500 Lashes

I've been whipped numerous occasions over the last six years by three different Mistresses and actually made videos with two of them. So I guess to say that I am a certifiable heavy-duty whip ****!

It's very painful ! And today I have a back that looks normal but doesn't welt easily and turns into burning shoe leather for a few days after the whipping.

Oddly enough, I keep going back for more of this brand of torture and actually impressed the Mistresses! The most effective instrument of torture for me is the six foot "OWK" brand "cruel lady" single-tail bullwhip. It has a relatively heavy and blunt end, genuine bullwhip handle and is far more painful than a similar whip with a cracker at the end. I have also found that the whips that make the most noise and visible bloody lashes (YUM!) are the thin light ones with crackers but unfortunately these inflict less pain than the aformentioned one and so I consider them less desireable for an authentic, painful whipping. And no, the lashes are not permanent, they go away in about ten days - even the bloody ones.

My preferred position is a tight spread-eagle stance with lashes firmly applied only to my back. I've actually kept a rough tally of the heavy lashes endured on each session over the years and have found that it is not difficult to obtain a high number of authentic and heavy lashes in a session if one takes a short breather every fifty lashes or so and has the willingness to remain "in position" for an hour or more. It's possible to do this if your arms and wrists are not bound so tightly so as to reduce blood circulation.

An audience will often add to the pleasure (for all of us!) I have found as I derive satisfaction from having others witness my suffering and stamina. Yes, it really is painful - and satisfying!

I have a high tolerance for cold (and pain obviously!) so my ultimate fantasy is an outdoor bullwhipping on a cold wet day while secured spread-eagle in a whipping frame, with an audience of course. Mistress is aware of this but unfortunately we haven't been able to locate a suitable location as of yet.

My current record for lashes endured in one session is 500, and was reached over the years in steps starting around a hundred six years ago. My current Mistress and I are aiming for a personal best of 1,000 by Christmas but easier said than done!!

Want to know more? Just ask!

Regards, Eduello
eduello eduello
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I'd like to hear about the 1000 lashes. Was it accomplished? Would love to see this--any chance of getting an invite for the next session?

My wife is very skilled and loves to use single tails and bullwhips. She had traditionally used whips with the nylon poppers but a couple years ago ordered a "Cruel Lady" from the OWK. I vouch that while it does not make the beautiful cracking sound, it is indeed more painful. I took 200 across my bare *** and the back of my legs the first night she got it. I wasn't sitting for days and that's not an exaggeration.

Thanks Big Al!! You've really motivated me - and my Mistress - to find an appropriate outdoor location and fulfill what is a dream for both of us !!

Hi Eduello great to hear im not the only one in the world who loves this, the back was the orriginal part of the body that was whipped (ie to slaves,pirates, and prisoners in medieval times)<br />
I have a very close friend who is also a professional mistress but she loves to play with me as she never gets to really let go with her whips on anyone else in her job but knows i can withstand a hell of alot and i dont wish to boast but we did make the 1000 lashes boxing day last year and even though very painful it was awesome especially as we had only gone as far as 500 lashes in one session before but on several occasions, but on boxng day we went to an outside location and she actually tied me tightly to a large tree and delivered the thousand lashes to my back over a few hours and i was totally in sub space, she used 2 whips for this both came from a company called quality control, one was the cat of nine tails and the other a theyre best single tail, both whips and my friend caused me very serious pain and alot of deep lacerations which lasted for weeks after, my back now has a few permanent scars which will never go away but my back also can still take alot of whipping and i am often used for my friend to train other new mistresses, I have just this week ordered a new bull whip which is due to arrive by monday and we have set a date for next saturday when my mistress friend is going to deliver 500 lashes with the new bull whip then 500 with the cat again and she has made it clear that she really wants to carry on with the lashes until i lose consiousness altogether so i think this next session which is being held in her chamber by the way will undoubtably go way past the 1000 mark, good job she has the facilities to give my back stitches after if needed lol, yes i am looking forward to it and yes at the same time very apprehesive or **** scared if the truth know but i will still be there for it. hope you get to do your outside session cos believe me it is totally different and is an experiance you will love..

Hi - Good question! As far as I can tell I am just hard-wired for back whippings.

Hi - Good question! As far as I can tell I am just hard-wired for back whippings.