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My Wife Tied Me Up And Threatened Me.

 One night my wife and I were going to make love. Well, this night I asked her to tie me to the bed. (I love to be tied up) She very tightly tied me to the bed spreadeagle with rope. My wrists and ankles to the four posts. I was totally at her mercy. Then she got on top of me and did something unexpected. She grabbed me by the balls very tightly and very angrily said, "Did you cheat on me ?!!" and she tightened her grip on my balls until they hurt. "Well did you?!!!" I yelled "NO!!" "I swear!!" She said "YOU ******* BETTER NOT HAVE BECAUSE IF YOU DO I"LL RIP YOUR BALLS OFF!!!" She made me repeat it a couple more times, let go of my balls and grabbed my throat and she swore at me some more and called me some more names. She was really angry and I was actually kind of afraid of what she might do since I was her prisoner. Then she pulled out a scarf from the dresser and gagged me with it and then she ****** me hard. Obviously while I was still tied up. That was the hottest sex I have ever had!!!
pmikey pmikey 46-50, M Jun 27, 2011

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