My Necklace Tells It All

My wife likes to keep me in my place. She has a variety of ways to humiliate me when I have not been properly submissive. Recently, after I had angered her with a bad attitude, she brought home a jewelery making kit and some letters that could be threaded on to the necklace. She then had me make several necklaces that used the letters to create phrases that the necklace would display: Here is what the necklaces say
1 I'm a Sissy 2 I'm wearing Panties 3 Ask to see my bra
She complimented me on how pretty the necklaces look, then took #2 and put it on me. She lead me to a mirror so I could see how easy it is for anyone to read the necklace, even from a distance. I was so embarrassed. Now anyone I got close to could read that I was wearing was going to be so humiliating. Then she said lets go shopping at the is going to be so much fun for me.........and you will learn to improve your attitude. I dropped to my knees and begged to let me take the necklace off, but no, I needed to be taught a lesson.............Off we went with my humiliating necklace around my neck for all to see, read and laugh at me.

The next time my wife decided I needed to be punished, she had me put all 3 necklaces on but let me tuck them in my shirt. She said "When we get to the mall, I will pull one out and you will wear which ever one I happen to select, for all to see. I cringed at the thought, that shortly, I could be wearing a sign that says I'm a Sissy or I'm wearing panties or worst of all....Ask to See My Bra. I was in a panic all the way to the mall, anticipating which phrase I would be displaying.
Just my luck.....she pulled out a necklace and let it lie exposed on my chest. "Ask to see my Bra". My worst fear had come true. I was about to go shopping wearing a humiliating necklace / question that would force me to admit I was a Sissy and encourage women to make me humilate myself further by having to unbutton my shirt and show her my pink, lacey, silky ladies undergarment.
My wife called to me.... "let's go to Macy's liingerie dept and see if the sales girls can help you shop. We made our way to Macy's stopping to look at dresses and blouses along the way. When we got to lingerie my wife had me go to the sales lady and ask for help in finding panties of a certain type. She began to show me some panties, but stopped when she saw my necklace. "What a cute necklace...I would like to see your bra". Trapped by my necklace....I had no choice, I had to undo several buttons, difficult since my hands were trembling. After undoing 2 buttons, I pulled my shirt open to show the center of my pink, lacey had a pretty bow centered between the cups. The sales lady commented on what a pretty bra I was wife stepped in and asked her if she would ike to see all of it. Of course she did so we went to the dressing room area where I was instructed to undo all the buttons and lower my shirt to expose my entire bra. I obeyed and stood there while the teenage sales girls tugged on it and adjusted the straps. Then she asked my wife if she would like to see me with false breasts to fill out the cups properly.
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Ahh please you are so lucky I trade spaces with you anytime

You are married to a wonderful Superior Female!