A Helping Hand (fantasy)

My name is Graham and I'm 12. I'm in my first year of high school. I want to tell you about my English teacher, Mr Ross. He's also my home class teacher, and teaches Social Studies as well, so I see a lot of him.

He's a very popular teacher, and all the boys like him. Somehow he and I get on really well on a personal level, and he was showing a great interest in everything I told him.

I love his form of discipline. The boys don't muck around much, but if they're late for class without a good excuse, or haven't done their homework, he doesn't get angry or bad tempered. He just smiles and tells the boy he needs a hand. When a boy is told he 'needs a hand' he knows he has to come out to the front of the room. Mr Ross then puts his chair in the middle of the platform and sits down. The boy has to lie down over Mr Ross' lap and he spanks them with about 15 smacks. He then asks the boy what he's learned. The boy usually has a red face, but grins, and says something like, "to do my homework."

Unfortunately for me I'm the sort of boy who is always on time and does his homework. I saw many boys get a spanking, and I was feeling a bit left out. I decided to do something that would cause Mr Ross to "give me a hand." Every Monday he checks our diaries. If it isn't signed by a parent over the weekend Mr Ross "gives you a hand." Most boys have learned very quickly to get their diary signed so it is a rare event. One Monday I told Mr Ross that I had left my diary home, but that it wasn't signed. Actually, it was, because my parents always check it carefully.

Mr Ross, as I expected, told me I needed a hand. My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I regretted my action very much. It wasn't just the spanking; it was the embarrassment of walking to the front with every pair of eyes looking at you, then lying down over Mr Ross' lap to be given a little boy's punishment, and finally walking back with all those faces grinning at you. I walked the long walk to the front while Mr Ross shifted his chair to the middle, feeling all those eyes burning into my back. My heart was racing as I lay down over his lap. I didn't dare look at the class, but I knew all the boys would be concentrating their focus on the seat of my shorts.

Then a miracle happened. I made an incredibly wonderful discovery. As soon as the spanking started, I felt an exhilarating sensation. Although the smacks stung, it was a sensation of utterly wonderful warmth that made my bottom glow with pleasure, and which made its way to my willie like an electric current. I gasped audibly with surprise and enjoyment, which the boys probably mistook for pain. I realised in a flash that 'getting a hand' from Mr Ross was a very great joy indeed!

As the spanking went on I blocked out all further thoughts and concentrated my consciousness on the increasingly delicious heat in my bottom. Each smack sent shock waves of pure joy into my willie.

It ended all too soon, and before I knew it I said "Thank you Sir." A moment later I was heading back to my seat among the grinning faces. The lovely warm sensation lasted quite a while.

A few days later the weather started to get colder, and my mother said I would need long trousers for the winter. I knew this was coming, so I protested with all my might. I told her all the other boys were wearing shorts (quite untrue, it was about 50:50). I said I was smaller than the other boys (quite untrue), that longs were far more expensive, and that I hated longs (quite true). My mother said if I were quite sure she'd get them.

Next Saturday we went to the boyswear department, and my mother and I looked at the short school trousers. There were 2 sorts; one cheap and nasty, with very short legs, the other made of shiny grey corduroy with posh looking longer legs. They looked very strong and hard wearing, but they were also twice the price!

My mother went for the cheap ones, saying I wouldn't be wearing shorts for much longer anyway. I protested vigorously, saying that I wanted good quality and a smart look. My mother picked both types from the rack and handed them to me for trying on in the fitting room. I tried on the cheap pair and came out looking very unhappy. I pulled them up very high so they would look even shorter and complained that they didn't feel good.

Back in the fitting room I pulled off the cheapies and threw them on the ground. With a palpitating heart I pulled up the corduroy pair. I looked in the mirror and gasped with joy. They fitted perfectly! The beautifully creased legs came down to about an inch above my knees. I turned around to see the back. Once again I gasped. The corduroy was ironed into two sharp creases coming together just under the elastic waist. It made my bottom look very attractive! I thought of Mr Ross and how much I needed a hand with these beautiful shorts. I rubbed my hands over my buns and an electric shock went through my ***** as I felt the soft, yet firm corduroy. I groaned with pleasure and my **** went very hard. I quickly rubbed it for a few second before showing the wonderful shorts to my mother. I put on a bright smile and announced that this is what was needed.

My mother looked a bit worried, and said, "these corduroy shorts are nearly as expensive as long trousers."

A bitter feeling of disappointment threatened to spoil my joy.

"OK Mum, I'll pay half out of my pocket money."

She shrugged, and said in a resigned voice, "Well, if that's what you want."

"Can I wear them now?"

The assistant told me I could wear them, and my mother paid. I never had to pay any pocket money.

When I got to school next morning, a few boys admired my new shorts.

"Wow, posh new dacks, Graham."

"I thought you'd be going into long pants, Graham."

"Whered'ye get them fancy knickers, Graham?"

A couple of boys felt the material with their fingers. I enjoyed that immensely.

I couldn't wait for Mr Ross to arrive. He unlocked the door and let us in.

"Look, Sir, at what I'm wearing," I said to him when most of the boys were inside.

"Let's have a look at you, Graham. Hm, very beautiful. Exceptionally smart. A marvellous fit. You're a very lucky boy, Graham. Turn around. Yes, a perfect fit." He patted my bottom and then ran his hand up and down the back of my shorts. I felt very happy indeed.

I had already made up my mind that I would make sure I got a spanking in my new cords. When my turn came to show my diary I said that I'd forgotten to get it signed.

"Do you want a hand with your new trousers?" Mr Ross said, with a smile. I could hear chuckling in the room.

"Yes Sir." There was a gasp from all the boys.

I was so excited I stumbled on the platform and nearly fell on top of Mr Ross, who was ready on his chair.

Everyone laughed and Mr Ross grinned. I lay down in a wildly ecstatic sate, and my anticipation was not disappointed. I had the idea that he spanked harder than last time, because there was more stinging. But this made the thrilling sensation of delicious heat all the more intense, and I thought Mr Ross was the most wonderful person in the world. I tried to imagine my new corduroy shorts being spanked, and this made my willie go wild. I remember saying to myself that I should remember these moments, because they were the most thrilling in my life so far. I listened to the smacks and thought to myself, "this is the noise Mr Ross is making on your new cord shorts, Hooray!"

To make things better, Mr Ross gave me twice as many as normal. I guess it was because I told him I wanted a hand.

I was feeling so thrilled and elated that I hoped it would never stop. Finally Mr Ross stopped and I stood up. "Thanks for giving me a hand on my new trousers, Sir."

Everyone laughed, especially Mr Ross.

When I was sitting down again, he said, "show me your diary, Graham."

"Oh my God, I thought. Now what do I do?"

"I've left it home, Sir."

"See me after school. please Graham."

I thought I was going to get another spanking, which was a wonderful prospect. I passed the day in a state of excitement, enjoying the delicious warm feeling in my bottom, rubbing my shorts with my hands, and anticipating the joy of getting spanked again.

When I saw Mr Ross after school, he told me to give him my school bag. "Oops, I thought. Now I'm in trouble."

My diary was right on top, and Mr Ross opened it at the week before. He showed me my mother's signature.

"Did you forget about this, Graham?" he asked, grinning.

I could feel my face turning scarlet. "Oops, sorry, Sir. My mother must have signed it without telling me."

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him. He stroked my shorts and said, "fantastic corduroy trousers, Graham. Where did you get them?"

"Myers, Sir."

He went on rubbing the back of my shorts.

"Listen, Graham, I've been thinking abut you a lot. I feel you are a very talented boy but it's not coming out in your work. I think I need to give you a hand to help you improve your work. Would you be prepared to pop into my home on the weekend and let me give you a hand to improve your work? I am willing to do this because I think you deserve it."

My heart started racing uncontrollably fast. What exactly did he mean? So far 'giving a hand' had meant only one thing: a spanking. Did he mean he wanted to give me what I craved for? Or was he really talking about helping me with my homework etc.?

I stared at him, in desperate doubt. I certainly didn't want to give up my weekend time for schoolwork! And I doubted very much that I had special talents.

Mr Ross saw my doubt, and he said, very slowly and clearly, "The rule is that you come in school uniform, dressed as you are right now. Do you understand, Graham?" As he said, "dressed as you are now" he patted my shorts.

I was beginning to think more and more that I must be dreaming. My willie thought Mr Ross meant exactly what I hoped for, and sprang to life. It tented my shorts and Mr Ross' yes wandered down to it momentarily.

"Do you mean ... ?"

"I mean that I am going - give - you - a - hand," he said emphatically, and when he said "hand" he gave my shorts quite a hard slap.

As the realisation hit me I drew breath very deeply, and I "Yes SIR, I'd be very grateful if you gave me a hand, Sir. I really need it, and I'm sure it will really improve my work. Thank you very much indeed, Mr Ross. And I'll be wearing my uniform. I won't forget."

We discussed the time and date, and Mr Ross told me where he lived. It wouldn't take me long on the bike.

As I walked out of the room, he called after me, "Oh, and Graham, don't forget to bring a few school books."

The first thing I did after getting on my bike was to head for the nearby soccer field where there was a public toilet, and sit down to rub my hard **** through the corduroy material of my shorts. I looked down at my new shorts, which was enough to cause an ****** by itself, but when I thought that these very shorts had been spanked earlier that day (I could still feel a faint afterglow), and that I would get extra spankings from Mr Ross in these wonderful shorts, I came in an amazingly short time.

That evening I wore my school trousers to bed, as I couldn't bear to take them off. But that meant I couldn't fall asleep until I had flogged myself again.


Next Saturday afternoon I got on my bike and rode to where Mr Ross lived. I had told my parents that Mr Ross was going to do some coaching, and they were quite happy about that. My mother worked on Saturdays afternoon, and my father always disappeared then, heavens knows where.

I kept glancing proudly at my shiny, soft and sexy school shorts, which I loved intensely. My mother had bought another pair so I would have a spare pair when one pair was being washed.

I had worn them to bed every night, but the wonderful thing was that they were crease resistant, so they always looked fresh and smart.

Of course I felt nervous and excited. What if I'd misunderstood Mr Ross? Oh well, I'd get a boring lesson. But that would be very disappointing.

I arrived at least ten minutes early, and rang the bell. Mr Ross appeared with a big smile, and shook my hand and welcomed me inside. "Welcome, Graham, welcome," he said with a big smile. "Come and have a cup of tea first."

We sat in the kitchen and drank tea and ate a delicious cake. But I was getting fidgety as I wanted to get down to business. He stood up, and said, "well, let's do some school work. Come into my office Graham."

My heart started racing again, and I thought joyfully about getting a "hand" from Mr Ross.

The first thing I noticed about his office was that there was a chair right in the middle of the room. The next thing I noticed was a large desk, and lots of big mirrors on various parts of the walls.

Mr Ross sat down on the chair and invited me to stand next to him. I could see us reflected dozens of times in all the mirrors. He put his hand on the seat of my shorts, and said, "before we start, Graham. I have to ask you to keep our meetings here strictly to yourself. I don't want every boy in the class asking for help with their schoolwork. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Do you promise not to tell anyone what happens in here?"

Yes Sir, I promise." I was only too happy to promise, and I had no intention of telling anyone that I enjoyed being spanked.

"What do I tell me parents?"

"Show me one of your school books, Graham."

I got out my English exercise book. He stood up and walked to the chair behind his desk. He got out a red pen and started reading through my last homework exercise. He talked for a few minutes abut how to write essays effectively, and commented on some grammatical errors. He gave me quite a good 10 minutes of coaching.

"Now, Graham, do you want a hand to help you remember all that?"

"Yes Sir, absolutely. Thanks a lot, Sir."

By now I was feeling so excited my voice was trembling and the craving to bend over his lap was unbearable.

He walked to his chair in the middle of the room - he seemed to be walking in slow motion - and without us saying anything I lay down over his lap, hungry for a spanking. I remembered the mirrors and looked at them. I got a perfect view of myself lying in spanking position. There were even mirrors on the ceiling, and everything was tilted in such a way that wherever you looked you could see my new, shiny corduroy shorts waiting for a hand to give them what they needed so badly.

Mr Ross didn't start immediately. I could see and feel his hand rubbing voluptuously over my bottom.

"Thank you for wearing these stunningly beautiful shorts, Graham. I really love them. Shall I give them a hand?"

"Yes, Sir, please give them your strong, hard hand!"

And the spanking started. I could see Mr Ross' arm going up and down, and his hand crashing down on the two bumps in my shorts. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. The stinging was intense, but so was the thrilling heat in my bottom, which was sending molten lava into my ****. I stared at the seat of my shorts, wanting to spank it too, wanting it harder, faster. I realised then that the most beautiful thing in the world was a pair of corduroy school shorts lying over a lap, and being spanked with a big, strong hand. "Harder, faster," I willed the hand in the mirror. The more intensely I willed the hand to spank me hard, the more intense the bliss in my bottom.

After a couple of minutes Mr Ross stopped. I stood up and he hugged me to him with his hand on my bottom - a thing he did from then on.

"How was that, Graham?"

"That was really wonderful Sir. Thank you very much."

"Do you think it helped you remember what I told you?"

"Oh no, Sir. That wasn't nearly enough. I need a lot more, Sir. My shorts need a lot more hand on them, Sir. I'd be grateful if you could help me some more, Sir."

I lay down over his lap again, and the spanking resumed. I'm sure Mr Ross was doing it harder now, to see what I could take. I felt that I could take it a lot harder. The stinging feeling was exquisite. Once again I willed the hand in the mirror to do it harder. Before I realised it I was actually saying it. "Harder, faster."

To my great joy this worked, and I was now experiencing a stinging pain that was on the edge of unbearable, but just so far under it that it was pure bliss. As I watched the seat of my shorts being spanked mercilessly, I felt so lucky to be wearing those stunning school shorts, and to have them being spanked by this wonderful teacher whom I liked so much. I felt then that I was the luckiest boy in the world. It felt as if the shorts were a part of me, and that the smacks falling on them were honey sweet gifts being given to my short trousers.

"Are you enjoying this Sir?"

He stopped spanking me and pulled me up. Then he pulled me towards him so I ended up sitting on his lap.

"Graham, I want you to know that you are a truly wonderful boy. I am very fond of you, and I really enjoy giving you a hand with your school work." He showed me his hand, which was quite red.

"Thank you Sir, I can't tell you how happy I am to be getting your hand on the seat of my trousers, Sir. I am thrilled that you like my short trousers, and that you enjoy applying your hand to them. I hope very much that you're going to give me lots of help with my school work, and that I can keep coming here."

He hugged me when I'd finished saying that.

"I've got a little gift for you, Graham. I found these in the boys' changing room and there's no name in them."

He opened the drawer of his desk and showed me a pair of navy blue corduroy school shorts.

I flushed as I looked at them, feeling embarrassed at his kindness. I had often wanted blue corduroy shorts.

"Can I try them on, Mr Ross?"

"Ah, I was hoping you'd say that, Graham."

"Can you give me a hand with these shorts, Sir."

He laughed out loud, and said, "absolutely, my boy."

I took off my shorts and underpants and put on the new shorts and stood in the middle where all the mirrors were focused. As I saw myself, tears began to form. These shorts were unbelievably beautiful! And sexy! I turned around and around, and felt the lovely soft but strong material. They were made for me!

"Thank you Sir, I said softly, with my voice quivering.

Mr Ross pulled me over to sit on his lap again, and said, "I'm glad you like my little present. Actually I told you a fib. I bought these especially for you. But that's our little secret, right?"

I nodded. "Could you please give me a hand with these shorts, Mr Ross.?"

I climbed off his lap and lay down over it. He started off by rubbing the back of my new corduroy shorts. "Do you like the feel of them, Sir?"

"Yes, Graham, corduroy is a favourite material of mine. I used to wear corduroy shorts all the time when I was a boy. Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes Sir, I love it when you do that. In fact I'd love it if you felt the material all over my shorts, Sir."

"Thank you Graham. Well, I'd better give you a hand with your new shorts."

He started spanking me again, and once again I was in a state of rapture as I felt and saw my new shorts being lovingly spanked. I felt my hard **** rubbing on the lining of the shorts. In my mind were only two things: the rapturous stinging in my bottom and the sight of those exquisite school shorts receiving their initiation. I suddenly noticed that I was moving my pelvis to and fro, causing my ***** to thrust forward and backwards. I was groaning with pleasure by now, but not reaching a climax.

Mr Ross stopped spanking me.

I stood up and Mr Ross said, "I need a rest. Come and sit on the sofa, Graham."

We walked over to a sofa at the side, and Mr Ross sat down. He pulled me across his lap again. "Do you like these shorts, Graham?"

"Yes, Mr Ross. I love them as much as my own shorts. Thanks so much for them."

"They feel so good, Graham," he said as he put his hands on my bottom."

"I love it when you rub your hands on them, Mr Ross."

We both had a lovely time while he rubbed all over the back of my shorts, and sometimes he'd start spanking me again.

"You haven't felt the front yet, Sir."

I turned around so I lay on my back.

Mr Ross started Rubbing my trouser legs first, and then in between. "Go on, Sir," I whispered. "All over Sir."

His hand went to my fly, where my hard **** was throbbing. He started gently rubbing it.

"Harder, Sir, harder," I groaned.

The rubbing became harder, and I groaned, "Yes Sir, Yes, Sir!"

I put my hand on top of his to make it go harder and faster. Finally I came, and I finished the rubbing myself.

I lay there exhausted for a few moments, and then got up.

I took off my blue corduroy shorts and put on my underpants and grey shorts. By that time I was already feeling the thrill of putting on a pair of beautiful shorts.

"Same time next week, Sir?"

"That would be great, Graham. Thank you very much for coming and I hope you'll remember what I've taught you."

"I'm Sure I will, Sir. See you on Monday'"

On Monday I wore my corduroy shorts, but Mr Ross didn't comment. In fact he hardly looked at me or spoke to me. I was a bit miffed, but I had Saturday to look forward to, so I wasn't worried about it.

Only one boy got spanked that week. I watched it with a very stiff ***** and thought about how I would be getting a lot more and a lot harder than this boy. When the boy walked back to his desk it occurred to me that he seemed to have a satisfied look, and I wondered whether any other boys were excited by being spanked.

The week took a very long time to go by, but Saturday afternoon came at last.

I thought it best to wear my lovely new corduroy shorts, without underpants, but I also brought my khaki summer shorts and my grey corduroy shorts. Almost every evening I had put on the different shorts and lain on my stomach on my bed, rubbing my bottom and imagining a big hand spanking it. It made me feel so wonderful to know someone loved my bottom and the shorts covering it, and enjoyed spanking it. I thought Mr Ross was the most wonderful guy in the world.

Mr Ross led me in to his office again after a cup of tea in the kitchen. He sat down at his desk and asked to see my school books. With a shock I realised that I´d forgotten to bring them! I turned red and Mr Ross laughed. "Well, well, Graham, looks like you need a hand to be able to remember things."

"Yes Sir, I desperately need a hand."

We walked over to the chair in the middle of the room. My heart felt like a steam engine and I was trembling with excitement. I draped myself over his lap and in the mirrors I saw a schoolboy in corduroy shorts getting ready for a spanking. It struck me how exceptionally beautiful the back of the shorts looked. The velvet was shiny and draped in a perfect fit over my bottom. There was no back pocket, and the elastic back turned them into real schoolboy shorts. Just lying there looking at my own shorts was worth coming here!

Mr Ross started rubbing the seat of my shorts. "What a sight for sore eyes your bottom is, Graham."

"Thanks Mr Ross."

"Thank you for coming here today. You know how much I enjoy giving you a hand, don't you?"

"Yes Sir. This will really help my schoolwork, Sir. I'll be top of the class before long."

"I could sit here for hours just looking at your perfect bottom in these perfect shorts, Graham."

"So could I, Sir."

He rubbed my shorts for a few minutes longer and then started the spanking.

I almost yelled with joy as his hand started its dance on the seat of my shorts. Like hot chips, the first ones are always the best. He hit me very hard, so that the stinging had the surprise effect like jumping into cold seawater. It was painful yet utterly glorious.

As I lay there hearing the fast and hard spanking and feeling the sharp stinging pain in my bottom, I felt utterly happy. It was so wonderful to see Mr Ross enjoying himself tremendously, and I felt very proud indeed that I had such a lovely bottom to show off these sexy corduroy school shorts. My **** was rock hard, and in my heart I felt a glow of love for Mr Ross as he was doing his best to please me by spanking me fast and hard. I was HIS little boy now, getting all his attention and care, and wearing the shorts that he had chosen for me. I almost cried with happiness.

The spanking went on and on, and every now and then Mr Ross stopped to get his breath back and massage my bottom.

After a very long spanking he finally stopped, and I stood up. As usual he put his arm around my bottom and hugged me hard.

"How was that, Graham?"

"That was the most wonderful spanking I've ever had, Mr Ross. Thanks a million."

"What's that in your bag?"

"Those are my other school shorts, Sir. I felt they needed the dust knocked out of them."

"Brilliant idea, Graham. Hmm, I think my lessons are beginning to work."

I decided to wear my khaki shorts first. They were thin and unlined, so it would feel great.

When I saw myself wearing them and lying over Mr Ross' lap, I was again surprised at how good my bottom looked in school shorts.

Mr Ross started spanking straight away. He must have been really doing his best, because I could hear him puffing. The sound was much sharper now, unlike the dull thudding on the corduroy shorts. The stinging this time was so powerful that I almost yelled for him to stop, but when I focused my eyes on the wonderful sight in the mirrors the joy of seeing my school shorts being spanked overcame the pain and I was ecstatic. I started moving my pelvis in rhythm with the spanking, but stopped because I didn't want to *** yet.

After the khaki shorts I put on my new, grey corduroy shorts, and once again I felt a deep, intense satisfaction as I saw and felt my posh short trousers being spanked by this wonderful man.

After my third long and hard spanking Mr Ross got me to sit on his lap, and he asked me how I felt.

"I feel wonderful, Mr Ross. Thank you for showing me how wonderful it is to be spanked. I think you're a lovely man."

"Thank you, Graham. I want you to know I'm very very fond of you. I hope you'll be coming here for many years, wearing school shorts and getting a hand with your schoolwork. You look exceptionally delicious in shorts.

Is there anything you'd really like to do? Something one or both of us could do? I'm so fond of you I would do almost anything to make you happy."

I was feeling the need to pee, and suddenly I saw a vision of me sitting in a pair of shorts that were wet around the crotch. I looked down at my shorts, but of course they were dry.

Mr Ross noticed this. "A penny for your thought, Graham."

"Well, Sir ... no this is too embarrassing Sir. It's too naughty. I can't say it."

"Wonderful! I really love naughty boys, Graham. Does it have anything to do with your shorts?"

"Yes Sir."

"Sir, I ... would you have an old pair of school shorts Sir?"

"Yes, Graham. I actually have quite a collection of school shorts in different sizes."

He let me down and went over to a cupboard behind his desk. When he opened the door I could see planks with stacks of school shorts. Under the stacks was a sticker with the size of the shorts. He went to one pile and pulled a pair from the bottom. It was another pair of corduroy shorts, but looking well worn.

"Here you are, Graham." He winked at me.

"Do you know what I'd like to do, Sir?"

"Let me guess. You'd like to feel that satisfying and fulfilling feeling of relieving yourself in your shorts."

I gaped at him with my mouth open.

It IS a wonderful feeling, Graham, believe me.

"Is it alright, Sir?"

"If you're prepared to receive the spanking of your life, it'll certainly be alright."

I grinned. "Promise, Sir?"

"Promise. Put these shorts on while I get some towels."

He left the room and after a few minutes came in wearing corduroy shorts and carrying a bundle of towels.

He put a layer of towels on the chair, sat down on it and told me to get ready for a spanking.

I lay down over his lap feeling a lot of pressure in my bladder. The spanking started. It was not severe, just a beautiful steady spanking that felt very satisfying. I watched in the mirror as his hand spanked my buns of which I was so proud. I started to try to empty my bladder, but nothing happened. After a few minutes of trying I asked if I could drink a glass of water. This was given to me. The spanking started again, but no matter how hard I pushed, the liquid refused to come. Finally I gave up, and just watched the corduroy bottom being spanked. I relaxed and just enjoyed the wonderful feeling. Then I could feel the liquid coming! I stayed relaxed and I could feel the liquid making its way into my willie. I shut my eyes with bliss as I felt the hand spanking me and the warm liquid pouring out of my willie into the shorts. It was glorious to feel the relief, and hot the liquid running through my willie into my shorts, and the feeling of doing something naughty to get a hard spanking. I felt so elated I started laughing loud. The liquid took ages to drain out of my bladder completely, which was great because I wanted the intense pleasure to last.

Suddenly Mr Ross stopped spanking and I could feel his hand going between my legs.

"You've wet your shorts, Graham. That's very naughty, you know. You're going to get a good spanking."

Mr Ross gave me a champion spanking on my wet shorts that was absolute ecstasy. I looked in the mirror again, and I squealed with happiness. This was so beautiful it couldn't be true. I started moving my pelvis again with the rhythm of the spanking, and after a very short time came to a climax in my wet shorts.

I climbed down and looked at my wet shorts. The front was completely dripping wet. Mr Ross rubbed the wet patch thoroughly.

"Good job, Graham," he said.

Soon I was on my way home in my own shorts after a shower. I really had something to remember as I would fantasise that evening, and something to look forward to next Saturday.


For the next few weeks I visited Mr Ross on Saturdays, and each time I was thrilled by the wonderful spankings. I was given lots of different corduroy school shorts to wear and I'd admire myself in the mirror before going on a long trip over Mr Ross' lap, which I thought was the best place in the world. We'd finish off with me wetting an old pair of shorts and then made to *** in them.

One day at school William had forgotten to do his homework. He was another boy who was still wearing grey corduroy shorts instead of longs. I had long been admiring William's shorts, and so with a sense of great excitement I watched him walk towards Mr Ross and lie over his lap. I couldn't resist rubbing my rock hard joy stick as I saw and heard my classmate's shorts being thoroughly dusted. How I envied Mr Ross for the privilege of spanking such an incredibly beautiful bottom.

William was given the standard number, and as he got up I noticed that there was a rather obvious bulge in his fly. He walked past me, and I could have sworn there was even a tiny wet patch in his shorts. He had a bright gleam in his eyes and his expression was far from expressing suffering. This gave me a very exciting idea, which made my heart beat very fast.

At lunchtime I sat next to him to eat my lunch. I spoke softly so no one else would hear.

"How come you didn't do your homework, William? That's never happened before."

To my surprise he turned bright red, and said "come with me for a walk when you've finished your lunch."

I felt very excited about this, and ate my lunch as fast as I could.

We started walking around the school grounds, to the back of the oval where there were no students.

I repeated my question.

"Well, actually, I didn't feel like doing it."

"I thought you loved Social Studies."

"Hmm, yes. well, not last night."

"But you knew you were going to get a spanking from Mr Ross!"

He turned bright red again.

"I um, I sort of like ah, I just wanted to know what it's like."

"And what was it like?"

If possible his face burned an even brighter red.

"You should know. You've had it a couple of times."

"If I tell you, will you keep it to yourself? Tell no one?"

"Of course not."


"You promise too?"

"Promise." We shook hands.

Now it was my turn to blush.

"What would you say if I told you I did the same as you - do something to earn a spanking?"

"I'd tell you I guessed that. I copied your example!"

"How did you know that?"

"It was all over your face. Everyone saw it! And that's not all. When you turned up in your new shorts I saw you practically begging Mr Ross to put you over his lap again. Boy, you should have seen his face when he spanked you. He was really enjoying himself! And you know what? So was I. I want to thank you for that spectacular spanking, Graham. It was great to watch. And I felt a bit jealous. I wanted to be in your place, lying over Mr Ross' lap, getting my arse warmed up."

I stared at William with my mouth open. I couldn't believe how exciting I found his words.

"Tell the truth, Graham. You like being spanked, don't you?"

I gulped. It was harder to say then I thought. "OK, I'll admit it if you do as well."

We shook hands again.

"What did you think of your spanking today?"

"I found it very exciting. I was very nervous before it happened. But when he told me to come to him I was very excited to know that everyone was watching me. I enjoyed the feeling of being a naughty little boy again and being spanked in the old fashioned way. And the stinging was a great feeling. I'm going to try to get it more often."

"Well, wear your corduroy shorts. He likes that. He'll do it longer and harder if you're in cord shorts."

"Yeah, I've noticed. I've seen him staring at the boys in cord shorts. And that time you were wearing your new shorts I could see his hand was itching to make contact with them."

"Are you going into longs this year?"

"No way. I'm going to tell me mum I want some new shorts. Where did you get yours? I love the ones you're wearing."

"Myers. But they've also got cheap ones I don't like. Anyway, what's wrong with the ones you're wearing? I think you look really great. Actually I wouldn't mind spanking them."

"Oh, these are actually my old shorts from my primary school. I want a nice expensive looking pair like you've got on."

I could feel his hand against the seat of my shorts. I stopped walking so I could enjoy the feeling. He rubbed me all over the back of my shorts, which gave me a stiffy. When he stopped I put my hand on his shorts and did the same to him. Feeling his warm bottom through the sexy corduroy was very erotic.

"You need another spanking, William", I said, and I smacked his bum.

"So do you, you naughty boy, he answered grinning, and I received a few innocuous smacks.

"How would you like to wear my shorts this afternoon? We could go to the changing shed and change back after school."

"Yeah, great! Let's go!"

We walked over the the changing shed and soon I was handing him my precious new shorts and pulling on his over my rock hard ****.

"Wow, this feels good," he said, as he put his hands in the pockets of my shorts and pulled the crotch tight.

"Looks good, too," I said, grinning, as I started rubbing the hard lump beneath the fly of his shorts. He shut his eyes as I wanked him through his shorts. Unfortunately the bell soon rang.

I spent most of the afternoon with an erection as I kept feeling and looking at Williams' shorts. I kept telling myself that these very shorts had been spanked that very morning, which made my bum tingle pleasantly.

After school I met William in the change shed. It was great wearing his sexy corduroy shorts, but it also felt good to get into my own new shorts again. It felt good to feel William's warmth in the shorts. It made my ***** stand up.

"Are you going to do your Mr Ross' homework tonight?" I asked.

I could see a devilish grin on William's face. "What do you think?"

"I don't think I'll do it tonight. I'd really really love to get spanked in your shorts tomorrow. How would you like to get spanked in mine?"

"Do you think Mr Ross would notice?"

"I'm sure he would," I said. "That's the whole idea."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

Next morning I met William in the changing shed and we swapped shorts again. We sat next to each other in class from then on.

I was trembling with excitement when we sat down in our desks. First thing Mr Ross always did was walk past all the desks and check to see that everyone had done their homework. Of course William and I were the only ones who hadn't.

"I think you two need a hand with your homework," Mr Ross said.

My ***** shouted for joy as we walked to the front. I walked behind William with my heart beating fast as I fixed my gaze on the seat of the beautiful posh corduroy shorts which would soon be spanked soundly. I loved the way the shorts kept changing shape as William walked. He bent over Mr Ross' lap and I nearly wet myself with excitement.

"This is your second day in a row, William. I'm going to give you a double helping."

I nearly shouted "hooray."

I stood as close as possible to the scene of the crime and kept my eyes fixed on the two buns which stood up heroically in my shorts. Mr Ross' hand went high in the air and came crashing down with enormous speed. It made a dull 'smack' sound on my shorts and rapidly rose up again, only to come down again with enormous speed. My **** was enjoying itself tremendously and would have liked to stand up all day, but after 30 of the best, William stood up with a big grin and a carrot prominently tenting my shorts.

With a great thrill I realised it was my turn and I took William's place over Mr Ross' lap. As I lay down I reflected on the fact that William would be watching with as much excitement as I had.

"This is your third time this year, Graham. I'm going to give you a double helping too."

The spanking started, and somehow it felt more thrilling to be spanked in my friend's shorts. It was an intensely enjoyable experience for me, and I felt sure Mr Ross and William felt the same thing. Mr Ross was doing it very hard, which was great.

When I got up off his lap, he said softly to William and me, "pop and see me after school, you two."

William and I had a great day in each other's shorts. I kept feeling William's hand on my lap, crawling between my legs and holding the lump which formed in the loop of my fly. I did the same to him.

After school we went into the classroom to see Mr Ross.

"Hello boys. Still wearing each other's trousers, I see."

We both grinned. William was turning dark pink.

"Yes Sir," I said. "Thanks for giving us a hand today, Sir. William and I appreciate it."

"You planned all this didn't you, Graham?"

"Yes Sir. I feel William would also like a hand with his homework on the weekend, Sir."

William looked at me with great interest, curiosity and excitement all over his face.

"You haven't told him about our arrangement have you?"

"No Sir, but I really think he would benefit from a helping hand. I'm sure he would really love your method of imprinting facts on us."

"Right, William. Come over here."

William stood next to Mr Ross.

Just as he had done with me, Mr Ross put his hand up against the seat of my shorts on William's posterior and said, "Would you like me to give you a HAND with your schoolwork on Saturday afternoon, William?" As he said "hand" he gave William quite a smack.

William grinned, and said enthusiastically, "Yes Sir! I know what you mean, Sir, and I'd love to come with Graham. It would be great to go home afterwards all warm, especially in winter, Sir."

"Right you two. I'll see you Saturday in school uniform. And don't forget to bring your books for the subjects I teach you."


The rest of the week William tried to find out what exactly happened on Saturdays, but I kept telling him he would really enjoy it and that it would be better to find out for himself.

I rode to William's place in my corduroy shorts and together we rode to Mr Ross'. We were both very nervous and excited. As usual we started the afternoon off with tea and cakes. Mr Ross got William to promise he wouldn't tell anyone what would happen, apart from the schoolwork. We went into Mr Ross' office and started doing schoolwork. I could see William was getting anxious, but I kept smiling at him encouragingly and nodding. William was obviously starting to think a 'hand' meant boring school stuff.

As Mr Ross was looking through some of my work, he said, "Now Graham, I told you several times that what you're doing here is ungrammatical. I think your memory needs a hand in remembering this, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir!"

I looked at William. His eyes were gleaming brightly and he had a huge grin.

We walked over to the chair in the middle of the room. This time there was an extra chair, obviously put there for a spectator.

As I lay down in my corduroy shorts over Mr Ross' lap I felt incredibly happy and excited. It was so stimulating to have William watching my spankings. I saw myself in the mirror, and I could see William bending over my bum to get a closer look.

Mr Ross gave my shorts a good rubbing, and then gave me a long and very hard spanking. I could see Mr Ross' hand-print in my shorts, and William was watching the proceedings with his mouth open, and probably drooling. I was enjoying the whole experience intensely, feeling strongly how much I liked Mr Ross, and how I was his little boy being lovingly spanked. I enjoyed it all the more because William was watching, and soon I would be watching his shorts being pounded. The sound of the smacks falling on my shorts filled the room and was music to my ears.

Finally Mr Ross finished, and I looked forward to William's turn.

As I stood up, William said with a big grin, "Please Sir, my memory needs a hand too, Sir."

"Well, somehow I think Graham would like to give you a hand first, William."

"Wow, thank you Sir!" I almost shouted. This was a very pleasant unexpected surprise.

I sat down on the spanking chair and William lay down over my lap.

I caught my breath as I saw his incredibly sexy school shorts right underneath my face. I could feel his body pressing against my joystick. I began stroking the corduroy shorts. I took in the elastic back of the waist, the two crease lines running over the delicious buns, and the hems of the shorts, from where two pink smooth legs appeared. My first thought was that this was the most beautiful sight n the world.

I began spanking the two buns. I could feel the soft corduroy with my palms and fingers, and the warmth of the buns underneath. It stung my hand slightly, but this was something I was prepared to put up with. In the mirrors I could see myself spanking a schoolboy in school shorts. The question occurred to me then: "How could life be so good?"

After a while I tried to smack harder, but I realised that spanking is hard work, and I soon grew tired. Reluctantly I stopped and William got up.

"Thanks William. That was great!"

"Thanks for tickling me," William said with a cheeky grin.

"Can I have a go now, please Sir?" he asked.

"Would you like William to give you a hand, Graham?"

"Yes Sir. I think, that would only be fair."

I submitted myself to William, who started rubbing my corduroy shorts. He liked putting his hand between my legs, which was very exciting.

Soon he started spanking. The corduroy shorts were very thick, and William wasn't a strong boy, so the smacks didn't even sting, but it gave me great pleasure to think of the enjoyment he must be having, and it was still great to be lying over someone's lap in my school shorts, and the feeling of the smacks was pleasant.

I think William spanked a lot longer than I did, so I admired his tenacity.

When we were both standing up again, Mr Ross said, "Would you like me to give you a hand now, William?

"Yes SIR," he said enthusiastically.

Soon William was lying over Mr Ross' lap. Mr Ross' hand was moving up and down so fast it was just a whir.

William was groaning and puffing, "Ooh, yer Sir, ah, that's it Sir, give me hell for leather Sir, ooo, Sir!"

The sight of these beautiful shorts being spanked hard and fast made me very stiff indeed, and I started holding my joystick and rubbing it vigorously.

When the spanking was finished Mr Ross and William stood up and Mr Ross hugged him, while rubbing his shorts. "Marks out of ten, William?"

"Ten plus, Sir. Excellent, Sir!"

I looked at William's shorts and imagined his red hot bottom in them.

"I want to thank you for coming here, William. I want to give you a little token of my appreciation."

He went over to his desk and brought out a new pair of grey cord shorts. He gave them to William, who held them up to look at them. I immediately saw that these were the same as mine! Mr Ross had gone to Myers to buy a pair of shorts for William!

"Tell your parents these were in the lost clothing cupboard. You won't have to borrowGraham's now."

William took off his own shorts and pulled on the new ones.

"Oh Sir, thank you Sir. Thank you Sir. Mum will be very glad, Sir. She couldn't afford to buy me new pants, Sir. Oh, could I have your hand-print on them Sir?"

Mr Ross sat down and without any further ado William lay down over the ready lap. As I watched the spanking I rubbed my shorts so hard I nearly came. This was a top class pair of shorts being spanked by a top class spanker and I tried to imprint this heavenly sight in my memory.

After the super spanking William thanked Mr Ross again. He picked up his old shorts and handed them to me. "Here you are Graham. I know you like these and I won't be needing them any more."

"Ooh, thanks William. Thanks a lot. I love these shorts." I held them up to my face and rubbed them against my cheeks. Then I took off my corduroy shorts and put on William's present. I stood in front of Mr Ross and said, "Could you give me a hand with these shorts, Sir?"

"Gladly, Graham."

I lay down and received an extremely satisfying spanking. I saw in the mirrors that William was rubbing his fly very fast.

As I enjoyed this extended and severe spanking I made up my mind that the only career I could contemplate was teaching.

When the spanking was finished William and I thanked Mr Ross, and promised to come again next week. I also had plans to make club meetings more and more exciting.


William and I became inseparable friends from then on. We visit each other often and help each other with homework. Whenever we're home on our own we invite each other to come over and soon one of us is lying over the lap of the other.

After William's first visit he also came regularly to the Spanking Club. It was the highlight of the week for both of us.

A few weeks later we had a big surprise. When we arrived at Mr Ross' we found another boy already there, having tea. This boy was a second year. He stood out in my mind because he was one of the few second years to be still in shorts. I thought he was very good looking, slim and fairly tall for a second year, though his voice hadn't broken yet. I guess he was 13. I thought his shorts looked extremely good on him, and I had often fantasised about rubbing his shorts and thought watching him being spanked would be super.

When we came in Mr Ross introduced us to Trevor, and I felt a bit shy with him because I admired him so much. On the other hand I was enormously excited about seeing him here, because that would only mean one thing - I would soon be seeing him being spanked. I might even be given the privilege of spanking him myself. The thought made me quite hard.

Mr Ross started the proceedings by teaching us some boring school work as usual. After the usual time of about 30 minutes, he asked me if I wanted a hand with remembering things. I felt very proud to be the first to get it. As I lay over Mr Ross' lap I could see Trevor staring intensely at my shorts with a red face, as if he didn't want to miss a beat - literally. William was rubbing the lump in his fly vigorously as the hard smacks echoed in the office. I enjoyed it immensely, all the more because this handsome boy was watching me being spanked.

When I sat down again with a hot bum, Mr Ross asked Trevor whether he also wanted a hand. He turned bright pink and said, "Yes Sir", very softly. I kept my eyes on his fabulous corduroy shorts as he got up and lay down over Mr Ross' lap. As I watched him lying there for his imminent spanking I almost had a spontaneous ******. Some boys just look so incredibly smart in shorts, and here was my hero lying in anticipation of a spanking. His bum looked more attractive than ever and I drooled as Mr Ross gently rubbed it.

He started spanking Trevor, and without being aware of it I stood up to get the best possible view. The spanking was quite soft compared to what I had just had, but I guess Mr Ross wanted to introduce Trevor gently. After a couple of smacks I suddenly felt a hand on the front of my shorts. It was William, rubbing me hard while we both watched. Without wanting to really, I soon came and sat down puffing to rest.

Mr Ross didn't spank Trevor for as long as he usually spanked William and me. He asked Trevor how many marks out of ten he would give him for the spanking, and Trevor answered that he would give 9½.

"Would you like to give one of these juniors a hand with their memory?" Mr Ross ashed him.

"Yes, Sir!" Trevor answered enthusiastically.

As William hadn't had been spanked so far, he was chosen, and he very willingly lay over Trevor's lap with a big grin. Trevor was a good sportsman and quite strong, and he gave William a delicious and long spanking. My **** soon stood up again, and before I knew it I was rubbing my fly.

When Trevor was finished I asked Mr Ross if Trevor would like to give me a hand now. I was too shy to ask Trevor directly. He grinned and nodded, and with a great joy and pride I lay down over Trevor's lap. Somehow it felt extra good to be subject to this handsome, strong boy and give him pleasure. I hoped he liked my bottom and my shorts, and that he would keep going extra long. His spanking was surprisingly hard for a boy of 13, and I enjoyed the stinging feeling very much. He did indeed spank me for a long time.

Next it was William's turn to get a real spanking from Mr Ross. I stood up to watch it, and to my delight I felt Trevor's hand rubbing the seat of my shorts. I was really thrilled and excited about this, and I turned around and smiled at him. He winked back at me, making my heart race. It was a long spanking, so after a while I gently took Trevor's wrist and put his hand on the front of my shorts. He took the hint and started gently rubbing my crotch. I couldn't help it; my hand involuntarily went to his bum and began rubbing it.

The session continued with a few more spankings. Before we went home, Mr Ross said that we must not tell any boys about this. If we suspected any boys would be interested in having help with their schoolwork, we should tell him, and he would invite the boy.

Trevor asked Mr Ross whether he would be able to keep coming when he went into long pants, and Mr Ross replied that as long as he was prepared to wear shorts for the coaching sessions he would be welcome. Trevor looked very happy. Mr Ross said he hoped Trevor would wear shorts to school for as long as possible. Trevor said he would wear them at least for this year, because his shorts were fairly new and quite roomy for growth.


It is now later in the year and the club has 5 members. One boy is a fourth year, there are two third years, and then there are us, the first three members. The older boys choose corduroy shorts for themselves from the large collection. Meetings always start with English or Social Studies lessons, and then all of us are spanked by Mr Ross. At the same time one boy is usually busy spanking another one, while the spectators are either ******* themselves off, or are doing it to each other. Mr Ross said that we can do as we like, as long as our flies remain closed.

My favourite boy to spank remains Trevor, and I'm no longer shy with him. He likes me, and he often chooses to spank me, or to be spanked by me.

At the end of the session those who want to can wet their pants and get spanked in them. Not all the boys are into this, but they all stay to watch the wet shorts being spanked. Last week Trevor asked me what it was like to wet your pants. I told him that it was really wonderful. I asked him to do me a favour and sit on my lap and wet his pants. I would spank him for it.

His eyes lit up when I said that, and he agreed. We borrowed some old shorts kept on a special shelf. Trevor just couldn't help looking good in whatever shorts he wore. He sat down and put his arm around my shoulder, which excited me and made me very happy.

It took a while, but eventually a wet patch developed on Trevor's shorts, and I could feel a warm trickle running between my legs. I became incredibly excited by this and couldn't resist the urge to rub against the wet patch, which Trevor seemed to enjoy very much. After a few minutes he stood up and lay over my lap. I told Trevor he'd been very naughty, and he needed a very long spanking. I started spanking him very slowly, but hard. I wanted this to last! In the middle of the spanking I pissed in my shorts, making the afternoon unforgettable.

Trevor thanked me and told me he enjoyed it and would do it again with me - which sent me over the moon.

On Saturday evenings I lie in bed, going through the wonderful events of the afternoon. Then I "relieve" myself and hope the week passes quickly.
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Great story hope you do more in the same themes.

His "story" I liked it ... As I read I thought it was Graham. In truth, his words have carried me with excitement and desire, that did not stop reading until the last letter ... I congratulate you for a wonderful story ... Greetings!