My First Day With My Master

 My first day with my Master is a day i will never forget. I was so very nervous and had never done anything like this before but i knew i wanted it more than anything. We met  for a drink and once i saw him i knew i would be his...Big,Tall and oh so handsome my heart was beating so hard, i was told to wear a dress with no panties and i did as i was told and it made me wet to know that i was walking around in a bar without panties and only my Master and i knew this. He came over to me and ran his finger down my back to my *** and i thought i would just melt right there. Then without warning he just slipped his hand up my dress...i was so afraid but didn't want him to stop, we went back to his place after i had my drink and as soon as we got inside he kissed me and my fears just went out the window. My mind was thinking i shouldn't be here but my body was saying stay...see what happens and i did. He spun me around after kissing me and bent me forward, here i was totally in his hands and not knowing what to expect. It wasn't long before i felt his finger entering my tight ***..all i could think was "oh my god" this man doesn't play around, He knows what He wants and goes right for it. I had to relax because his finger was large, he pushed and dug around in me and i just took it then he began flogging me and i had never had this before and it hurt like hell but felt so good at the same time. He used my *** like this for what seemed like forever and then he left me just bent over there...i didn't dare move until he came back and told me to come to Him. In his hand he had a blindfold and cuffs, i didn't have a clue what he was planning to do to me but i was excited to find out. He made me lay over the arm of his sofa...dress still on but up over my bare ***. With blindfold on i could no longer see Him and he made it hard to hear him also because He turned on the i had no idea where he was but i still would not move, i just stayed there. Then i felt his hand on my wrist putting on the cuff, with both hands behind my back now there was nothing i could do...He had me and He knew it. So for the next half hour or so...i'm not too sure on the time but my ***** and *** were used in every way he wanted it to be used. He used toys to **** me in each of my holes at the same time and i had never had that done before and i felt so full, the pressure was delicious and he spanked my **** as he  used the toy on my ***. I was hoping he would **** my ***** but he didn't because it was about what He wanted and i was happy to give it to Him. Once he took the cuffs off he had me come over to him so i could suck His fat white **** and i sucked Him like it would save my life. Then we moved to His bedroom with me still blindfold and i crawled until i found Him on the bed, where i laid down beside Him with His **** in  my hungry mouth. His hands were all in my hair which got me so hot and once he started ******* my mouth i knew i was home...i was where i was meant to be, with a man that was willing to teach me all i need to know about being the perfect sub. His moans and dirty words only made my desire to suck him stronger and i sucked Him and licked his balls until He came down my throat. And that's when i knew He was truly My Master.

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7 Responses Jul 15, 2008

wow ! sounds very very erotic !

thanks for talking about your first time. This is my first time as well I have never done this before.

I will protect her, so please direct your questions to me.

really en joyed it would you please me sometime

That was so HOT. I bet the blindfold just intensified the feelings. I am going to have to try that. Thanks for a great story. Definitely got me wet.

Do you keep your eyes down when addressed?

Yes... i would.