Outdoors, Bent Over The Still Warm Hood Of A Car

I had been in a wonderful mood that day. I’d exercised earlier which left my endorphins and adrenalin pumping and had a series of pleasant, flirty exchanges with a number of passerby which always put me in a good mood. By early evening, I had my last stop for the day, a quick meeting but, one where I was mostly being present and didn’t have much to contribute. As I took my seat, I felt restless. I couldn’t believe I was going to have to sit still for the next hour or so until I could be free again. Not wanting to relinquish my feel good energy, I picked up my phone and surreptitiously tapped out a quick text to my partner, “What are you up to in an hour or so…I think I may need a bit of your special help releasing some of my…energy?” I tossed the phone back in my pocket and tried to pay attention. After almost two whole minutes, I felt the phone vibrate and glanced at it, “I’ll pick you up in an hour…be ready”.
What was I THINKING? I had never before asked for a spanking though, the flowing juices from between my legs made it quite clear that I loved it. I could barely pay attention and as the next meeting was scheduled and I said my quick good byes, I ran out the door. As he pulled up to the curb, I hopped in (pretending I hadn’t all but begged for it), smiled and said, “Hi, thanks for picking me up.” He glanced at me, looked back at the road and simply said, “We’ll see if you thank me later.”
Nothing more was said. He began to drive back towards his house. I wasn’t sure what to say…As we got closer, I leaned over and tried to caress his thigh, he grabbed my hand and pulled it to the bulge in his jeans. Holding my hand firmly, he asked me if I knew what that was. (Of course I knew…I didn’t know what to say…I said nothing, and nodded) More silence, his hand still holding mine to his crotch. He finally states firmly, “Do you realize that as long as I’ve known you that you have ever, or hardly ever…taken the initiative to touch me? As much as I touch you, guide you, discipline and correct you…I am always the one to start any erotic endeavor. Have you always been this spoilt and greedy?”
****. This was exactly what I’d feared. I knew the day would come when the absolute bliss I experienced when being spanked, cropped, and mercilessly ****** would be cut off…the ultimate punishment, and the one I knew I could not withstand. I dryly swallowed. I think I pathetically tried to squeeze his **** but, he was holding my hand too firmly, and batted it away from his crotch.
As we continued driving, he passed a turn off into a dimly lit gravel road that led onto a well-used bike path by day but, ignored at night. He drove in, saying nothing. Reaching the head of the trail, and the end of the almost road…lit only by a single, dim gas bulb at the end of the road, he parked. He looked at me said, “Get out.” I did nothing, so he repeated it, slightly louder, “Get out.”
I opened the door and stepped out, he stepped out of his side and said, “Come here.” while removing the worn but, smooth leather belt from his jeans. As I approached within arms lengths of him in the cool wintry air, he spun me around and pushed my face and arms into the still warm, heated hood of his car. I was bent over and without even removing my jeans he proceeded to wail that doubled-over belt on my back side and thighs. THWACK, THWACK…after the first two, it stung over and over, as I bucked and tried to lift my upper body from the hood of the car. He had leaned his upper body over mine and was holding me down as I could no longer restrain my yells.
I was conscious of the fact that we were outside, in the open air, and that this was less than 100 yds from a busy road. I couldn’t help myself I screamed his name and said, “PLEASE…”. He finally stopped and said, “Please what, you spoiled ****…you know you want this…and shoved his hands down my pants and his fingers into my *****. He stuck his hand in and out between my legs, and then grabbed his now sticky, wet fingers and shoved them into my mouth. “Clean it up…and don’t tell me PLEASE again…unless you can tell me you want more…you know you do.”
My legs were not stinging so much now but, had radiated to a general warmth where the belt had fallen on my butt and thighs. He told me to drop my pants and without hesitating, I unfastened my belt and lowered my own pants. He leaned my forehead down to the hood of the car again. He caressed my *** cheeks, lightly spanking each cheek and tugged at my cheeky panties. He leaned over and said, “I know you don’t think you’re done. You asked for this, and you know you want it.”
He pushed his knee in between my legs, forcing them apart, and leaned back into my upper body, holding me down firmly and began to wail his belt on my now exposed ***, thighs and lower back. The blows rained down all over my backside, and I screamed into my clenched fist. Abruptly, the blows stopped. I heard nothing but felt him yank my pants back up and pull me up. Approaching up the dirt road were a set of headlights. He looks at me and says, “Shhh.” I say nothing, still struggling to catch my breath, and trying to rub my stinging back side. He looks at me and says, “This may be the police.” CRAP, I think…just what I need, some local headline to have an image of me in some fetish stuff in public. As these thoughts go through my head, the lights move on, and it is the twin lights of two bicycles approaching the trail for some night riding.
I was so relieved that I let out a nervous laugh which was the wrong thing to do. He pushed me to the ground, and grabbed his **** pushing it into my mouth. My knees felt the cold gravel of the dirt road, as I tried to hold onto his legs for support. He thrust his **** over and over into the back of my mouth and then, gripping my hair guided, more than pulled me back to my feet. He maneuvered me back onto the hood of his car, my back to him and told me to drop my pants again. I did so, clenching and bracing for a renewal of the blows. After an eternity of nothing, he leans in and says…’spread your cheeks’. I fear the direct blows on my anus and between my legs so, I hesitated. He grabbed both cheeks roughly and kneaded them, and then with his open hands rained down a series of blows on my already tender flesh. Of course I writhed and moaned, struggling to comply, but failing to grab my own derriere when his hands were hitting it consistently.
Finally, smarting, stinging and warm, the blows stopped. He caressed my stinging flesh and said, “Now…open your cheeks.” I did so and he caressed from my clitoris to the spasming circle between my cheeks. He did not waste the flowing juices from between my legs but, instead massaged, pulled and milked those drops until he had coated his **** and the inside of my ******* with my own fluids. Still bent over the car, he then rammed his **** into my backside…filling me, he then pulled almost all the way out and plunged deeper in. He continued to pummel my ***, kneading my stinging flesh, pulling my hair, as I came over and over. I lost the ability to scream and could not stand, being supported exclusively by my own body bent over the car, and his thrusting **** buried in my *******.
As he finally reached his climax and came all over my back, spurting some into my hair, he stepped away from me, leaving me slumped on the car. He got back into the car as I struggled to regain my composure. He looked at me and said, “Well, are you coming?” Nodding I get into the car, he opens his arms, and I collapse into his embrace as he kisses my forehead and caresses my hair. He then gently pulls me away, looks at me smiling and says, “Now that we have THAT out of the way…what do you want to do this evening?”

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son of a *****! my **** is incredibly hard right now. i gotta try this one with my wife!