backside in the end i was crying like a young boy . she then said get up and stand in the corner and let that be a lesson to you and the next time you behave like a brat you can expect the same but harder , off i went sobbing hardly able to speak trying to say how sorry i was .
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arpo7x1 arpo7x1 41-45, M 7 Responses Jun 29, 2012

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Like my mom did to me

Did you ever get so sexually excited when you were over her knee that you would *** on her and feel really ashamed but relieved?

Yes I did many times , I still do it now !

Sounds like she did a good job on your bottom. I am glad you learned from it. Husbands should be nice to their wife's and soundly spanked when they are not. I am glad she kept it up. I am sure you are a much better husband for it.

I sure am !

that was nice first spanking she gave you,my wife we got in fight an one thing lead to another an itw as like you would not dare an sure enough pants underware down over her knees for hairbrush wacking away at my *** at first it was ok but she keep at it an buring an then pain an then tears in eyes she blistered my bottom good she said just keep your pants an underware off an go do the dishes which the fight was about it felt good on my botom

I bet you do the dishes now ! after a spanking like that ! I know I sure would , does your wife spank you very often or only now and again ?

she spanks me often for sure an corner time

A regular spanking from the wife , keeps us men line don't you think ! I wonder what percentage of men are spanked by their partners !

yes i do agree regular spankings does make us obey more an dont question the wife for sure.yesterday the 4th july my daughter grand kids coming over for pool an cook out i was planting roses my wife got i came in get few things back out came in get something to drink back out when i was done came in an my wife was there with paddle in hand look at her an you neer took your boots off you track p mud all over the kitchen an the walk way t othe deck she said she just clean it omg i was in for it get them off now she was s omad beat my *** good an hands knees cleaning floor

A well deserved spanking. You knew better then to muddy her floor and especially on a holiday with family coming over. I am surprised you didn't get it again after they left.

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We're you into spanking before you met your wife ? Do you ever spank her ?

Yes for as long as I can remember I have always liked being spanked or the thought of it , never thought so at the time though I think its something to do with the thought of being spanked , I never have spanked my wife she is the spanker in our house , have you ever spanked your wife ?

I have spanked my wife a few times but she doesn't enjoy it. Its normally a very light spanking sometimes with a leather paddle.

How often does she spank you , does she enjoy giving you a good hiding ?

I get spanked once a week, normally a Tuesday which is a day we both take off as we're both self employed. I always look forward to it - she warms my bottom up first thing, she then gets ready which being a women takes hours and once ready she uses a leather paddle, hairbrush and normally anywhere from 140-200+ strokes of the cane. We then go for lunch and sometimes I'll get another spanking late afternoon before the daughter gets home from work. I get odd spankings throughout the week sometimes aswell. Not sure whether she enjoys it but she does it as she "loves me".

That caning sounds a bit harsh to me , I don't think I could stand that many strokes , not the way my wise does it anyway !

I prefer a long spanking rather than a hard and short one. The long caning are not full force strokes - hard but bearable. She will vary the punishment which may be 20 strokes with each cane and then she'll pick 3 canes and give me 10-20 really hard strokes which do get me squirming. There is no way I could take much more when she does it very hard.

What's a typical punishment from your wife ?

I Could not stand as many strokes of the cane as that as my wife does everything full on with great gusto , a typical punishment for me would be for me to stand in front of my wife , while she had a paddle or hairbrush in her hand and she would order me to drop my pants and underwear or she would yank them down herself. and then pull me over her knee bare bottomed for a hard and fast spanking with her hand as hard as she could do it , then it would be time for the paddle hairbrush or her leather soled slipper till I was sobbing and squirming about over her knee till she thought I had learnt my lesson , she would scold me all the time she spanked me, I have thought about jumping off her knee but I dare not so I just accept my spanking from my wife as I know I deserve it and she is doing it for my own good ! I know that she does enjoy putting me over her knee when I have misbehaved !!

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I love being spanked. For myself and my fiancee, it is a very tight bonding experience. We both become very aroused, by the whole session and have come to be very creative at it. For her-it is a complete release of frustration/anger. For myself, it is an absolute turn on. I feel this release of energy and go with it...

i too like the feeling after being spanked or the thought of it beforhand

sorry but i ran out off room for the last part of my story , that was the first spanking i got from my wife but it was no way the last, i have recieved many more over her knee when my good wife thought i needed one as i do this day,she always starts with her hand then uses a slipper or a sandal which ever she happens to be wearing at the time, i think this has kept me in line over the years ,