Human Footstool

I have been in a BDSM relationship for 2 years now.  My master is an experienced dom who has allowed me to explore a submissive side of myself I didn't realise I had.

He loves me to dress for him - always the same thing - a tight black skirt, white tight fitting blouse, fishnets and 5 inch heels a lead and collar round my neck. He instructs me to be ready for him when he gets home from work.  He leads me round on all fours and hoods me.  I lie on the floor for him to have something comfortable for him to rest his feet on.  Sometimes I am on all fours, sometimes he likes me to lie on my side while he rests his feet on my face.  I love to be ignored - sometimes he works, I love it when he takes phone calls his feet pressing in to me.  If I move too much he whips me and tugs on my lead. 

My ultimate fantasy is to have his feet on my back as while another woman sits astride him ******* him.

Sometimes he gags me.  we have a gag with attachable tools - sometimes I serve as a drinks tray, sometimes an ashtray.  I love the shoe brush attachment - kneeling before him while i wipe his shoes is an incredible feeling.

If I've been bad he makes me sleep on the floor tied to the bed.


footstool footstool
41-45, F
Oct 24, 2009