I Want To Feel My Ripe Breasts Sucked And Full Of Milk

Milk me, suck me, then hook me up to a double breast pump, milk me dry. I want to feel sucked and milked. My breasts filled with milk and ache with more milk produced, I want relief.. milk me. Big thick nipples begging to be milked.

Hulagirlz Hulagirlz
51-55, F
6 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Hi there~! I really love this story. I'm rather new to EP and just recently made my first group!! I would love it if you added this story for other people in my community to read <3 I'm sure they would enjoy it (:

My group:

I'm looking for new members + lesbian bi & farm themed stories about breasts to be posted there <3333

Perfectly described. Perfect.

AAhhhh darlin, you do have a way with words. ;)

In all this talk of people wanting more healthier andorganic food would good be healthier. A cow like hulagirl that provides fresh milk withfull udders. Udders that would be milked by hand,pump and finally by my hungry mouth. I would be under you suckling at you thick fat nipples like a hungry calf.

sweet fresh milk right from the organic source

mmm we should talk more you are my kind of cow

At ur dairy..... my **** heavy and ready. My big thick brown nipples r made for milking. Imagine it on ur tongue.

At my dairy, I would have you lay down on my milking table and let your heavy udders hang down below. I would then place a milkpail under your teats and handmilk you until your milk is almost dried out, then move the full pail of milk aside to suckle the last drops out and enjoy your fat pumped nipples with my hard-sucking mouth. Then I would use udder cream on your floppers, massaging the cream into your dangling flapjacks with my hands to prevent nipple cracking.and keep your udders healthy. When done, I'd have you assist me in hand-milking the next cow in the herd.

Moooo, I would love to be your cow. You would enjoy grabbing hold of my long long thick nipples for milking. Then suclking for hours