Work With Them!

I love my job becasue of the children! I dont know how i would cope not seeing the lil monkeys everyday!

I love the fact that they are just at the beginning of their life n we are helping them go through it learning new things from us everyday!

I then after working 8-5 Mon - Fri looking after 18 of the lil babes most weekends i go to my dads n there are 3 children there 11, 7, 4!

I know it is really sad to chose to go n see my family more than going out getting drunk with my mates but i do!
I love spending time with them even when they make me wanna scream sometimes!!!

My lil nephew is 4 n he is very influenced by me! He uses my words (naughty i know) he has similiar mannerisms n he basically does try n do everything i do!

On a typical Sat he will wake me up by getting into my bed! We go downstaires taking Fwopsey (My toy bunny) with us! Help each other get breakfast he gets everything out! I have to sit next to him!
We then sit n watch telly forever until i wanna get dressed! He comes upstaires with me n sits o the top step until im ready then he washes my hair for me!
He tries to brush it but that just hurts! =-(
N we do everythuing together, reading, drawing, playing outside, gardenning, phoning my friends, listenin to MCR!

He was sat with me the other weekend while i was on the laptop getting me  hings n rockin out to MCR's first album!!!

=-) n head bang!!! oh yeah n he now says "Frank is a sex beast!!!" He heard me say that n now says it al the time!!! oops his nanna wasnt to impressed!!!

Oh n He also wants a tattoo matching mine bless him!!!

But yeah i love kids!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Apr 18, 2007

The happy nature of kids makes me happy too

It makes me feel care free