Sunday Afternoon Suprise

For a few years now my wife Anne will spank me when she thinks I need it. Until today, it was just our little secret. We went to lunch and while there we met up with another couple we've been friends with for years. Randy and I were cutting up during lunch and his wife told him he'd regret his behavior later. Anne and Sarah told us that they were going to ride together to our house after lunch and that we should get to the house and not waste any time getting there. We stopped by the sporting goods store before going home, (1st mistake). Ann & Sarah were waiting on us and were not very happy. They told us to sit down and proceeded to tell us that they had talked after Sarah's comment and found that they both used spankings for discipline. Sarah then looked to me and told me to go to my bedroom. As I got up, I heard Anne tell Randy to head to the guest room.
Sarah told me to drop my pants and bend over the bed, as I started to protest (2nd mistake) she cut loose on me with a multi whip cane. I couldn't comply fast enough, hoping that she would lighten up (3rd & biggest mistake). Sarah whipped me till I was sopping, first with the cane and then with a leather strap. As I danced and tried to get away, she reached between my legs, grabbed my balls and held me in place and whipped me some more. I have never been raveged so fiercely. I had whelps, bruises, and stripes on my *** and thighs. It'll be some time before I forget that beating.
I found out later that Randy fared much easier, and Sarah took him home and finished the job!!
Anne took lotion and rubbed me down to quell some of the pain, then we had a fantastic lovemaking session and afterward she told me she was going to take some lessons from Sarah.
Can't wait!!!
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my wife spanks me often for attitude mouth and not showing respect

My wife spanks me. One day she called me and told me to come over to John's house. He was an elderly gentleman friend of hers. When I got there she told me that she was going to spank me and that John was going to watch her spank me. They proceeded to take me upstairs to the spare bedroom. They must have planned this in advance. I had no idea she had ever told him she spanked me. He had a oval maple wood paddle sitting on the bed she picked it up and tapped her palm a few times with it while oowing over it and saying how pretty it looked. It was a very nice looking paddle. She sat on the bed and told me to take my pants down. I did as directed when John said what do you think of him wearing panties for his spanking. She thought for a second and said that sounded like a good idea. He told me there were a few pair in the bathroom. That I could pick whichever pair I wanted. He said to put them on and hurry back. Like I said they must have planned this in advance. There were five pair of panties there. I settled on a peach colored pair with a lacy top. I took a little while putting them on and coming back because this whole thing bothered me a little. I was nervous she was going to be upset that I took so long, but they were deep in conversation as to how she was going to spank me. She ordered me over her knee and began to paddle me as she scolded me. After a few minutes she stopped and lowered my panties while I was still over her lap. She told John that she liked to see my bottom while she spanked me and the paddling resumed. He was making comments like give him three on each cheek, spank him lower on his bottom towards his legs, now alternative spanks between his cheeks rapidly. Finally he told her to concentrate on my sitting area and to teach me a really good lesson. By this point I was a limp noodle over her lap and crying like a baby. She continued talking to him while I laid there crying. After I finished crying she told me to get up and go change back into my clothes, then I was to meet them in the kitchen for coffee. When I got there coffee was poured all around and they were discussing my spanking as if I wasn't even there. He watched her spank me a few times. He finally passed away a few year's ago.