This Is A Good Start

i had my robe on(with nothing underneath,and i went downstairs and basically said "Greg you are such a *****".(i reeeally wanted to get a spanking)In which case my mom told me i was in for quite a whopping and greg(my step-dad) picked me up over his shoulder and took me to the bedroom.he promptly took off my robe while i just stood there.he then grabbed his belt and pulled me over his lap,I was scared now because he seemed real pissed.I squirmed alot and tried to get up.he couldnt really get me.He slapped my *** with his hand,lingering a little and then told me to stay right there as he went down stairs.I was trembling now,because i was afraid and because he had touched me.what I hadnt realized was that greg hadnt come home alone and he brought his two older brothers upstairs with him.I tried to put on my robe as they came in but it quickly got jerked away.Joe and Sam are both big like their brother and are very short-tempered.I cried and fought as sam took my thighs (his hands were almost big enough to wrap around them!)and joe grabbed my arms,I wriggled and cried,they put me on the bed.joe lightly sat on my upper body and sam firmly held my legs in place,he had them spread open too and i know they were watching my ***** get really wet.finally greg picked up his belt and cracked it on my ***,making me scream out.he did this 10 times and then switched places with sam,and they kept *** was glowing and I had finally reduced to whimpers.then they flipped me over,making me cry out,hoping to get released,i begged for their forgivness and promised to be better,but Greg looked at me and said"you are a little *****,you practically soaked the bed through with your ***** juices!you are going to be punished for that as well".my mom stepped in the room and i smiled with relief "mom!",she shook her head,"you little ****!Greg told me about the advances you have made and you got wet during this!you will be punished for a very very long time missy.",she looked very angry.she nodded at the men,"whip her breasts and *****,they need to be taught a all are welcome to come back anytime and use this little *****".I moaned in terror as sam lightly sat on my arms and put his hands below my breasts to hold me down.joe laughed and grabbed my thighs open.,my ***** was aching with the very thought.greg pulled up his belt and sat over my stomach,on his knees.he was blocking my view and sams hands were now on my nipples.he raised his arms and let the belt down with a loud thwack! making me scream with pain and my ***** burn.he did this five times and went to rotate ***** was crying and my whole body shook,i was very week and couldnt move.finally they moved to my ****.he saw the look on my face and smiled "its not anywhere near over yet sugar.there is tomorrow and the next day and the rest of your life".i nodded."yes sir",he then pulled up the belt once more and beat my nipples in rythem,sending white-hot agony down my throbbing body.they only rotated once and then got up.I was dazed with pain,and an odd pleasure as he picked me up once more over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.i was relieved it was over,until I saw he was headed towards the back door,i was instantly alert once more"Hey!!!where are we going?!?!" i yelled.he smacked my throbbing ***,making me yelp and told me to be respectful.i was silent as he brought me outside and towards his dog,Spike(a great dane), house. my step-grandparents are our only neighbors i thought in horror as he dropped me on the ground,pulled out a collar and locked it and the dog chain on.I whimpered and said"your parents will see me and have you arrested!".He smiled,"whose idea did you think it was?",I gaped in shock as he left me in our muddy back yard with a stinky,huge,hay-filled doghouse,completly naked,throbbing and cold.I crawled into the doghouse under my family's watchful eye,and curled into a ball,trying to tell myself I was not extremely turned on by the entire thing.I fell a sleep,wondering what the next day might hold....

this is erotica and lets pretend its real,K?im gonna keep writing if its well liked,i cummed while writing this,it was lots of fun!
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