I Was Spanked By My Wife

I was about 30 and ran across some magazines about spanking and really was aroused.  At some point, I told my first wife about it but she did not seem interested.  Than one night, when we had come home from a get together with some friends at which there has been some wine, my wife got a little playful.  I had taken off my clothes to get ready for bed and was goofing around teasing her.  She had taken off her dress and bra and only was only wearing a pair of panties and had not yet taken off her boots.

She had a little buzz from the wine and said that she must look like one of the dominatrix I had seen in the magazine and said that she would spank me if I wanted.  I jumped at the chance.  She wanted to know what to spank me with.  I had a wooden clothes brush which I handed to her.  She told me to lie face down on the bed and she spanked me on the bare bottom with the clothes brush.

I was really in heaven.  It hurt but at the same time, I was really aroused.  She decided when to stop but it wasn't until she had given me about 50 swats.

That was the only time.  I asked her if she would spank me again sometime and she said that she really had to be in the mood.  She never was.  But at least I have that one memory.

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I use spanking only as a method of reminding my husband of short comings. After a spanking session he becomes pliant. I am thinking of initiating a monthly spanking session to remind him that a thinking thoughtful man is what I seek.

This story is incredibly similar to my experience. My wife knows i love a good spanking and obliged maybe a dozen times....then there was one night when she really took the dominatrix act on board and we had an incredible experience. She has never spanked me since...even going so far as to calling me sick...... I'll post the full story in a couple of days.....

I get spanked for not going to church on Sundays and other holidays. I got loving it.

I get spanked for not going to church on Sundays and other holidays. I got loving it.

Let her know that some men just need to be spanked. Why? I don't know why but I do know that somw of us need that feeling. <br />
It has brought my wife and my self much closer than ever before.<br />
Let her visit the Disciplinary Wives Club.com <br />
This site spells it out very well<br />
Good luck

Great story! Are you still together? Have you tried any hints or have you offered to spank her? Just wondering.