Me And The Plumber Xxx

My kitchen tap was leaking so i called a plumber, when he reached here i saw that he was extremely sexyy. for a plumber. I could see his amazing body thru his shirt. he looked good even tho he was dressed scruffy!
"Hiya, im john, ur plumber. U called for me" he smiled
"Hi, yes its my kitchen tap. I'll show u" i said smiling bak.
I showed him it and made small talk after about 2hrs. He said he had to get more material to fix the leak so that he'd be bak tomorrow at 9
I showed him the way out&thanked him.

The next day, the doorbell rang and i was wearing my nightgown and since i sleep naked i didnt have anything on other then my bra and knickers. I pulled my gown and made it loose so that half my bra and boobs were on show. I thought y nt i was feeling naughy heheee
I opened the door and smiled "morning"
"Errrrr" he hesitated at first "morning, got an new pipe for u" he tried to keep his focus on my face but couldnt.
"Come in" he followed me to the kitchen.
He got started on the tap as i walked away.
I came bak and said i need to get clothes out of the washing machine. "Ok ma'am" he said as he lay on the floor fixing the leak in the pipe.
I took advantage of this and bent over beside him and took my laundry out and put it in a basket. I pointed my *** more and more towards him. I could see him staring at the corner of my eye.
"Found the problem?" I said "nearly, can u put the tap on so i can see where the leaks at?"
"Sure" i replied. I did as i was told.
I stood over him and put each leg at the side of him while he was lying down so he could get a clear view!! "Woah!!" He screamed as he realised.
"I'll turn the tap again" i did and shook my *** in his face.
I then realised that he had his hands down his trousers and was playing with his penis.
Im not gonna lie i enjoyed the fact that he got like that because of me.

I stood like that for a while and watched him touch himself &i dnt think he knew i realised. "Found it yet?" I asked bending dwn and placing my *** more+more near him.
"Y-y-yeah" he finally managed to get out. "Ok" i said as i got up and brushed my *** on his body.
For the next few mins he did his job, when lunch came i ordered a chineese and got dressed, i put on a very see thru blue dress, i was cold at first but thinking about ******* john got me all hot and warmed up lol
I made sure i was wearing a very bright orange bra&knickers so u could see it clearly through my dress!!
I set out the table &asked john if he wanted spme lunch he said yes as he got up and saw me he stumbled and fell luckily he held on to the kitchen counter.
I walked towards the dinner table as he slowly followed me.
I saw his huge **** and he clearly had a *****. I was enjoying this.
We chatted and ate.. "so are u single?" I asked.
"Yes ma'am i am" he chuckled.
I touched his hand and said "i love it when u call me ma'am. U make it sound so sexy" i placed my hand on his thigh "mmmm" i smiled at him, he smiled bak.
We spoke about casual things afta that&finished eating. I topped up his drink alot of times, he didnt refuse. I soon took of my shoes and began to touch his feet, i moved my feet higher and higher untill.i reached his penis i gave it a nice tickle, he spat his drink out. I smiled.
He clearly was alittle drunk. I got up and cleared the table he thanked me for lunch. He came near me and put his hands round my waist and thanked me for the meal as he went back to work. I was hoping he would fk me at that moment! :p

Disappointed i cleared the table, while he was working i sat beside him and took my dress off infrount of him. "Its hot in here"
He smiled and continues working altho every few seconds he kept looking ova. He soon excused himself to the toilet. I began to hear groans.. so i leaned against the door and heard john groan alot louder. I looked thru the window and watched him touch himself. I become wet&horny just watching him **********. He continued for a long 5mins before he came out.
He took of his shirt and gave me a cute smile. "U ok?" I said as i touched his arm and thought about what he was doing. "Yes" he relied.
He sat at the kitchen table and fixed a few things. I sat next to him and touched hia thigh he seemed alittle nervous. It was so cute :)
"Can u do me a favour?" I asked
"My legs been hurting, can u check if i've scratched it or something?"
I stood up and turned around for him.
He slowly touched and examined my leg, he touched my leg and went up to my thighs, then to my ***. As he did this, i shook my *** i loved the feeling of his hands on me.
"I dont see anything"
"U sure. Check again" i said as i sat on the table with him touching me.
I began pulling my bra straps down and playing with my breast. His hands were on my thighs by now. I opened my legs and couldnt help bt laugh. "Anything?" I asked
"No ma'am" he replied looking at my body.
my bra was comming down at this point from when i pulled it earlier. His eyes was constantly on my chest. He sat bak on the chair. He told me hw i have a very nice body. i sat on his lap and kissed him. He kissed me back, he went on about how he couldnt and that he'd loose his job bt after a while i convinced him that no1 would have to know.

I started grinding on him. I took a good hold of his **** and played with it while he sat back and groaned. He soon grabbed my boobs with his hands and played with them. He took my bra off and put his mouth on my nipples and sucked them. Then he put his penis in between my **** and rided me on the table. It felt amazing i was dripping and wet when he put his hard **** inside me. I loved how he started off slowly then went faster and then went really rough he was soo nice. He cummed alot but cleaned after himself everytime. As he lay out of breath on the kitchen counter he grabbed my *** and rubbed it. I was just catching my breath bak. He began rubbing my ***, then he slowly spanked it "mmm, i love ur ur big *** and ****" he whispered. He put his penis in my *** and ****** me hard. After i poured him a drink. Afta our drinks. We started snogged for a while.
I shook my **** in his face and he went to kiss them. I took a hold of his head and shoved his face further into my ****.
He asked for my number and i gladly gave it to him. I told him i'll call him if i needed anything else fixed. We both laughed as we knew what i really might mean by that.
I put my bra and knickers in his tool box and told him to keep them.
He picked me up and leaned me against the wall as we had sex again.
He fixed my kitchen tap as i took nude pictures of me on his fone and got dressed.
I showed him out and will deffo be calling him again!!!!

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too hot, love to fix and screw when some beautiful need

did u get a discount? =)

Got it fixed for free ! Lol

Are you ready all the time.

What do u mean?

wow so lucky man he did the right job fixing all the things that needs attention...hhhmmm

yes its true how i wish i can work extra plumber too so i can fix things that needs fixing...LOL

LOL yeah i'd love u to come over and show me how its done babe.

Very Hot!

Thanks xxx