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A Severe Whipping

I love being whipped and im lucky enough to have a beautiful female friend who loves to administer a good whipping to me, being chained or strapped to a cross or hung from and over head beam and totally helpless to whats about to come is an amazing feeling and and to feel every searing lash not really knowing how far she is going to go is also amazing.. but for the next time we get together i do know how many lashes im to recieve as she has already told me and its to be the most extreme whipping iv ever had as on boxing day in the dead of night we are going deep into a wood where my beautiful lady friend is going to chain me to a tree and deliver 1000 lashes to my back with a leather bullwhip and believe it or not this i am so looking forward to....

bigal67 bigal67 41-45, M 9 Responses Dec 20, 2009

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Too bad we'll never hear the lurid details of how she tormented you. How long did it last? Did she make you please her orally during the session? If I were the one letting you lick my whip...I'd also have you lick my ****....LOL!

I do believe it. Would love to join you. Would she like to whip two men? I can take 1000 lashes.

Lucky guy >>>>>> I'd love to have you do me that way ! e-mail me if you'd be interested ? ( )

At five seconds per lash, that is going to require a long time! Absent any other consideration, five kilosecs is one and one-half hours. <br />
<br />
If she takes a break, to enjoy your writhing, or to rest, or whatever, that increases the time required. <br />
<br />
Delivering a whipping to someone, while somewhere in the woods, is a huge turn-on for Me! <br />
<br />
So, WHAT HAPPENED? We all want to know.

I must say, the woods is very "primal". My husband cried out when he heard me offer the paddle to another man. As I walked away I could clearly tell he was receiving a much more severe paddling than I normally give him. As I turned away and continued my walk, the sharp crack of the paddle turned me on immensely!

i tied my gay partner up to a tree in just his diaper began by using a cain and flogging him after about 30 lashes i stoped and pulled down his diaper began caning his arse 20 lashes later i untied him and we returned bak to the house then he tied me naked to the bondage bench and began doing me with an 8 inch ***** i was loving it till the point he shoved his huge **** in my mouth and made me suck for 20 mins roughly wen i was un tied i put on my rubber apron and gloves and began fingering his are ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT IT WAS GREAT

What is this thing about men being whipped in the woods...and about them wanting the wife to tell them to ***** and hike naked? You remind me of my husband. He asked me to do the exact same thing.<br />
<br />
At the campsite I bent him over a log and tied him securely...hands behind back and legs spread..I also blindfolded him..He was shaking with excitement. Then I turned and handed the paddle to another man and told him to "carry on"...As I walked down the trail, I couldn't believe how loud a sound the paddle made cracking his bare ***! <br />
<br />
I stopped things at about 32 I believe...he was bawling his eyes out! I finished him with a 10" ***** while the 3 other couples stood by watching! <br />
<br />
He still tells me it was by far the most he was ever turned on!<br />
<br />

So What Happened?

So What Happened?