My Dairy

At my dairy, I keep my herd of five hucows on a constant cycle of sucktion. The milk is always flowing. If my cows are not pumping or handmilking, they're sucking the milk out of each other's udders and even from their own. I have to keep the cows busy or they would suck themselves out of milk, so I have them sway their huge floppers in front of cameras to pay for the dairy. Occassionally, we throw ***-sucking parties, inviting women, couples, and other farmers and their herds to join us in celebrating our love of sucking ***. No one is allowed to take off their pants at these parties, Men must keep their shirts on but all the women go topless. This means only udders are played with and oh, how they are played with. Sucked, licked, squeezed, pumped, milked, dangled, groped and fondled all night long. Sometimes a cow with particularly pendulous floppers lays her **** out on the table and the rest of the cows take turns spreying their milk on her funbags, covering her own udders in milk before she licks her cream-covered teats clean. The hucows applaud by slapping their floppers together for her when she's done. Then it's back to everyone sucking on the nearest teat.


This is not a real dairy. But if I could make one, this is how it would be. 

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holy **** this is my dream <3 too bad you're not a woman or I would come to live at your dairy and never leave ;) visiting one of those parties would be nice though.

Hi there~! I'm rather new to EP and just recently made my first group!! I would love it if you added this story for other people in my community to read <3 I'm sure they would enjoy it (:

My group:

I'm looking for new members + lesbian bi & farm themed stories about breasts to be posted there <3333

good fantasy ;)

marvelous story

I would join your dairy

My favorite story because it's my fantasy be totally focused on my breasts, milking instead of foreplay to sex

I hear that!!!!!!

My group:

I'm looking for new members + lesbian bi &amp; farm themed stories about breasts to be posted there &lt;3333

really i wanna join ur dairy

Woah!!,.. count me in MmmOoooooo

wouldnt it be great...