I Was Spanked By My Wife

I was about 30 and ran across some magazines about spanking and really was aroused.  At some point, I told my first wife about it but she did not seem interested.  Than one night, when we had come home from a get together with some friends at which there has been some wine, my wife got a little playful.  I had taken off my clothes to get ready for bed and was goofing around teasing her.  She had taken off her dress and bra and only was only wearing a pair of panties and had not yet taken off her boots.

She had a little buzz from the wine and said that she must look like one of the dominatrix I had seen in the magazine and said that she would spank me if I wanted.  I jumped at the chance.  She wanted to know what to spank me with.  I had a wooden clothes brush which I handed to her.  She told me to lie face down on the bed and she spanked me on the bare bottom with the clothes brush.

I was really in heaven.  It hurt but at the same time, I was really aroused.  She decided when to stop but it wasn't until she had given me about 50 swats.

That was the only time.  I asked her if she would spank me again sometime and she said that she really had to be in the mood.  She never was.  But at least I have that one memory.

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Very nice, hot. You would think our wives would do it again if they did it once, go figure. Mine spanked me real hard once after she had been out flirting with her group of girlfriends. She was all hot and wanted me to give it to her good, but I had got horny as usuall thinking about her messing with other guys an jerked off. That was the last time I did that to her. She was pissed an it hurt, even though it didn't last long enough. She has done it on occasion, but her heart wasn't in it. I'm thinking of things that might set her off again. Like being high, mad, when she is trying to satisfy me, when she thinks I deserve something special after I pleased her somehow. Got any ideas, we ought to all get together and help each other get the spanking we need?

Wow - the thought of being spanked outside really turns me on. My wife isn't that keen on spanking, but it is much more likely after a couple of drinks like you say. And having her hand the spanking implement to somebody else is also pretty erotic.<br />
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Going to have to try and engineer this soon!

i just like the feel of her hands on my backside.turns me on..

I can't explain the why - I gave up worrying about why things hit me as hot or not. Explaining to your wife is a bit easier. Yes, you risk the concept of her refusing or not enjoying or losing respect for you - but as I realized that I have fewer than 20 years of life left (hopefully healthy ones) I decided that I was going to go down swinging rather than silently "celibate".

how do you explain to your wife that every thing will be ok? that you enjoy being spanked.i really love it when my wife is strict with me. i only want to be spanked by her.but if she were to insist i took it from someone else,probably would. i have no idea why i want spanked so bad. whats up with that?

I yelled "No Way" as I turned took the belt from him and folded it in half. I handed it back to him and bent over. (seems sort of odd to say no, but make yes actions)<br />
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He was good. He had watched her, then gave me about exactly the same - I know I'd love for her to haul off and put as much into is she can ... one day - but I'm not ready to let him!

Nice! What was his reaction and how did you feel??

My wife gave me a bare-*** whipping in front of a stranger the other night... then she offered him the belt!

Great stories would love to hear more

Luara, i will try anything everywhere to get my wife to spank me. She always does it when we are on holiday and specially on game farms.

Markiee- I saw you had posted another story about being spanked/switched outdoors. Is being outdoors a turnon for your wife? Or do you have kids and can't have spanking play at home?<br />
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I haven't ever spanked my husband while camping and the suggestion hasn't come up. The few times we've gone, he takes effective command of what needs to be done and doesn't offer me any opportunity to spank him. Yet at home he leaves the toilet seat up. :-|

:) LOL markie! At least you didn't have to see the ladies again - and they seemed to have not been disgusted!<br />
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Matuzk - mood ... she didn't like it. I'm sorry for you as I recall being absolutely terrified that my wife would hate it and never want to try again. It held me off of asking for so long. (Now I just have to get it into her head that I'm willing to get whipped anytime she wants to whip - even if it turns out to be embarrassing like Markie's experience!)

Woodlaura, she has also spanked me on a camping trip the two of us went on a number of years ago. We went skinny dipping and when we came out I complained about being cold and wet. She sat down on a fallen tree turned me over her knee, burned me up and dried me off all at the same time. When she let me up I was dry and at attention when we heard 2 ladies that looked to be in there 60's in a canoe on the lake saying "it looks like he really enjoyed that". Unbenonced to us we had two witnesses to my bare bottomed spanking. How embarrassed I was.

Does your wife have any fantasies, things she'd like to try or games she'd like to play? Maybe you two can trade a fantasy for spanking?<br />
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My husband admitted his fantasies about spanking to me early in our relationship and I tried it because I want him to be happy. It got so I enjoy smacking his bottom until it's red and at least a little sore.

When my wife has a little too much to drink she loves to ***** me put me over her knee and spank some color into my nether cheeks. She has also started creaming me then put me over her lap squeezed me between her knees and spanked the *** out of me as I bounced up and down.