Good Start Part 2

I woke up at the crack of dawn,confused and sore.I sat in the huge doghouse and noticed the camera that was looking down at me.I stared,dumbfounded,realizing that I was in a long-term situation.I trembled and my swollen,rosey breasts shook.they were even bigger then last night and i normally a butt and ***** were aching,and still bright red.I heard the door slam and scrambled out of the dog house,standing up."can i please come inside now?I promise to be good.",I begged Greg.He look furious,"how dare you ask that?you arent worthy.",i teared up and he slapped my ***,"you get on all fours,NOW!you arent getting up unless you get permission,understand?",I dropped to all fours quickly,scared of getting spanked again."yes sir.isn't the grill-out today thou,s-sir?",I asked.( he had a grill-out every month for his family) he smiled,"it sure is! and you will be best behavior." my lip trembled."may i get dressed sir?".He looked angry again,"no you will be right going to be watching you,so be polite.",I starting to tremble again,y-yes s-s-sir".he whistled and yelled"here spike!",and his huge great dane came out of the house(I didn't like the dog because he was very aggresive and HUGE) He tied spike up with me."you to play nice",and he left me there.Spike looked at me,and i sat down normally,devestated that I was going to be humiliated in front of everyone.Spike ran up to me and tackled me,knocking me to the ground,his huge paws were on my breasts as he licked me.I kicked and screamed,only to hear the door slam again.My mom came out with what looked like a riding crop."you are to never protest,EVER!you little *****!this dog can do whatever he likes to you,you little **** *****!",spike moved away from me and my mother raised the crop.I cried "NO",and she froze."WHAT did you say?",I whimpered."please don't",she was very pissed now and flipped me over.she pulled up my hand and hand cuffed me to to the dog chain,keeping me immobile.She whacked me with the crop on my ***,causing complete agony as she whipped until we were both sweating.My *** was throbbing as she left me face down in our yard,spike came over and licked my ***,i fell asleep while the dog finished licking my entire body.I woke up to laughter and the smell of burgers.I scrambled up, as the guests came to the back yard.I hurried into the dog house overhearing greg say "little ****",and knowing he was talking about me.spike wasnt tied up anymore so i had the doghouse to myself as I watched gregs cousins,brothers and their wives,parents,aunts and uncles, and nieces and nephews all stream in at the same time.I gulped as I seen some of the things they all had;endless handcuffs,gags,and some sort of contraption that looked like it held me in mid-air.and lots of dogs.the women went inside and the men and boys set up endless bondage in the yard,there were straps and whips everywhere."well lets see the pup",Goerge,gregs father said. He came to the doghouse and grabbed my leash,and yanked me out,making me choke and **** perked up and my ***** dripped as all of those men looked at me.he had a long stick in his hands and prodded my ***,i quickly got on all fours.he nodded,looking me over.he got down and shoved a finger into my *** hole,making me squeal in suprise.He slapped my *** and pulled it out."yah she will work." he confirmed and pulled over spike.greg was taking money and people were talking alot.spike sat behind me and began licking my ***** and *** hole,I groaned.and promtly got smacked in the bottom."shut up *****".I nodded,once greg had everyone's money,he yelled"spike:****",my mouth dropped as the dog began humping me.he was to big to even move!"breasts on the ground,*** in the air *****!" goerge yelled and whipped my exposed breasts.I quickly did so,and spikes penis entered my body,which was massive.I screamed as the head was in and his paws were pulling my hips towards him.He was faster and faster,putting his **** in my virgin *******.I cried and moaned,and began moving my hips towards him in ******* was being stretched to its limits when I noticed camera phones being whipped out.I cried out with his thrusts as he began knotting me!I screamed in pain and pleasure as his ball were inside my body.he stopped and cummed inside me,taking a moment before he could get ******* felt empty and sore."I think she cummed,we are going to have to really work on this one",greg said with a gleam in his eye.I fell over,my *** gaping a bit. sighing happily with the prospect of more....
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damn....I need an invite

yikes... a dog, huh? lol