Baby Fun

this is funny two days ago I was going to spend the week with my aunt agen but this time my mom wanted to play a joke on her and I was her wepon. becaus I was a teenage baby befor we went to her hous she fed me for the first time in a long time solid foods and a lot of it she then gave me 5 bottles of watter to drink on the way thear wen she left me at my aunts hous my aunt took me to the nurshery she cheked my diaper it was clean for once but not for long about 3 min later my stomik rumbled and the bigest mess I had ever made in a diaper came out my aunt was shoced my diaper looked 2 times biger and she toled me to get in the tub as soon as I got up from sitting in my poop some mor came out my diaper started saging and I was filthy my aunt caled my mom and come to finde ot that was my moms joke she wanted me to make a mess and my aunt had to clean it up and I was still pooping wen my aunt pooled off the diaper wich was allready coming off I peed right in her lap she backed away and laphed finaly I was done and given a bath by my aunt.

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God couldn't you use a dictionary to check your spelling and grammar. I could not read after the 2nd sentence.