My Fantasy

Since at a young age, I could remember, I've always had a secret fantasy of an older woman teaching me..maybe one day I will find that Woman in the NJ/NYC area..

I have been searching for someone experienced in the art of love making..I want her to guide me, teach me and show me how to pleasure a woman. I want to be taught on how to use my lips, tongue and mouth a woman's breasts and nipples as foreplay... I want to use my fingers and hands to open a woman's legs to feel the heat, slowly finding the **** and bringing a woman to her peak. After she can't take anymore, I'd finally thrust my **** in, our bodies rubbing, until I slowly reach my peak..she then licks clean the remaining *** off me..

How I want this to happen..
Redy93 Redy93
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

There must be thousands of older women who would love to educate you in this field. How old do you want?