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I think it is just natural to be uncut, I know people who are cut and to me it just does'nt seem natural. I am sure someone will tell me different.
funtime50 funtime50 56-60, M 3 Responses Mar 19, 2011

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American sex educators and doctors continue to deny that they bits removed by circ can contribute a lot of pleasure to both sexes.<br />
The sexual value to men of what circ cuts off is obvious to me, simply because those bits have a very rich and special nervous system. That shouts to me that the foreskin and frenulum are erogenous zones.<br />
How do fellow nudists react to restoration and to the ongoing struggle against American routine infant circ?

As a man ages, his glans very gradually become dull. But the foreskin and frenulum do not. There are circumcised older men who find it hard or impossible to enjoy sex. I cannot see how an uncut man free of alcohol and drug issues, and not a diabetic, can have erectile dysfunction, if his partner is willing to play with his foreskin and frenulum. Quite a few women are turned on by the moving man bits circ removes. You intact nonAmericans may not appreciate how lucky you are to have all those bits. They may be surplus to requirements when one is young and full of testosterone, but that state of affairs does not last forever.

I am uncut and every time a lady friend admires and plays with my foreskin I thank my parents for being so forward thinking. When I was born, here in the USA, I am guessing that 95% or better of the infant boys where routinely circumcised but fortunately my parents realized that since we are born with it we might as well be allowed to keep it. I enjoy playing with it myself and it is nice to be able to masurbate without needing lube. I Love My Foreskin and wouldn't have it any other way.