What I Love The Most

I love being tied naked outside to a tree with my arms extended and my feet spread apart and bound. The hot sun is baking on my bare *** as the single tail and bullwhips crack across my bare skin. tHe sound of the crack and the sting of the whip is so arrousing that it doesnt matter how marked up my *** gets. more and more enjoy it until my *** is all welted and marked. my only problem is the marks are gone in two or three days and I can never find someone who will keep going until I beg for them to stop, Everyone I paid for wanted money for and hour or two but each time I left feeling I wanted more. is there anyone out there who can whip my *** raw. Ill pay for your time. NO SEX....I need to trust that you will give me what i ask and untie me when i beg you to stop
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2011

Im still willing to accomadate your need. Just let me know and see if we can work something out.

Sir i would consider it a pleasure to the treatment you want.I dont have a problem with your request.I Ifyou want contact me and lets see if its possible..