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My **** Wife Loved Being Spit Roasted By Our Housemate And Me For Hours...

Spit roasting her for hours was just so awesome.

What we enjoyed most was when my wife was banged by one guy while at the same time she sucked on the other guy's ****. Our house mate (our best friend too) and I would double team my wife and would swap places whenever the guy in the "driver's seat" needed to rest or whatever. By learning how to pace ourselves, eventually he and I could double team her as long as she would let us. She could not tell you how many times she had *** when he and I double teamed her like this. My wife especially liked being tied up and ****** and spanked with a riding crop.




Being serviced by two guys, also increased my wife's sexual stamina and capacity for pleasure tremendously. She became a total nymphomanic. The three of us looked forward to the weekend when we enjoyed these marathon **** and suck sessions These sessions might last all night and sometimes continue well into the next morning. The house mate and I would be totally spent but the wife would let the two of us rest for a couple of hours, then want us to do her more. She was just insatible!ours
buckminster buckminster 61-65, M 4 Responses Feb 11, 2011

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thanks for sharing your stories. i'm hoping our new housemate can make the mfm fantasy a dream come true for us. not going to push it, but like you said previously, just let it happen naturally.

Watching a wife (or any woman for that matter I suspect) being spit roasted is perhaps one of the most erotic views imaginable. In my experience at least they do tend to "lose it all" and, regardless of inhibitions or circumstances, become little more than ******* machines that want to be banged harder, deeper and without end. If, as my wife was, capable of virtually continuous *******, this is how to get them there, to the point where their ******* seem endless and their bodies go into what at least appears to be virtual orgasmic convulsions. And when its done, then regardless of their initial mindset beforehand or whatever reservations they might have had beforehand, they know they are ***** ... and they know that whoever has watched them, including their husbands, knows they are *****. After seeing the wife totally surrender to two *****, one at each end ... after seeing their *** leaking from her and her drool as she tries to suck the one in her mouth into her throat .. there can no longer be any pretense between a husband and wife that she's anything but a wanton **** who would be unable to resist experiencing it all again, the sooner the better.

Just like you said the wife sexual appetite increases when we do a mfm. She becomes a nymphomaniac who just can not get enough of both of us guys ***** ******* her, and draining us of our hot ***.

Nothing hotter that split roasting a **** wife