I Finally Got To See The Snow This Year

I love to see the snow but this year we only got some flurries and some sleet in our particular area.My husband is such a sweetheart and he loves to surprise me.A few years ago he bought a snow machine just for me to be able to have a white Christmas.On Christmas Eve or Christmas night he'll go out and spray the front yard so that everything is covered in white.

Although the weatherman has said many times this year that we were going to see a few inches of snow..we never did.Well..not real snow anyway!

 A few days ago I had found out from a friend that it had snowed and was snowing where she lives..about an hour and a half away from where we are.After we talked a bit and I had hung up..I callled my husband at work and told him that I was headed her way..I was going to see it snow at least once this year.Of course I was teasing as he knew that I was but I really did want to go.

 Anyway..him surprising me was no different on that evening as he came home from work early..told me to grab my camera and camcorder and let's go..we had something to go see.I know that when he does this that we're off on one of our adventures or to see something special so I don't question it much.There have been times that he's taken me out for cup of my favorite coffee and we've ended up in another state or just miles away from home.

 We wasn't long on the road when I knew exactly what we were doing and where we were going.Along the way we stopped at a truckstop to get some coffee and as we got out  to go into the store..it started snowing.Of course I was like a kid in awe as was he.We went into the store..got our coffee..some donuts..came back outside and just stood to watch the snow coming down under the street lights.By this time it was coming down faster and with much larger flakes.The truckers must have thought that we were crazy along with the others pulling into the parking lot by this time.After several minutes we decided to drive on to our destination to see if we could see more than what was just coming down.

 At first when we got there we didn't see any snow and we were beginning to think that the only snow we were going to see was back at the truckstop.As we drove on we finally came to see snow all over the ground..on the houses and then suddenly it started snowing again.We drove around until there wasn't much left to see ..got out to take some pictures..to make a snowball or two and to just enjoy the beauty of a very cold winter evening an hour and a half from home.Now I can finally say that I got to see the snow this year

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Thank you..for reading and commenting!<br />
I'm happy for you and I hope that it will all work out.Life is so full of wonder and adventure but it is also very precious just like our love for someone.Sometimes we can get side tracked for it's so easy to do but the smallest thing can bring us back.<br />
I wish you happiness and joy....maybe even a new adventure.<br />
Take care!

thanks......You just made me remember all of the little adventures that my husband and I have been on in the past....<br />
<br />
And you can not know just how much I thank you for that......I was starting to think about leaving him....for I could not stand the here and now.....But I think that I will stay.....<br />
If for nothing else than to hope and dream of another adventure with him.....lime we have had in the past....<br />
<br />
Once more...thank you for reminding me

Thank you gryfnn for commenting.<br />
Sometimes such simple things can be the most precious of all.<br />
<br />
Hugs right back to you!

What a happy story--it's nice to hear about loving people doing simple things and enjoying each other and the beauty of the natural world. Thank you, hugs gryf