Real Vs Erotic Spankings

Although I absolutely love our FLR and almost everything that comes with it, ie: Mistress has total authority, I must obey her every whim, she uses T&D almost daily, she controls our finances, and the rest, there is one thing that scares the hell out of me. A real punishment type spanking!  A light little play big deal. The real thing when she's mad...different story. Mistress knows how to make her point so I do my best not to provoke her into spanking me. Her method is she first tells me to get naked and report back to her. By the time I get back she has her leather riding crop in hand, ( I don't know where she keeps it...somewhere in the kitchen I think ). Then I'm ordered to get down on my knees with my naked butt in the air and my forehead on the carpet. Ten or so seconds later the whipping begins. Slowly, one strike every 3 - 4 seconds o so and I must count them out load. Depending on my infraction I may get 50+ swats, and they hurt! When she is done I get a half hour of corner time and I'm not allowed to touch or rub my burning butt. I am then sent to bed for the evening, no matter what time it is or what activities I had planned. To make matters worse we don't have a TV or any other entertainment in the bedroom, so if it's early I just sit on the bed and think about how stupid I was to upset Mistress. I'm learning and spankings are getting less frequent, ( last one was just before the new year, 60+ days ago ). I hope there isn't a next one, but I know eventually I'll screw up again and earn one...oh well, life goes on!

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Cigysub, that's true!

Oh, Crystal, there are so many things in the world we don't understand. Someone else loves what you don't. We are not all the same. A good thing!

Dear Crystal, I love it when my wife is dominant in the 'bedroom'.

Thanks for your interest Crystal. I appreciate it!

Thanks Crystal! Did you read some of my stories?

Crystal, very interesting point / question!<br />
My wife spanks me consensual, mostly as foreplay. Sometimes I get a punishment spanking.I am dominant, but it is erotic and calming to give up control to her, mostly in the bedroom.