Afternoon Surprise Part 2

Afternoon Surprise Part 2
( Please see my experience “Afternoon Surprise”)

Well, it’s been over ten weeks since my first “Afternoon Surprise”. I contacted my friend and asked if I might come over for another visit, when I normally pickup computer parts. He gave me a time and mentioned that his wife might be there also, I said fine. We would discus our plan when I arrived.

I decided to bring my flogger and a full length nylon tricot gown with me. I wanted to be secured to his spanking bench again, and have my butt flogged. I really wanted to be on his whipping post, but that wasn’t possible, because it could not be secured properly.

His wife greeted me at the door. After chatting a while, my friend made his appearance. To my surprise, he said it would be possible to conduct a whipping, if I was still interested. He said he made some last minute modifications, but it would not make use of the post. I said “sure” why not. I do not own a whip and not sure of what kind to purchase, but he had one that would be appropriate for first time uses. The whip would have a bit of a bite or sting, and would leave only red strips or at worse, light welts. Everything would clear up in a week. They proceeded to show me photos of pass whippings with friends. One photo included the wife with red stripes across her back and butt. So I was convinced , but getting a little nervous and excited.

I explained to both of them, I had a fetish with women’s lingerie and had brought a nylon gown to wear. I showed the gown and they both agreed that the material was thin enough to feel the effects of the whip.

I was then told to stand and remove my clothing and put on the gown. As soon as I pulled on my gown, I became erect. The wife commented that I would look nice properly restrained for a whipping. I asked if I could see the whip. He said I would see it once I was ready to be whipped.

Next, we talked about how the whipping would take place. I was asked , what positions I had been bound in , during past spankings and floggings. Would I like the whip applied slow and lightly, but no set number of lashes, kind of “see how it goes” ? Or a set number, with a few enhancements ? I asked what those “enhancements” might consist of…. They would be an “X” number of lashes, with or without a gag. There would be no stopping until all agreed upon lashes had been applied. They further explained that this would raise the about of excitement, endorphin level. My only concern was the amount of marks on my skin. I was told that the worse would be red strips and some soreness for a few days. But, the experience would be mind blowing. She noted that if my erection started to soften, he would back off until I got hard again. After all, this was to be an pleasurable experience.

So, I decided to go for bust, “X” number of strokes. Now, how many ? They both agreed that 30 would be a good number for the first time. Most friends, including her enjoy 50 ! if they are really aroused. I agreed to 30 lashes !

I was led down to the cellar. There I saw two lengths of chain, attached to an over head beam, with a leather wrist strap at each end. He had removed the restraining straps from his whipping post and attached them to a support beam that ran horizontally across the ceiling.

My heart was beginning to beat fast. I totally trusted my friend. My best fantasy was about to come true. We had a short discussion about what was to take place. The wife reassured me that the whip would produce very exciting pleasures . She noticed that my erection was pushing against the front of my gown. And commented that I must be ready. I agreed.

She then directed me to stand on a piece of square plywood (that had 4 “eyebolts”) under the wrist straps, facing the fall, The wall was about 4 feet in front of me, leaving the rest of the room open for swinging the whip. She slowly secured each wrist into the retraining strap. Then, standing on a footstool, she loosened the chains and pulled each upward, until both arms were stretched out and I was comfortable with the position. Next, she told me to stand on my tip toes, and she inched the support chains up one more notch, told me to relax, and my toes were just touching the floor. Wow ! I could not touch the floor with my heels, only the tips of my feet. Then a length of rope was tied around my ankles, keeping my legs together. Next she secured my feet further, by adding a length of rope to the sides, front and back of my ankles, and securing each piece to a four “eye-bolts” that were mounted in the wooden platform I was standing on. All this to prevent me from moving my legs. I was to be in this position for about 10-15 minutes. All this fiddling and causing me more excitement. I have been secured by my wrists before , for floggings and spankings, but never to a point , that my toes just touched the floor.

She explained, that a whipping should be very special and intense experience, and wanted to take time, to prepare me for this experience. She mentioned that she had tried this position, I was now in, a few weeks ago. Her husband wanted to practice a bit , before I made my next visit. So, this was all planed, I asked her. She said it had been a few years, since they shared a whipping, and wanted to try a different position, as the whipping post was no longer useable. She said she loved the thrill of being partially suspended by her wrists, that she asked him for the whip. Twenty-five lashes were given to her, before being released and taken to the bedroom for a very intense love making session.

I’m thinking, to myself, when is the whip coming…. All this talk she was doing, was really getting my endorphins flowing, which was , not doubt , part of the warm-up.

After she had completed her part, the husband stepped up to me, running his hand up the front of my gown. Gently stroking my thighs and finally touching my balls and erect penis. He wanted to be sure I was ready and highly aroused. He would start out with light strokes, spaced about 5-10 seconds apart. After several strokes, the intensity would start increasing , but keeping the 5-10 second spacing constant. His wife would stand near me, monitoring my expressions. She suggested to her husband, that she would like for him to finish me with at least 10 strokes on my bare skin. I agreed to let her judge when to exposed my bare backside. So were are talking about 6 minutes of pain and pleasure. Asked if I had any further questions or concerns, before placing the penis gag into my mouth. I wanted to see the whip. He stepped in front of me and held the whip up. It was 6 ft. long, not including the handle. It appeared to be of soft leather. There was 2 strips of single tip leather on the business end. This provided the snap.

He says that about 8-10 inches of the end will strike the skin. “Satisfied” he asks. “Yes” I respond. She suggested that I wear a gag for this experience. I t would add a sense of excitement. I agreed. The she asked if I preferred a ball or penis gag. I thought, a penis gag would feel thrilling, so I said “penis” please. Next she asks if I had ever performed oral on a male, and I said , yes. Asked how I enjoyed it, and I said I was very excited at the time, and it only seemed the thing to do. She went behind me, told me to open wide and secured the gag into my mouth. Next I was given the safe words, or rather the safe “nodes”, as I was gaged. One shake of the head was “orange” (back off a little), two shakes “green” (a little harder) and shake NO “red” (stop).

Now I thought, it was time to feel the whip, all the formalities over. But, just then, I felt the handle of the whip being run through my crouch area, causing my to let out moan of pleasure. What a “goosing”..

Then she says “I think he’s ready” Next I felt light strokes of the whip against my upper back. He explained that he was testing his aim and getting me use to the whip. He wants to give me 2 lashes and raise my gown to see the whips effect. Then, without warning, I felt the snap and burn of the whip across my upper back, seconds later the lash burned across my upper back again. God, what a feeling………….. He raised the back of my nylon gown and said that is nice, “just like bare skin” he says. I says the whip will probably tare the thin material after a while, asked if I was okay with that, I shook my head “yes”.

Asked how those 2 felt, I shook my head “yes”. He said those 2 where practice, now we begin 30 lashes. The wife positioned herself directly in front of me, and opened the front of her blouse . For an older women, her breasts where beautiful. She wore a satin black bra that pushed her breasts upwards, but not exposing any nipples. She says to enjoy the view, “It’ll keep you aroused”. She looks down at me, and tells her husband I’m very erect and to begin. At that moment, the first of 30 lashes snapped at my butt. She counts out “one” . Seconds later , the next lash crosses my other cheek, “two” she counts. So far, not too bad, very exciting.

I’m not moaning through the gag, yet. By the time we reach ten lashes, I’m feeling very relaxed and very aroused. The burning sensation is truly exciting. Before the 11th lash is applied, she tells her hubby , she thinks I’m enjoying this a little too much. She wants to see a little more “drama” coming from me. He says, “okay, I’ll pickup the pace, for the next ten, then we’ll expose his bare backside for the final ten” She replies “ that will get him going, what do you think ?” I shook my head “yes”. The next two lashes , created a very intense burning sensation across both my cheeks and I moaned with excitement through the gag. She tells her hubby, that’s what she wants to see. After about 16 lashes, I stopped listening to her count . I started focusing on the pain level the whip was producing . My muffled moans were becoming more intense, with each lash. I try to pleasure myself, viewing her breasts. Her nipples are now hard. I can see she is enjoying the effect the whip is having on me.

My breathing is very hard and deep. At one point, she strokes my erection, God that felt good. At 20, she reaches around and raises the back of gown, pulling the material up and over my head. She comments that there are several small rips in the material. My face is now covered with my gown. I can now feel her leather covered hand stroke my penis, making very hard. “Last 10” she says. “Just keep biting on the gag , breath deep and you’ll be finished”. To be honest, there was no difference between being whipped over the gown and on my bare skin, I just love the soft feeling of the material. But, the last 10 lashes were intense. He really snapped the whip harder against my butt, than my upper back. When she counted out “thirty” , my entire body went limp. As I hung there by my wrists, my erection became very hard. The heat that whip generated on my backside, was turning into sheer pleasure. My endorphin level must have been through the roof. 

My gown was pulled back over my head and floated downward. He then released the gag from my mouth. The first word out of my mouth was “WOW”. He says, if this wasn’t sheer pleasure and excitement , you won’t have enjoyed it. She tells him to ********** me, while she watches. He grabs some of the silky material surrounding my erection and gently strokes me until my whole body shook with an very intense ******. Now I was totally limp.

Then I’m told, I will be left “hanging out” for a while, to cool down. The lights were turned out and they both left the cellar. After some time, they both returned. My restraints were removed. My legs felt a little weak.

We discussed how the whipping went. I stated I still felt high (or floaty) from the endorphin overload. My backside was still burning some what. But. It was an experience of a lifetime. I’d do it again. Using a mirror, I say my backside, WOW, you could almost see each of the 30 lashes . My butt seemed to have the most strips. Some lashes were very pronounced. Some would turn to welts. I was okay with that. They should be all gone in about a week.

Then, the wife suggested, that her hubby had done such a wonderful job of treating me to a lifetime experience, I should return the favor. I agreed and said “what ?” “ Well, I can see a lovely bulge in the front of his pants” she says. Without hesitation, I knew what to do. She says, “just don’t give him a straight forward blow job, make love to him. Kiss his butt all over, lick his balls, I what to see you work on him like I would.” “Be the sissy that you are….”

She further suggests, that if I don’t make this a wonderful experience for him, I would not be invited back for future whippings. And make no mistake, I want to come back for another whipping, as this couple lives very near to me.

SO, without further discussion, my sissy side (or should I say my feminine side) came out. I slowly began to undress him and proceeded to make passionate love to him as I could. He was pleased , when we finished. Apparently , his wife was taking care of herself, watching me doing her hubby.

After we finished, I removed my gown, to redress myself, and the back of my gown had several small rips, mostly around my butt area. So I must have received the hardest lashes in that area. That gown will have to be tossed. I’ve got a few more.

A great time was had by all……………………. And, what a way to start out the new year.

We talked about a future date, maybe in 4-6 weeks. It was suggested that I email them with things, scents, fabrics or what ever really turns me on. The higher the endorphin level at the start, the better I'll enjoy a more intense and longer whipping.    I have a few more pieces of lingerie I wanted to wear to a whipping. Next time, now that I have experienced 30 lashes with his wonderful whip, I might go for 40, yes , in the right frame of mind, I will go for 40. Or maybe, my flogger and the whip, though that would be a little too much.

Will post the experience in 2 months or so.

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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

that was hot how did you like being the sissy ***** for him as your mouth took care of his **** while his wife watched you. maybe she should flog you while you suck on his **** for them,

Being whipped, by him, with his experience use of a whip, was very invigorating, to say the less. I would love to be whipped or flogged by her, but she prefers to be on the receiving end, as I do. And yes, I loved being his sissy.

Well done - good descriptive story - would love to be tied against as you're flogged and then be flogged myself whilst still with you.

Thanks, I'm getting ready for 40, maybe next weekend. A little nervous, but once I get there, I should get excited about it.

Hi , settle back and enjoy it , I'm sure you'll soon get used to and love the lash striking you, making you twist and moan with pleasure and delight. Be really brave and ask beg for it to be 50 strokes .

Well, got an Email from my friends wife, inquiring if I was ready for 40 lashes. Apparently, they feel I should receive 40, but only if I am really ready. Mentally, I don't think I am, but I will start preparing myself. I was very exhausted after 30 last time, so I'm sure 40 will be very intense.