Taken By My Mistress

My wife and I have know each other for many years, but were married to other people. We actually met for BDSM play in the early 90's and fast became friends with her and her husband. Eventually through life we both became available. I hadn't seen her in a while and we never had sex during play. But the day she became free, she called me and told me to come over. I was divorced a while at this point, and didn't date much since vanilla didn't appeal to me. It was very hard to find a single woman into kink, most turned out to be subs and liked being spanked...I did it, but it left me unfulfilled. I was the first one she thought of and I sat on the sofa as she sat opposite. She told me she was giving me the first opportunity to become her submissive and eventual live-in slave, and if I didn't want it, there were others dying to be in my place. We had known each other a while and had become friends...but now she was being very stern. I didn't have to think too long, as she is absolutely gorgeous and we have always had chemistry. Once I accepted, she smiled, put down her drink, and told me that when she calls for me I am to bring her drink up to the 3rd floor bedroom. She got up, went upstairs, and I sat and watched TV. A while later I was summoned, and did as I was told bringing her drink. It was very dark except for a small light, and it took a moment to adjust. She then barked out an order for me to put her drink on the nite table.....take all my clothes off and kneel at her feet. Still in disbelief and quite stunned, I hurriedly obeyed. When my eyes adjusted, I saw she was in her leather corset, thigh boots, thigh high stockings, black panties . So...you want to be my slave ? Think you can serve me well ? she said softly. You know...I have always been attracted to you she cooed. Well, lets see what I have to work with. Worship my boots my dear. As she stood tall on her 5 inch heels, I began to lick one boot then the other. Don't forget the soles she said. As she raised them over my mouth. Here..put this on she barked. She handed me a leather collar. Since I know you so well, and I like you a lot, I am going to collar you and see if you have what it takes to serve me full time. Throughout the next few hours she did many things, including spankings, paddling , cbt, electro torture, queening, and finally she wanted to see how good my **** was. She had just caned it so it was sore and a bruise was showing, but I was rock hard. She put me on my back and mounted me. If I keep you this is the only way I will allow you to have sex with me she said. She was dripping wet from all the play and very aroused. As soon as she slid down on the head of my ****, shudders went through her and she orgasmed. She slid further down and I felt a sudden burst of heat followed by extreme wetness. She continued on my **** for quite a while. I always prided myself on my size and lasting long. She told me she heard about how nice my **** was from a Domme friend of hers who she had set me up with a couple of years earlier. She voraciously rode my ****, and I did my best to stay erect while so sore. Felt like skin was rubbing off. Mistress had *** several more times. She sensed I was coming close...and she reached back and grabbed my large balls and squeezed hard. Not yet my pet she cooed...I want you to beg for release. Between her squeezing...and sudden heat blast from her *****, I could no longer hold out and begged to be released. It wasn't enough...I was made to beg harder. I was also made to pledge my loyalty to her and to understand she would totally own me. It was too much as when she gave permission I shot so hard and tons of it inside of her that she had another ******. As she collapsed on my chest out of sheer exhaustion, we just lay there as my **** pumped more into her. After a while my erection went down and I started to slip out of her. Not so fast my pet she said with a sly smile......and with that she scooted up to my mouth and told me to clean all my *** out of her. I only did that once before and it wasn't easy.....I do taste good...it was just the concept. But I had no choice as she lowered her ***** onto my face as *** dripped into my mouth. She then fully rested her ***** on my mouth as my tongue darted in & out cleaning every drop of our mixed juices. Wow I thought...this is something else ! As she looked down at me with those killer green eyes.....she said Enjoy it my pet...I own you now....and one day you will be doing this every nite.......but...it may not be your *** !!!!! as she slyly smiled.
That was 6 years ago.. I am her complete cuckold and eaten my own *** as well as from others.....and I couldn't be happier.
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you are lucky

Thanks for sharing...what an awesome story. my partner is in a male chastity and i love the reactions he gives me. When i finally do decided to release him he always gets the special treatment for being so well behaved. To watch his facial ex<x>pression when receiving some pleasure is such a turn on .

I would also like to thank you for sharing. And you are one very lucky man to have found that very special woman. Our stories are quite similar as Mistress L and i were old friends that just both happened to be single after failled relationships and we met at a fair. And the rest of this story is on my page. Anyway good luck to the two of you and i hope it lasts forever

Thanks for sharing . hope to be able to post myself some day .Had some great times like this but never with a women every night like this