Happy Birthday To Me

Back in the day, I dated a hot *** ******** off and on for a couple years. Her name was DeeDee, 5'6", 120lbs Blonde Blue eyes, tiny perky **** (32A) with puffy pink nipples and shaved *****, before it was hip and an *** that would make you cry. She was a dirty little girl and used to get wet giving lap dances and loved it when she would give me a lap dance in full view of the other patrons and make me *** ( I would go to the mens room and put on a rubber), she used to get her coworkers to do it too. The night of my birthday was slow, so she got this other hottie to go with us to the VIP room and they gave me a two way lap dance.

It started with DeeDee in a long white silky robe, white **** me pumps and a white lace body stocking her buddy, Tina was 5'11" 130lbs, short black spikey hair with loooooonnggg legs a tight little *** and around a 36B. I had mentioned to DeeDee that I had jerked off thinking about them together (They had shared the stage once when I was there), DeeDee loved that kind of talk and made me do it again for her.

Ok so there I was sitting on the leather couch of the VIP room, in Jeans a tshirt and boots. Oh yea, Tina was wearing a skintight Black vinyl dress, black fishnets and boots. DeeDee puts on some music and starts to sway as does Tina. I lean back enjoying the way there bodies move and can feel my **** start to swell. Tina reaches out and lightly runs her hand over the shiney fabric of DeeDee's robe.

DeeDee turns to her pulling her close, looking at me and lightly brushes her lips against Tina's and the two start to kiss... the passion building, DeeDee's hands roaming Tina's body as Tina unties the belt of DeeDee's robe.

I am starting to get hard now, and I rub my **** through my jeans...

The Robe slides over DeeDee's shoulders, her hard nipples peeking throught lace and she reaches out to unzip Tina's dress, revealing her tight muscular body, her round **** and and *** worthy abs and a tiny black g-string. DeeDee leans forward kissing and licking Tina's erect nipple as Tina runs her hand down to DeeDee's *****. I can hear them moan over the music. By now my **** is rock ******* hard and I unzip my jeans. Back then, I was 40lbs lighter and packed a solid 8.5 inches. I start to stroke as the girls undress each other. DeeDee whispers to Tina, "Look at Thane's ****", Tina's reply was "I want to do more than look at it" With that I stand, kicking off my boots. DeeDee approaches me and we start to kiss as Tina kneels, undoing my belt and finishes pulling my jeans down. DeeDee reaches down and helps Tina as they Jerk me off. Tina licks my head and then down the shaft to my balls. my Knees buckle at the feeling of her mouth on my ****. I start to pull the bodystocking off of DeeDee and she starts talking, asking me if Tina is sucking me well enough... does she need to teach her how I like it. They pull me back to the couch, and Tine kneels between my legs and proceeds to suck my **** with Gusto. DeeDee is now naked and reaches to help Tina get her Gstring off. Once they are both Naked DeeDee leans over Tina and waches her devour my meat... giving her words of encouragement, before nuzzling in to lick my balls. Next they both tongued my shaft up and down, their tongues meeting and they would back off and kiss and finger one another... they did this for about 30 minute... my balls aching... "God" I moaned "I want to **** you" DeeDee replied "Not yet baby" and back to work on my ****... as Tina took me way into her mouth DeeDee asked me ... "do you want to *** in her face?" I said "yessss any where she wants." DeeDee starts to jerk me off into Tina's mouth and I can feel my balls starting to twitch... "Oh ****!" Tina pulls back, mouth open and the first wad of hot sticky *** hits her square on the tongue, Dee pushe her face closer and is rewarded with the next spurt on her lips and nose and then another hits Tina in the face. I am spraying *** like a fire hose and they start kissing sharing my ****, licking it off each other. I layed back and DeeDee, said "Happy Birthday Baby" Part two is when we get hoem.




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Well done! I would love the chance to have two lovely women going down on me!