I have read a lot of  interesting quotes about friendship and they all talk about staying forever as friends,., But most people don't exactly know what friendship really means in their life,., Some might say, 'he/she buys me things that's why he/she is my friend;" some say "if you love me as your friend, help me cheat in the exams;" or even, "I don't love you and I don't think I can, could we be friends?" Most of the time, the meaning of friendship gets misunderstood, especially in times of need,.,
For me, friendship is something that you cherish for the rest of your life, because without friends, how can you achieve your dreams in life? How can you be complete as a person? Having friends is feeling really comfortable being yourself and accepting the others for who they are,., Being with friends eases the pain that is burdening you, makes you feel wanted and loved, keeps you out of trouble most of the time,., They also accompany you when no one seems to be around to help you,.,
I love being with friends especially my sisters,., I consider them my friends too, a lot of times,.,
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I totally agree with what you are saying. Friends are important have, and friends should always be there for each other.<br />
I just love spending time with friends too. So I can relax better and worry less.