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Caned By My Wife

Since puberty I have harboured a desire to cane and be caned. These desires remained private fantasies until my early 20's when I first plucked up courage to ask my girlfriend (who 35 years later is my wife) to cane me. At first she was reluctant but over the years has come to enjoy caning me as much as I enjoy being caned.

I'm a fairly dominant personality in my professional life but enjoy a change to a more submissive role at home where I do much more than my fair share of domestic duties, but while there is some pretence of domestic discipline caning for us is primarily about sexual gratification. Both of us get sexually aroused when my wife canes me and we sometimes combine it with other acts of foreplay as a prelude to intercourse, but by one means or another a caning always ends with sexual relief for me and sometimes for my wife.

These days I'm more highly sexed than my wife and she finds that a few strokes of the cane while I stimulate myself provides her with a quick and trouble free way to satisfy my "excessive" desires while I find this far more satisfying than solitary ************. Six to a dozen hard strokes does it for me and we indulge in this form of caning on average a couple of times a week.

We also enjoy more prolonged session which involves dressing up, the use of a caning horse and a number of different canes. We have settled on a pattern for this where I get 3 rounds of six hard stokes from 3 canes of different types (each of which provides a quite different experience) i.e. 54 strokes. In our earlier days I needed to be restrained over the horse to take this punishment, but of late I have learnt to stay in place without restraints, which I find more satisfactory. These session, which occur every 4 - 6 weeks, are very painful and leave me with welts and bruises, but I find the anticipation and after-effects, respectively, incredibly arousing and satisfying. The first few stokes are the hardest to bear but as the endorphins kick in I start to enjoy the pain and occasionally request a second set taking the session to 108 strokes.

I don't really understand what it is that I find so exciting about being caned. It is clearly a complex mixture of the psychological and physiological. I'd be interested and turned-on to discuss this further either her or privately by email with those who share my fascination in this subject.
jstanstead jstanstead 56-60 Jun 8, 2013

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