Whipped In Amsterdam

Been wondering around Amsterdam, looking for some excitement. Always wanted to experience a whipping. At last I stumbled on a shop with a large front window with many whips and paddles on display. In the back of the shop, was a large St. Andrews cross. This looked like my kind of place. I knocked on a side door and a women in a black leather skirt and blouse answered. I was invited in.

I explained what I was looking to experience. I explained that I had a fetish of wearing women’s lingerie, and felt that I needed to be punished for such pleasures. I said that I mainly love wearing negligees , soft silky, nylon, silk and satin material. I made me feel very girlish. I had brought a negligee with me, in the event I had found such a place as this shop.

The lady said she could fulfill my fantasy. It would , however would cost more for what I wanted to do. I said that I was prepared to pay , what was a fair amount, as this would be the experience of a life time. Basically, I wanted to be bound to the cross and whipped while wearing a negligee.

She asked for 500gd ($300) and no sex was involved. However, she agreed to ********** me, at the end of the whipping, for an additional 100gd. I agreed. She explained , that first time whippings, should go no more than 25 lashes. The whip that is normally used, will leave red marks on my skin, but absolutely no damage. But, it will have a bit of burn to the sting. All clients enjoy the use of the whip she recommends. She shows me the whip. It is about 6 ft. in length, with a 4 in, triple tip . The leather is well cared and some what soft to the touch. She explains that the final 8-10 inches of the whip will strike the skin, leaving a nice red mark, for each lash. She also explains, that what ever we decide, is what will be delivered. So I need to be very sure, once I’m secured to the whipping cross, I will receive all 25 lashes.

I pulled out my negligee to show her what I will wear. I was a 2 piece outfit. A very thin , opaque pink nylon gown, about knee length and a sheer pink outer coat, with long puffy sleeves. She thought I will look real cute, like a sissy-boy. Once I was secured to the whipping cross, I wanted the sheer outer coat, raised over my head and out of the way, leaving only the opaque gown covering my backside. She added that the whip might tear the thin material. I told her note to worry, I have many gowns.

I was next asked to sign a release statement, as I was a foreigner. She said this was for her protection. I had no problem with this request. Basically, it states that I have paid her 600gd, to be voluntarily whipped . It also states that the whip will only leave red marks on my skin. I sign that I will be receiving 25 lashes.
I am now asked to remove all my clothing, and place it in a chair. I leave on my nylon panties that match the gown that I was about to put on. She says, “no panties, that is too much material, only your gown and sheer coat” I comply.

I then put on the gown and sheer outer coat. I enjoy the airy feeling of the soft material against my skin, before she directs me to the whipping cross. She instructs me to position myself against the cross, arms down to my side. The lady is the short side , maybe 5ft. in and places a stool to my right side. She then asks for my right arm and pulls it upward, placing the leather wrist restraint around my wrist and tightens. She then pulls on the restraint, straightening out my right arm. She then moves the stool to my left side, again securing my left arm in the same fashion.

She then steps down from the stool , placing it to the side. She then grabs my left ankle, pulling it outward and secures a leather ankle restraint around the ankle. My right ankle is then pulled outward and secured with a ankle restraint. My legs are now spread about 3 ft. apart. Most of my weight is now on my wrists.

She walks around to the front of me. She scolds me for being a naughty sissy-boy. “You are now going to receive 25 good lashes for wearing pretty girly clothes. Make all the noise you want, know one will hear or care, got it ?” she says. I reply “Yes Mam”.

She then turns and heads for the whip stand, retrieving the whip, we agreed to use. She returns to me, placing the whip handle into my mouth, “hold this while I’ll adjust your outfit” She walks behind me, raising up my sheer outer coat of my negligee , and tosses it over my head. The soft material floats down over the front of my face. What a relaxing feeling. She retrieves the whip from my mouth and walks behind me again. I knew at this point, it was only a matter of minutes, before I would experience the pain and pleasure of that stinging tail.

She then comments on how pretty I look, with the thin layer of pink nylon material covering on backside. I’m ask if there is anything I want to say, before my punishment begins. “Yes Mam, I deserve each and every lash you are about to give me. To me, it is a thrill to wear pretty girly things and I know it is wrong and must be punished. Thank you Mam”

Then I heard the snap of the whip, just near my right side, followed by another snap. “I’m testing my aim. Next a few soft strokes will fall across your back and butt. Then the real punishment will begin” she states.

With out warning, “wisssssh” “snap” the tail bite into my upper back. Followed by another across my upper back. “aaah” I yell out. Those 2 lashes did indeed, burn. “Did you feel those through the pretty gown ?” “Yes Mam” I respond. “Good, 23 more just like that, coming your way. Enjoy” she says. She then meticulously , lashes my back and butt. She seems to pause for 4-5 seconds between lashes. Just as the burn subsides another one strikes in a different spot. Following each lash, my erection really gets harder. She really knows how to deliver punishment. My breathing is becoming more rapid. Now my butt is feeling the lashes. God, my skin is on fire.

Amazing, she is really taking me to the threshold of pain and pleasure. My penis has never been so hard. The burn of the whip tail is pure pleasure. “Almost finished.” She now concentrates on my upper back. The burning sensation increases as the final few lashes are delivered. “There, 25 well applied lashes. How are you feeling now sissy-boy ?” “Exhausted” I claim. “ I see a few rips in your gown.” She raises my gown and comments on how well the whip bit through the thin material. “You now have a lot of red strips across your girly, plump butt” I could not wait to see her work. She then rips the top of my gown, where there was some tearing of the material. “Oh my, your back is well striped too”. “I think you could have taken another 5 lashes, but you signed for 25, so I can’t give you anymore.” “This is a beautiful whip, I can swing it hard, it burns nicely and doesn’t damage skin, the perfect whip” I couldn’t agree more.

“Now for your massage” She then grabs my erection and slowly brings me to the most intense ****** I have ever had. My whole body shakes on the cross. Thank God for the wrist restrains, I was now totally exhausted.

I’m left to rest on the whipping cross for some time. She returns and releases me.

“If you return some time in the future, I will sentence you to maybe 40 lashes” “Anymore, I’m afraid you may pass out” She says.

She tells that she has male clients that request 50-60 lashes , naked and they are very exhausted when finished. She thinks 40 may be my limit. There is also a women, that gets 100 lashes, but she is the exception. The women and herself are both exhausted after 100 lashes. I mention that I have a red satin gown, that is slightly heavier material than the gown I wore today. I sure would like to take 50 lashes wearing that gown.

She agrees to let me bring the satin gown on a return visit. But, I will have to convince her , that I am able and willing to take 50 lashes. I mention that maybe if I could wear a gag and blindfold, 50 lashes would be doable. She would think about it. She further suggests that if she takes a little longer than normal with 50 lashes, I might take those 50 lashes.
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You're stronger than me. I don't think I could take a whipping or flogging by just standing. to me, being restrain is part of the excitement.

I don't want to be paddled or whipped on the buttocks, but on the back, sides, and even chest and tummy. I've often wondered if I could endure that. I want to be whipped without being bound, just being submissive for the agreed number of lashes. If I succeed, she pays me, if I wimp out, I have to pay her. Makes it a nice, interesting game.