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I need a bare wet *** whiping I am a 18 year old boy and looking for a girl or girls that spanks hard I never had a spanking before i could pay for one help me please to spank me call 337 397 1004 ask for chris please call me soon I need it bad make it hurts badly

chriss18 chriss18
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Respect Trusted Mature Gent . Age61years Young . DADDYSPANKER . Father Figure . stricter severe Disciplinary Discipline if Needed . newbees welcom . Consensual none Sexual unless needed and wanted . united kingdom only . Questions Answered by Email .

It is damm exciting I use to enjoy severe caning by my lady teacher on my bare bottoms during my childhood you need a strict teacher to decipline you and u will love it

Hi Chris. I can identify with your request as I have also had the same feelings many tims.I found over the years that if I wanted to get a good hard beating, the cane was ideal.It took some getting used to and I first experimented on my self, by bending over and using the cane on my bare backside.It was satisfying but I only began to enjoy the experience when I asked a friend to cane me when I was naked.I was then caned with some vigour and I began to enjoy the experience. Try it some time . It grows on you and you will find that you look forward to each session.

Be careful what you wish for Chris. My wife has been spanking me for years, while I love a good spanking, it does hurt. Of course it's supposed to hurt. When she takes my panties down, and starts strapping me, I have second thoughts about it, by the time she's done my bottom is on fire, covered with welts and there are tears flowing, BUT it was worth it. Enjoy.