I Just Spent The Night Trapped In Sweaters

First I prepared my "woolly prison". I roughly sewed a pair of cashmere gloves onto the cuffs of a lambswool sweater, then sewed a pair of angora socks over those, to make nice soft paws - they were the beginning of my helplessness.

Next, I sewed a merino wool hood (double-thickness, reversible, no openings, like a balaclava without a face hole) into the turtleneck of the same sweater, so that the unfolded turtleneck was sewed up over my nose and mouth. Over this I sewed a double-layer alpaca knitted hat to overlap the turtleneck and come down over my mouth. I would now be breathing through five layers - I felt confident I could manage that alright, but I would have plenty of time to find out how restrictive that feels!

My inner garment was now ready - next I turned to my favourite sweater of all. It's a long, very thick, brown mohair sweater dress that comes down to my knees. The neck is long enough to engulf my head, and the sleeves come down past my fingertips. It is extremely soft and cuddly, and with a little modification, made a superb prison garment. I gathered the ends of the turtleneck and sleeves with nylon cord woven through the knit, and tied them closed. I added another cord under where my chin would be, but left it open for now. To complete the prison, I threaded a chain through the wool around the waist area and left it loose. This is what would make it inescapeable!

I set up an electric plug timer high on a beam near the ceiling. The key to the padlock I hung on a cocktail stick attached to the dial. It was attached in such a way that it would reach horizontal at 7am, then begin to slope downwards. From then it would be about an hour or so until the slope was enough to let the key slide off. The key was also attached to a piece of string tied to the same beam, so that instead of falling on the floor (where it would be difficult, if not impossible, to locate with my thick woolly paws and zero vision) it would be suspended in mid air.

By the time all this was done, it was about 11pm last night. I undressed, then eased my head into the five layer hood of the under-jumper. I would be able to see nothing until the key dropped. I didn't pull on the body of the sweater yet, but first pushed my head into the sealed neck of my brown mohair sweater. The final task of my naked fingers was to tie the cord in a bow under my chin, sealing my head now within six layers of knitwear. I had a last feel of my well protected, softly muffled head with my bare hands before I eased them down the tight imprisoning sleeves of my inner jumper. I already had limited dexterity, now I would make my hands virtually useless by pushing them into the closed sleeves of the big sweater dress. The most difficult part was then locating the ends of the chain around my waist and closing them together with the small padlock using my big, clumsy paws. I knew this would be tricky, but finally, there was a delicious click, and I realised I was actually trapped without hope of release until the timer released the key!

My heart was beating fast with excitement, and I was beginning to have doubts about the number of layers of wool I had subjected my head to - first from the restriction to my breathing, secondly from the heat! I found it difficult to calm down and to need less air. I was breathing quite heavily, mainly from excitement, and although there was no question of suffocating, I doubted I would get much sleep with all that wool on my face.

I was loving the feeling of being utterly trapped in the wool and at the mercy of external forces. I imagined being kidnapped and kept like this for days, weeks or months. At the same time it was a torture - I was getting hot, and although I could calm my breathing for short periods, I would suddenly panic, and want more air. I simultaneously wanted desperately to be let out of this confinement, and to be kept trapped in my woollen prison indefinitely! The desire to be free was also part of the thrill of my confinement.

The night was very long. I didn't think I would last sometimes, but I managed to sleep between 3 and 6am (I had a radio on to keep up with the time). I awoke feeling more relaxed, and not too hot. However, when I realised how much longer I still had to wait I started to get excited and agitated all over again.

I would love to repeat the experience, but preferably in the winter, on a particularly cold night, and perhaps with fewer layers on my head. The trouble is, when I come down to it, I am always tempted to wear too many layers for my own comfort. But that edge of unbearableness is part of the lure.
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Great story, please tell us how and how long it took you to release yourself after you got the key. Thanks for the great story