Money - It Makes Me What I Am It Makes You What You Are

Materialistically & scientifically there has been a massive evolution in recent years but I think we haven’t evolved in ways that actually make us humans. Throughout the world, mankind the superior of all is experiencing a sharp deterioration in morals. Sometimes it makes me feel like being a victim of conspiracy. I feel we are tactfully and strategically injected with distractions by tools of mass media so that our brains are completely absorbed and occupied with lower level attributes like lust, desire, greed and envy. The result of it comes out as a proven fact of social degradation in statistical revelations that confirm a steady increase of rapes, murders and abuses of all form in recent times. I think through deeper cultivation and realization one can easily find out the root of all reasons fueling this large scale conspiracy. The fundamental is simple and It’s like the more a human is spiritually enlightened and evolved the less he will be attracted towards the materialistic aspects of life which if you notice, is a severe threat to nasdaq, dowjones, nikkie, sensex and all major market barometers all over the world. i believe you understand how painful it will be for multinational companies that regulate your life and feed you with employment to accept a fact as harsh as that and hence, all attempts are being formulated to ignite the desire of materialistic pleasures by manipulating the basic lower level human characteristics of lust, envy, greed and ego. And this where Freud comes in to add to our misery …..
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Wow yes ... There are definitely lots of things going on to dumb us down, keep us quiet, ... While so much more is going on .. Behind the scenes I want to say but actually its in front of our very tightly shut eyes ....

I concur.

Perhaps this is why so many women in America buy the Swiffer Mop. They are bombarded by the commercials that life is so much better, if only you have the latest and greatest gadget. The mop with a disposable pad designed so tht you have to replace the pad after every use. A bombardment of commercials to get every woman to replace her existing mop with one that will cost more due to the continual need to replace the pads.

People fall so easy to the conspiracies around them. Just keep bombarding them with commercials, infomercials and television programs that appear as impartial 'news' stations that are systematically selling the masses the 'Swiffer' mop version of WAR and corruption that they eagerly gulp down as fast as their 'Big Gulp' double grape corn-syrup, Aspartame, carcinogenic toxic drink that is 'fun to drink'.

hey DW !!! oh wow !! how are you ?

oh Kitty !! wonderful as ever

Mankind in general has faced a choice money or morals ... they have picked money , and set aside all morals to get as much as they can and usually more than they need.

Its up to us to against the grain , be individuals and say no .. there is more value in kindness than say a brand new car, or empathy is better than another million in the bank .

Many are not , they just let themselves get swept up with the mob . But there are some that will not just be swept away by the money mob . Hope lays with them .

I have missed your posts .. thank you for posting this !=-)