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Spanked Slave Husband

My wife spanks me from the day we started dating.She spanked me first when I reached very late on her birthday party and told me that she will never allow me to do this kind of instance.When she does, she starts with her hand, then move up to a 2 inch wide belt. After she has warmed up, she then goes through a variety of leather paddles. Finally she finishes up with the old Hairbrush. She usually take her time, stopping between each toy, allowing the feeling to come back so I really feel the next one.As she earns more than me so from the day of wedding night she has not done any domestic work.It is me who do all the chores of house and she wears pants in our family.She spanks me when ever she feel it is necessary for me.As she has been spanking from last 25 years and from last 10 years she never hesitated to spank me in front of our two daughters.She explains reason for this that my daughter will learn how to dominate their husbands.Thank GOD and my elder 24 years old daughter who has married 2 years back and she had taken all the control over husband.Once my daughter along with husband came to our home at night and my mistress was spanking me and she did not stopped even in the presence of our son in law.
After she is finished, my son in law came to me when I was assigned chores to do around the house that i complete still naked.My son in law helped me in house chores and told me that he too gets spanking daily from my daughter.When along with my son in law served them Bear both laughed on us.When they drink for more than 2 hours they get aroused both came in mood of spanking.My wife and daughter both started spanking us and when they get tired my mistress pissed into my mouth. I am spanked some more and made to
complete the chore properly. She also love to take a bubble bath while I do chore, and then allows me to paint her nails. I am also allowed to please her while getting no relief for myself.
Most of the time my wife has reasons for spanking me, and she will write them down so as not to forget. She then presents me with the list, and after each reason, is the number of swats that I will receive. But sometime she will just need to take out her frustrations on me, and those are usually the worst. But she always is in control, and never goes too far.I am just slave of my mistress.

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Haha do u have problems or some thing cos if my wife ever hit me I would show her who's boss ( I'm 12)

My case is a bit different as it is my mother who keeps me in strict control. While i don't have any daughters (obviously) she certainly punishes me in front of others. In particular her friend, who i have to call Auntie Joan, and her daughter, Ms Lucy. Ms Lucy is 8 years younger than i am but she has always been treated as if she were older - later bedtimes, helping with my bath and so on. And now that she is 16 and therefore regarded by Mummy and Auntie Joan as a woman, she babysits me at least once a week. She often baths me and puts me to bed even earlier than Mummy does.

Agree with the others - you have the sort of lifestyle I crave - My wife is not naturally dominant so I need to persuade her to spank me. I would love to exchange places with you!

Agree with the others - you have the sort of lifestyle I crave - My wife is not naturally dominant so I need to persuade her to spank me. I would love to exchange places with you!