I have whipped myself for many years. I have never found anyone i trusted to do it to me. I used to kike to see how many lashes i could take and how hard. i have taken 50 often. iam now very old but i night like to meet someone who would play with me.

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I to am a self flagellator, love whips and canes, also make up my own weeping willow birches,about 4-6 feet long, need to be green, but being soft soon break up.<br />
Have a 42 inch snake whip, a give myself 50 strokes daily, 25 with each hand....<br />
as i get older don't seem to get that feeling of pain anymore, just a feeling of well being - hope others do self punishment - love thin whippy canes for thrashing the thighs

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I "discovered" an interest in pain at an early age. When we were about 14 yo my best mate & I used to slap each other on the thighs with a rular or slippers as hard as we could to see who would wuss out first & who was toughest. We once got up to 100 strokes each before we called it quits. Our thighs were red hot & smarting but it was a real turn on for both of us to test our pain threshold in that way. <br />
<br />
Since then Ive experienced several long hard whippings as a method of learning self mastery & <br />
stoicisam. I learnt to cope with the pain not by ignoring it or mentally running away but by conciously feeling it & examining it so that it looses its fear factor.<br />
<br />
Also I live nip clamps - I set a beeper for 15 mins - lie on the floor - meditate & relax first - then after the 1st 15 mins I reset the beeper - put on tight croc clip nip clamps - very painful - then meditate again on the pain - I endure the pain - I embrace the pain - I feel the pain - but dont wuss out or remove them till the beeper sounds after 15 mins.<br />
<br />
I'm now 23. I take daily cold baths, swim in the icy lake in winter & I'm into pain endurane & stoicisam as a test of character & MANHOOD - & these are one of several ways I test myself.

i love to have a guy whip me with a cat a soft one as i dont wish to wear cuts but i love the sting a lot of lashes can give and i ****** hard at a certain point<br />
one of my desires is to wear a guys white nylon shirt one button done up and adminster a good whipping and draw the whip between my legs in front of my victim<br />
i am sure the paid would be worth the sex after

Endorphines, produced by the petuitary gland (more complex) are 200 times stronger than morphine. The name "endorphine" is a dirivitive of morphine. When the body experiences pain, these chemicals are introduced. That is why sometimes, runners experience a "runners high". This, in combination with the psycological, erotic aspect of being whipped, spanked, caned, paddled etc. is why many find it so pleasurable. I find it erotic that the "masochist, submissive, bottom etc" recives pleasure from the whipping. I also have used different impliments on myself so that I better understand how to produce these endorphines. If the impact is too severe too soon, then the sensation is simply pain, yet, if the impact of the impliment is gradually administered, the "pain" becomes an intoxicating experience. I think it is so sad that many people look at the lifestyle of bdsm or D/s, as wrong. They either do not have the inclination, or they simply are afraid that they will be labled as sick or perverse. Another sad aspect of this proclivity is the difficulty finding a partner you can trust. After all, the opportunity for abuse and preditory activity is real, and not just for women, but men as well. It doesen't even have to be sexual. Although erotic, no sexual contact is needed. It does highten the experience but to gain trust, I believe one should be spicific in knowing that the desired effect is the endorphine experience and I think this is missunderstood (spelling) or isn't known. I have lived my whole life searching for a partner to share this with. It is very sad sometimes, that we can not hook up with our soulmate in this arena.

I also whip myself when I cannot get my friend to do it for me.I ***** completely and use a series of canes from thin and whippy to thicker. I love the sting and am able to apply the cane with some effect to my buttocks.The thicker cane causes welts which I enjoy and love examining in front of the mirror.A caning is something special and I love it