I Was Whipped Naked In Public

When my boyfriend once led me to an S & M club, I wore an elegant gown and a bra and knickers including as well as stockings, suspenders and high heels.

I was brought on stage, where he announced that I would be whipped.

I was ordered ***** naked myself. It was humiliating, when 60 or 80 men and women were watching me as I removed my gown, opened my bra and took it off.

Then I felt the gaze of all men on my heavy boobs while I removed my panties.

Naked except stockings and high heels my hands were fixed to a chain which hung at the ceiling. I was entirely exposed to the gaze of the men, when he started to whip me. He lashed severely and painful all over my body and I squirmed under the blows and moaned.

The traces of the whip marked my body, as he untied me. He put around me on a coat and led me out.
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mmmmmm..... sounds like a fun night.

Wow nice story. Please add me

I am so glad that you did this and shared with us. There must be more to this story though and I would love to hear it.

I too experienced this and was really turned on by it.
What did you do together after he led you away?
Were you turned on at the same time as being humiliated?

True or not, it's a really exciting vision, even though at the time your back and you *** must have burnt like hell...

Last saturday I whipped a girl like that. <br />
<br />
Previously I had been beaten her hard with the cane, so that the whipping has not been very severe. But it has been very erotic. A few times I wrapped the single tail gently around her body.<br />
<br />
I liked to beat her from the front and from the back, and I like to beat her everywhere I want her being whipped.<br />
<br />
It must have been very erotic.