Me And My Husband Had Vidoe Taped Us Having Sex

Me and my husband's sex life was really sucky. I decided to try and make it a little intreasting and asked if he would be up to video taping us having sex. He was all for it. He really got into it for  few weeks, but it fizzled real quick. I would love it if I could do it again, but with my old lover or even with the man next door hell I would love to with my mail man. They are old and hot and could probly get my juices flowing.

dreamingofoldermen dreamingofoldermen
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7 Responses Feb 24, 2010

even better--is that nowadays you can do a video and put it online using a fake profile and the chances of getting recognized are almost impossible

I would love to help you get your juices flowing just so I could lick them up. If you ever want to come up to New Hampshire for a visit I am sure you would enjoy it.

can we see the vid?

i'm here in virginia

I'd love to get with you and taste all your juices. I wish you were close to Ohio. We'd be video stars.

I'll get your juices flowing baby!!!!

I'm game so when are we going to set this up! Bill in Va.