And So It Continued... (my Second Encounter)

I asked hubby to arrange a session with the guy we had used last time, and although he seemed a little surprised, he agreed and made the arrangements. Now i thought that after the first session, i would be able to cope with the nerves, but in the week before the nerves returned especially when i had to order my new stockings for the night. Anyway Saturday came around and again the day seemed to drag, but 6pm soon arrived and i started to get ready. It had been arranged that I had to turn up dressed much more sluttily than before, so in the spirit of the request I dressed in hold ups, high heels, a matching black thong and bra, the outfit covered with a knee length black coat. After dressing and sorting out my hair and make up, i headed downstairs to a waiting glass of red wine and my hubby, we sat pensively waiting for the taxi to arrive. We nearly jumped out of skin when the horn beeped outside and after a lingering kiss i headed out of the door and into the taxi. I carefully got into the back of the taxi making sure that i kept my upper legs covered and together (i didn't need to start by giving the taxi driver a free show ). The nightmare was that the taxi driver was a chatty kind of guy and his questions about where, and what i was doing for the night were kind of unsettling, but i moved into lie mode and hopefully covered myself. Anyway 20mins later i arrived at my "bulls" house, after quickly paying the fare i got out and headed nervously down the driveway and to what ever my night held for me. After pleasantries were exchanged, and i would guess the time was closer to 8, we started, he told me to remove my coat and even he was surprised to see that i was just wearing my underwear under it. As i stood in the middle of the room, he told me that we had a lot lot longer than the first time and that now we trusted each other we could do a fair bit more. I was kind of nervous at this last but, i mean what more could he want too do? As i stood there, he made me watch as he undressed and revealed that ****, that had so enthralled me the first time. I still couldn't believe the size of his straining member and if anything it looked bigger than the first time i saw it. (probably just the fact i hadn't had a drink or 3 this time) Anyway he settled himself down in an armchair in front of me, and whilst looking at me and stroking his ****, started to ask me questions about why i had come back, what my hubby had done after last time i had visited him, whether i was a ****. When i answered i wasn't, he then asked why i had come back again, and kept repeating the questions till i was admitting i loved his **** and that i was a ****. blink.gif . It felt odd admitting that i had indeed come back for more sex and that actually i was a **** for wanting him to give me more. Once i had admitted that i was a **** too him, he announced that as i dressed like a ****, admitted i was a **** i would be treated like one, and with that idea in mind i was ordered to come over and get onto my knees and start sucking him off. He had me there for ages sucking on his balls, licking up his shaft, taking as much of him in my mouth as i could. Every time i tried to move my head away from his groin and just **** him off, a firm hand on the back of my head soon had me put back in place. After what felt like ages he got to ***** off my knickers and bra and play with my breasts in front of him as he toyed with himself. He told me to come over to him and turn away and then to sit down, however as i sat down he guided his **** towards my lips. I asked for some attention to my ***** before he tried to enter me, but he told me that i would submit to his **** and with one hand pulling on my hips and the other guiding his **** against my *****. He forced me down onto his ****. Now some women get very slack, hot and wet immediately, i just get wet and hot, with my ***** staying tight at first. So as he started to push himself into me i could feel myself literally being forced open, and the pain of his entry had me gasping and pleading as he slowly forced me down his shaft. My legs were shaking a little, and i kept trying to stand up and get him out of me, but with both his hands gripping my hips i couldn't move away and soon he had himself buried into me. It felt like he was virtually in my stomach, and when he started to rub my **** with one hand and pull on my nipples with the other i felt utterly helpless on his ****. After a bit he started to tell me to stand up but as i was almost off him he pulled me back down forcing his **** deeper into me, he kept doing this and coupled with rubbing my **** soon had me saying i was about too ***. I thought he would stop, but he carried on playing with me till i did ***, my twitching ***** felt like it was spasming helplessly around his shaft, and once i had almost recovered i could feel myself a little slacker and my juices running out of me and when i felt between his legs coating his balls. After finishing my cleaning duties and trying to recover some composure, i was led upstairs. Where began a session i don't think i have ever experienced in my life. He started on top of me, in classic missionary position and expertly speared me. After some long deep penetrating thrusts that had me fearing that he might push to far and completely ruin me, he took a firm grip of my ankles and after pulling them too his shoulder height held them wide apart. This had the effect of tightening me up considerably and each thrust, or movement illicited a moan or gasp from me, and a spasm from my ***** muscles as they tried to relax a little around his shaft. It wasn't long before i was nearing ******, and once he had put my ankles on his shoulders and took some long lingering thrusts i was crying his name out, and writhing around the bed. I thought that this would be enough for him, but when he pulled out and rolled over he got me on top of him and slipped himself back into my now gushing gaping ***** for another ******* session. My **** were literally bouncing all over the place, as he set the tempo by pulling my up and down him using a firm grip on my hips. Every time i tried to stop short of taking him fully into me he would either push his hips up or force mine down, ensuring i took every inch. This kind of abuse of me carried on way past midnight and into the small hours, i was exhausted and my ***** now had now tightness left, if he wanted me he could just slip in from any angle. Readers of my previous thread will remember that on the sunday he ****** me senseless before sending me home, with out him *******. It was the same this time. He just wouldn't or couldn't ***, but seemed to love seeing me utterly writhing and gasping as he nailed me for what felt like ages. (which actually it was) I had to sleep in the end, but the morning and my return home was unforgettable for me. I was woken with something hitting my mouth, i could feel something bouncing off my lips, and when i opened my eyes i was presented with the scene of him standing next to the bed, bouncing his semi hard **** off my mouth. Not sure why, but i took his **** straight into my mouth and started sucking him. It has to be said that this is completely against what i would do at home, but for some reason i just did it as i knew it was expected of me. It didn't take him long to get fully hard and to climb onto the bed and between my legs and slowly slide himself into me, whilst looking into my eyes. I did squirm a bit as i was sore from last nights fun but soon he was fully in me, and settled down to slowly ******* me which enjoyed immensely. Anyway after a while he pulled out much to my disappointment and told me to put my hold ups back on whilst he got a few things. When he returned he had some rope a pair of hand cuffs and a blindfold, after being instructed to get on my hands and knees, he proceeded to tie my legs open and and cuff my hands together and tie to the end of the bed. Once blindfolded, he proceeded to **** my mouth and started to tell me that i was going to be sent home after this, and that i would be a ruined wife. I could only mmmmmmm as he vigorously filled my mouth. The next bit had me blushing as he went and got a phone and rang a taxi as he ****** my mouth, he deliberately pushed deep into my mouth and held the back of my head as he talked. Once he hung up, he informed me that i had 30 mins to please him or my trip home would be entertaining. When i asked what he meant he just laughed and got onto the bed behind me. I could feel his **** bouncing heavily between my thighs and soon he had it pressed against my *****, with little pressure he had it sliding into me and after taking a firm grip of my hips got down to ******* me senseless. Due to the ropes i couldn't change my position, and was pretty helpless as he ploughed in and out of me. The harder he pushed the deeper he got and the wetter i felt, till eventually i could feel his balls hitting off my labia. Now i thought he wouldn't ***, but i was wrong, and after he had me ******* repeatedly, he told me that it was his turn. I could feel him gripping my hips harder and really thrusting deep into me till eventually, he shoved himself hard into me and started to ***. The build up of the last night must have had an effect, as he unloaded for ages, and when he pulled out i could feel it dripping out of me. Once he had untied me i was told to put my knickers on, not to clean up and get ready to go. When the taxi arrived i asked again if i could clean myself up, as i could feel the small thong i had worn, buried between my lips and the tops of my thighs soaking. Anyway you can guess i wasn't allowed to, and had to get the taxi, with a leaking ***** and when i got home i was literally squelching when i got in. Hubby got quite a surprise when i took my coat off lol After a nervous taxi ride home, where in the cold light of day my plan on wearing just underwear beneath a long coat didn't seem to be such a good idea. I could feel the thong have buried itself between my lips and my bulls *** leaking out soaking the coat. Once i got out and paid the fare, the walk up my drive way was rapid to say the least, and i could feel my upper thighs getting utterly soaked. Anyway back into the safety of my own home i relaxed, until i heard hubby asking if it was me, (i have to ask, who else was he expecting??? laugh.gif ) I took of my heels and headed into the living room and saw my hubby sitting watching morning tv, he looked very tired and i think he didn't sleep a wink during the night. He asked me whether i enjoyed myself, which i told him i had, and when he asked me to show him the results, i took him upstairs and removed my coat bra and thong. He made me show myself off and when i finished showing myself off, he uttered the words, "god you are utterly ruined" and to be fair i was, my ***** was still gaping wide, i was still dribbling and my stockings had huge ladders up them and when i look them off my legs had red rope marks around the ankles, just to match the handcuff marks on my wrists. Now after looking at myself in the mirror i decided that a shower was the best option and it kind of broke the awkward silence that had descended on the room. The rest of the day was spent kind of skirting around what had happened, but i still had the slack warm used feeling in my groin. To finish it was the tuesday before we had sex, and when we eventually got down to it, well he slipped far too easily in and despite his best efforts, it just didn't feel the same...... *** IF YOU LIKE MY EXPERIENCE, PLEASE RATE IT UP AND COMMENT, IT ENCOURAGES ME TO SHARE MORE AS I EXPERIENCE IT ***
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I think this is the 3rd time I have read this story and ENJOY it immensly. Totally ******* awesome!

Just a great story - very very horny. Did you go back yet again to him?

You sound great, I would love to use your hot ***** and get your lips to swell also!!

Love the story, probably was an amazing story for your husband. Did your husband touch you when you got home?