My Wife Spanks Me

My Wife has spanked me for years. She's very strict & dominant, & expects nothing less than total obedience & respect from me.


I obey Her without question. She is 100% in control of me & our marriage.

I learned if I wanted to be with Her, that She was going to be in charge, I was going to obey Her without question & be disciplined & punished when She saw fit, & I had one of two choices if I stayed with Her, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & it didn't matter to Her which I chose, for I was going to obey Her if I was going to be with Her. Once She took over & I accepted it, there was no more discussion or going back.

She took control & my spankings/paddlings started on our wedding night. She wanted to make it quite clear from the beginning who was in charge, & it wasn't to be me. On our wedding night She took me over Her lap & paddled me with Her hairbrush before we actually consummated our marriage by making love. In fact to my Wife, the actual consummation of our marriage was Her paddling me & taking charge, not in making love. That was no light little session either. By the time She was finished paddling me, (30 minutes later, She timed that one), my bottom was deep red to deep purple, heavily bruised, I was begging Her to stop through my tears & sobbing, & I was hoarse from crying. She put me in the corner & told me to get used to it, for She was in charge & that's how it was going to be. She had Her priorities in order from the beginning. The entire week we were on our honeymoon, & the rest of the first month of our marriage, each day began & ended with me over Her lap getting spanked & spending time crying in the corner, not including when She needed to punish me for something, the morning & evening sessions were just to remind me who was in charge. Each session, for punishment or as a reminder ended with me in tears & begging my Wife to stop, & it's been that way every time for nearly 26 years now. My Wife shows no mercy & cuts no corners when spanking/paddling me, for any reason.

When we were first married & I was learning Her rules, I was spanked by Her at least once a day, every day for falling short of Her rules & expectations, & usually 2-3 times a day on average just for that, not including the regular maintenance sessions each day. It took about six months for me to get to where it was an average of once a day merely for punishment, & about ten months before it was less than once a day for that. My Wife was & is extremely strict & does not let anything slide, no matter how minor it may seem to others. There were also a minimum of 3 days a week, (usually 4-5), after the first month that each day began & ended with my being over Her lap & every night I was over Her lap, for the first year of our marriage as She molded me into the "obedient little boy" that She wanted as a husband. My Wife let me know She wasn't going to tolerate what She considered "typical male behavior" & She was determined to & would break me of those faults. She made it very clear that She preferred & would have a "Good, docile, submissive & obedient little boy for a husband rather than an overly macho man that would try to assert his male 'authority'.", as She put it Herself. She so much as told me that the biggest reason that She married me, (besides loving me), is that She could tell I would be easy to train, dominate & control, & that's exactly what She was looking for in a man. She said that if I hadn't been so easily trainable & controllable, we would never have gotten married.

 I get a weekly discipline session every Sunday to remind me of who is in charge in our marriage, ensure that I remain Her "obedient & good little boy", & because She knows being a man, that I've done something wrong that She didn't know about. I also get unannounced random spankings during the week, (at the very least 2-3 a week extra, usually 4-5), for the same reason that I had to have done something wrong. Even after 25 years of marriage, I still fall short at least once a month, (usually more often, an average of 4-5 times a month), & receive the full fledged punishment spankings as well. There is no begging, no pleading, & no negotiating when She feels I need to be spanked or paddled. It will happen. She uses Her hand, a hairbrush, a paddle or a belt, depending on what I have done. She will also use mouth soaping if She feels it's needed as well as corner time, (corner time is a given, no matter why I am spanked).

Weekly discipline session are always a minimum of 50 swats, unless I have needed to be punished the week prior, & then it's an additional 10 swats for each time She's had to punish me. Random spankings are a minimum of 25 swats, often more, & ones for punishment start at 100 swats & can go higher, (depending on the nature of the offense), to a maximum of 300 swats.

 My wonderful Wife is a firm believer that men are nothing more than "overgrown little boys" that need the strict, firm & loving hand of a Woman, be it their Mother, their Wife, or another woman that the man has consented to being disciplined by to discipline, correct, punish, & guide them into what they should be.

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My girlfriend got furious with me because I had seriously flirted with a girl at work and she found out. She told me that I had a choice of sleeping in the spare bedroom for as long as she wanted me to or submit to a spanking. I thought she was kidding so I chose the spanking. She then told me that she'd inform me when it would take place. I was forced to spell in the spare room that night and then next and on the third day she told me that I would receive my spanking that night. When I got home that evening I was told that I would not have any dinner. I was told to report to the room she used as an office and to remove my jeans. I went to the office and took my jeans off. She then entered the room and told me to remove my underpants and then she led me over to her desk and told me to bend over the desk. She left the room for a moment and came back in and walked in front of the desk to show me a wide leather strap with a handle on the end. She told me that she had borrowed this from one of her girlfriends and was going to get one of her own. She then told me she was going to give me 25 lashes with the strap and that I was to count them out. She then asked if I was ready. I said I was. There was a pause for what seemed like minutes and then the first lash was laid across my bare butt. I said "One" and was told to say "One mistress." The crack of the belt was loud and each lash stung. She was slow and steady which told me she had planned this all out. After the 25th stroke. She told me that I would now thank her for my punishment which I did because I feared if I didn't she'f keep on. I went to straighten up and she ordered me to stay. She then rubbed some baby oil on my burning butt and told me to put my clothes on and stand and face her. I felt like I was frozen. I couldn't make myself not do what she said. She then told me that from then on she would use punishment to discipline me and it would be spanking with a strap or a belt. She also told me that henceforth whenever I was to be whipped she would tell me in advance and expected me to go to her office, prepare myself and be bent over the desk when she appeared. Then she informed me that on nights when I was tone punished I would also be required to be wearing a pair of her panties which she would choose and leave out for me to put on. I didn't mind the panties because from the first she had told me she was kinky and wanted me to wear her panties sometimes when we had sex.
Since then I have been spanked several times. It hurts but I have also gotten turned on by it and now usually get an erection whenever I have to get ready to be whipped.
Whenever we go away she has me pack the strap or a belt in case she decides to spank me. Once we were at her sister's and she decided I needed to be spanked but I had not brought the strap or the belt she sometimes used. She told me I was to be spanked and to go to the room we were in and get the strap and get ready. When I told her I neglected to bring the strap she had me follow her into the kitchen where she asked her sister if she had a strap or a belt because she needed one to punish me. I was beet red but her sister seemed to get it. She told my girlfriend that she had a wide belt that she used on her three teens and that she was welcome to try it. She went and produced the belt which my girlfriend ordered me to take and bring it to the bedroom. When we got there she asked if I was wearing panties and I was so I was sort of ready. I had to drop my jeans and bend over the bed. She then pulled the panties down and proceeded to I've me 20 hard strokes with the belt. Her sister was very interested and I heard them talking about it later. Her sister wanted to watch a whipping so she could maybe start using that kind of punishment on her own boyfriend. The night before we left was the night. I had to bend over a chair in the living room for the spanking with the same belt. Her sister was surprised when she saw the panties but said they looked cute on me. My girlfriend explained that usually I have to pull them down but for tonight I could keep them on for the spanking.

I can relate to that.
My wife has been spanking my bare bottom since she did it the first time on our 6 months anniversery.
She is a firm believer in spanking as discipline for my naughty behavior.
She bought an old fashioned straight back chair that she sits on when I am going to be spanked.
She scolds and lectures me before I have to go over her knees and she makes me feel so ashamed of myself.
Then I have to stand in front of her with my hands on my head while she takes my pants and underwear down to my ankles.

Then it is over her knees and once I am firmly in the right position, she grabs my free hand and twists it up my back.
Having total control of me, my strict wife starts spanking my bare bottom very hard with the bathbrush and never lets me of her knees until I am sobbing like a naughty little boy.

I am always sent to the corner after my spankings to think about my behavior and why I was spanked.
There I have to stand for half an hour with my red bottom on display and I feel so ashamed and humiliated.

She has used this kind of punishment for 9 years now and even though it hurts like the devil when she spanks me, I have the deepest respect for her.
She has given me the discipline I so deeply need and I am thankfull for her to do this to me.

It's nice to know I'm not the only man who is punished by his wife.
I've been married to the most wonderful woman for 27 years. Like your wife she made it quiet clear who was in charge. I was also given a spanking with a hairbrush on our wedding night.
She's very fair. She doesn't punish me all the time. Only when I deserve it.
I love her dearly. She's my best friend.

My wife/mistress hangs me naked from a ceiling hook when I am to be whipped. Which is often. Her theory is that showing mercy is a sign of weakness which I may take advantage of. If I disobey or irritate her I am questioned and sentenced to whatever punishment she decides. Once sentence has been passed it is carried out in full and mercy is never shown. In her opinion male disobedience is a serious offence which will not be tolerated under any circumstances. When asked for my reasons for an offence if she suspects my answers to be lies or stupid my punishment is increased.

Its about time for all wives to take this approach. all men need a strict woman to teach them to behave, and have them do the housework!

My wife was the same way. She was i control and if i didn't like it, there was the door. We went out for several months before telling me i was to obey her or else. On our wedding night, i gave her a present, a pearl necklace. She smiled and pulled out a box for me. I opened it. It was a cat-o-nine-tails. After that night, i knew she was in charge but that was ok.

My wife says the same thing. Women have right and authority to discipline men<br />
just like kids.<br />
I get spanked two three times a week and<br />
then once a week maintenance spanking<br />
to make sure I know my place.<br />
This started gradually in our marriage and<br />
became permanent. I used to get excited<br />
during session. No I enjoy it as a habit.<br />
I don't think I have other choice.

I think you are a lucky guy to have a no-none sence wife my wife spanks me once in a while but not as much as shev should.

To answer the questions & straighten out a few things, first of all it's not fake & yes, up to 300 swats. One develops a tolerance over time, & it's the type of swat as well that can affect how many one can take. Hard & intense swats won't add up to 300, but steady ones can. You don't even notice the effects of the constant steady ones until the next day, when you find sitting is all but impossible.<br />
<br />
You people who doubt this likely have never actually been spanked & live vicariously through the fantasy of it.

Oh Marie; Like you I received a lengthy spanking on our wedding night and am still being turned over her knee as needed. I am spanked till I am bawling like a spoiled little brat then put in the corner pantries still down. My wife spanks me when ever and where ever. It can be so embarrassing being drug over her knee in front of others having my pants pulled down getting my bare bottom publicly spanked. Robin