My Mother Being Seduced

 . It
was raining heavily on that day and is the
time of Mummy coming to home. I hear the
bell at door . As I open the door there was
MOM and uncle stands all wet .
MOM immediately entered in the home
with uncle and drove him to bathroom
which is located in her bedroom. We have
two bathrooms in the home, one is
common and another is inside the MOM ’ s
bedroom. They both entered in the
bathroom bcoz both are wet and drenched
water from their clothes.
MOM looks sexier in wet saree which is
stick on her body due to rain . That day she
wears light yellow colored transparent saree
with matching blouse. As her saree stick to
her body , so the undergarments which she
wore , are clearly seen from outside. MOM
wears dark black push -up bra inside the
matching blouse and dark pink panty inside
the matching petticoat .
Her blouse has deep neckline so the
maximum part of her big boobs are seen
clearly throughout the wet clothes. Due to
red push - up bra her deep cleavage seen
more than normal. I stared at her nude and
sticky parts and curves , while she calls me
and tells to bring father ’ s towel . Both are
stood all wet with drenched water from
their clothes inside the bathroom .
MOM quickly removes her saree in front of
uncle. She looks sexier in wet
undergarments. Her wet boobies are clearly
shown throughout the deep neckline of her
blouse. I see uncle also stares at them,
naughtily. MOM tells uncle to remove his
drenched clothes quickly otherwise he will
fall ill.
Uncle undressed himself in front of MOM
and wipes his wet body and then he
removes his underwear by covering himself
by towel and came out . MOM also removes
her wet clothes without shutting down the
bathroom’ s door . She just turn around, so
while she removes her clothes her back is
seen from outside .
Wipes her body with towel and then put on
magenta color nighty. The nighty she wears
is fully transparent made of netted silky
fabric, front open and don ’ t have button,
only a lacy string is tied which she knotted
around her waist. She wears only nighty
without undergarments too , bcoz she
knows the programme of pure love,
romance and sex has to be started just few
minutes later .
MOM collects the wet clothes and dips
them into the washing machine’ s dryer and
tells me that after dryer stop took out the
clothes. I can clearly see her huge mango
boobs with erected black nipples dangling
up and down inside the nighty when she
walks towards me. She looks hornier ever I
seen her . There is no need to undress her
for *******.
I stood nearby the machine and wait for
stop the dryer. She enters in kitchen and
makes masala tea for us . In the meantime
dryer stops and after switching off the
machine I entered into my room. She
enters with a cup of tea and tells me to take
rest after finishing the tea bcoz due to rain
I can ’ t go for coaching class .
I know what will be happened in next few
hours, so without knowing her I say, ok
MOM I feel sleepy due to rain , so I am
going for a nap and continue my studies at
night. And she left my room by covering
the curtain . But I can see her whole
bedroom throughout small gap between
door and curtain .
MOM enters in her bedroom with the tray
of tea, when she bend for putting the tray
onto the table her huge mangoes dangled
out of her nighty, I see uncle give her a
naughty smile . MOM also winks her eye to
uncle and signaled him for romance and
sex. They enjoy their tea by taking slow sips
and talking .
After finishing the tea she walks towards
my room and ensures that I am sleeping or
not. After confirming she enters back to her
bedroom and slides her bedroom’ s door
curtain to half. Throughout the half open
curtain I manage to see the whole action
from my bed . MOM enters in the bedroom
and starts the music system at a very low
She plays a instrumental CD which contains
some light romantic and passionatic tracks.
Then she put on some makeup like lipstick
in dark magenta color with matching gloss.
Now she looks hornier in makeup , her juicy
lips add more spice to her in dark color. As
she takes some time in this job, I know she
teasing uncle , for making him to wait.
But seeing her like that hornier , uncle can ’ t
control himself by waiting on bed so he
jumped out from bed and grab her and
holds tightly by waist and put his lips
tightly on Mom’ s colorful kissable juicy lips
in magenta . Uncle sucks her juicy lips
madly and MOM sucks his passionately.
Both are enjoys smooching and sucking
each other ’ s lips for few minutes .
As I say earlier that there is no need to
remove Mom’ s clothes for screwing her ,
what she wears is transparent nighty, front
open and no button. Her mangoes are
clearly visible from her transparent nighty.
Also I can see her trimmed n milky hot
chut. After finishing smooching , uncle
moves his hands to her mangoes and
squeezed for milking.
He was hungrily playing with her both big
mango boobies and pressing them madly
one by one . He was also sucking and biting
her black **** and makes them hard and
long. MOM is moaning with uncle ’ s action
ummmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhh .. Please
donnnn’ t . Mom’ s moans pressured uncle to
do the action fast , now he looks
Now uncle lifts MOM in his arms and put
her on bed and rides on her . He is pressing
mercilessly her big boobies which are not
fitting in his hand. It looks like he is
kneading dough . After playing long with her
jumbo mango boobies and black **** he
starts raining of kisses all over on her
body .
Uncle ’ s action and Mom’ s moaning sounds
fills in the bedroom which is mixing with
the music and creating a romantic and
passionatic environment . Then he slips his
lips to Mom’ s hot chut which is filled with
juice by these actions. He parted Mom’ s
chut’ s lips with his fingers and put his lips
on it and sucks her all juice.
MOM moans with excitement
uuummmmmmm ..ohhhhhssshhhhh.
satishhhh saara juice chus lo meri chut ka.
Yessssss. . Aur chuso .. And MOM grabs his
head and pressed it towards his *****
passionately. She is in fully erotic mood.
Uncle sucks Mom’ s juicy ***** for few
minutes .
Then MOM getup and put on again the
magenta color lipstick in dark on her full
kissable lips . Maybe uncle likes her lips in
dark color and likes romance in full make -
up on . Mom’ s color is fair so dark shades
looks brighter on her and makes her
hornier. She walks slowly towards the bed
where uncle is lying nude with his fully
erected 8 inch rod .
MOM holds tightly his rod and pull down
the foreskin of his rod , now the moaning
sound comes from Uncle ’ s side
ohhhhhhhhhhaaminiiiiiiiiiiiyou are great in
bed. Uncle ’ s rod ’ s head is look like a red
tomato in big size . MOM starts licking and
sucking his tomato head and then she
starts a ******* . Her hand is moving fastly
in up and down position.
Uncle is screaming oh
noooooookaaminiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Do it
faaaaassssttttttt more ffffffffaaaaaaaast
After that MOM takes his rod into her
mouth and starts sucking . She sucks and
bites wildly on Uncle ’ s long and thick rod
and on its tomato head . When she sucks
and bites his rod his one hand is still
moving on his rod after some time his rod
became red in anger,
fully erected and ready to explore Mom’ s
chut. MOM sees Uncle ’ s rod is in anger so
without wasting time she rides on him and
guided his long n thick erected rod into her
juicy n milky chut. Mom’ s face also gets red
as his rod enters into her chut . She moans
ohhhhhh. Satishhhhhhhh ..
Tumhara land to meri chut ko cheer ke
rakh dega MOM starts jumping fastly on
Uncle ’ s rod ; I surprisingly see how easily
Uncle ’ s long and thick rod gets invisible
inside Mom’ s hot chut . Uncle also helps
MOM in ******* with holding her by waist,
he pulling her down and pushing up. While
this action is on the progress,
Mom’ s big boobies are swinging also up
and down , uncle is pressing continuously
Mom’ s mangoes and making her **** longer .
Whole action is breath stopping for me.
MOM was moaning in ease and feeling high
on this ride . Ummmmm .. ohhhhh. . aaj
tumhe chodne me bahut maja aa raha hai
satishhhh.. aaj to meri chut tumhare is
kheere jaise land ki chatni bana degi .
Ek hi baar me usse itna chudwaoongi ki
phir usme dobara khade hone ki taakat hi
na bache After some time MOM looks tired,
so uncle lied her down and ride on her
with his long and thick angry rod which is
badly beaten by Mom’ s chut . He parted
Mom’ s honey pot ’ s lips and inserts his long
and thick rod into her chut and started
pumping wildly .
MOM holds uncle from hip and pressing
towards her chut . Both are moaning with
pleasure and enjoyment . The sound of
moaning is mixed with the music and
creates passionatic environment which
make them hornier on this sex ride .
Yesssssssssss. morefaaaaaaaaast aur
andar. Pura ghusao.
As the sounds get faster I know both are on
the way to their end and finally uncle filled
Mom’ s chut with his thick milk and falls on
her. MOM also releases her juice on his
rod . Both are lying , holding each other on
bed for few minutes and takes deep
breathes. Both are looks tired but MOM is
looked fresh and feels the pleasure and
enjoyment of a good ******* session .
After few minutes uncle get up and put a
French kiss on Mom’ s lips . MOM also sucks
his lips and combing his hair with her
fingers. She looks gorgeous and pretty after
getting ****** wildly by uncle . After
relaxing and enjoying the horny moments
MOM get out from bed and enters into the
bathroom for getting fresh.
After getting fresh she put on the pink
nighty with undergarments. Then they take
once again a cup of masala tea and after
then uncle lefts for home before lefts he
whispers in Mom’ s ear aaj to maine
tumhari gaand chhod di agali baar nahi
chhodunga. isliye agali baar taiyaar rehna,
agali baar pehle tumhari gaand hi
maarunga . Samajhi meri jaan kaamini..
MOM replies naughtily main to taiyaar hoon
apne land ko taiyaar kar lena , kyunki meri
gaand abhi tak kori hai, aur kori gaand me
ghusne me kahin tumhare land ka tel hi na
nikal jaaye isliye
VIAGRA le ke aana , warna tumhara land
meri kori gaand me ghus hi nahi paayega
samjhe satish darling and she winks her
eye to uncle . Hey friends so be ready for
another and final part where uncle screwed
Mom’ s ***- hole , so keep watching the
space. Till then bye ..!!
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good dude but had any of u guys seduced ur own mom i tried while sleeping but i cant go further can any one help me ???

I just loved the story.. keep posting... looking forward ....

Yeah dude, therapists are everywhere. For the sake of everyone, get some help.


hay i **** your mom's choot i need her hot choot. pleash bring your mom and her choot..<br />
ok, boy . good night.